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So, you finally made it. You found your new home/apartment. The contracts have been signed and you’re finally changing your address and getting ready for the big move. However, before you celebrate too early there are unfortunately a few other things you may need to take care of.

Buying new furniture and thinking up home decoration ideas are the fun part, but to save yourself some hassle in the future you’re going to need to make sure that you change your address in all the places that matter. This can range from updating lengthy 12 months subscriptions or loyalty programs to credit card changes and even vehicle registration and car insurance details – So make sure you cover yourself and update your address.

This may seem a little overwhelming at first: after all, who remembers every single one of the places they are registered at?

Our change of address checklist will help you streamline your address change when moving house and make sure that all the relevant authorities know where you are, and you can get all your correspondence back to normal.


Free Change of Address Checklist: Now Printable

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It will help you plan your move more effectively when you finally change your address.


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Table of Contents

Government Agencies

government agencies

First on our moving house change of address checklist is the most important one: Letting the authorities know where you are. if you don’t, you might miss out on important letters, including tax information from the Australian taxation office, voting papers, the electoral commission, bills and other aspects of your life as an Australian citizen.

You may have all the big ones in mind, but it’s quite easy to forget about the smaller agencies. In most cases, you need to update all government agencies. While they may be all linked in some way,  you should get in touch with them all, just in case:


home-utilities-gas When you move into your new address, you’re not going to want to be without utilities or get bills for the property you’ve already moved out of after a change of address. As a result, we’ve put this as a vital part of our changing address checklist.

Get in touch with these companies far in advance so that they can have everything in place for a simple switch. In some cases, they might need a few weeks to move things over.

  1. Power and electricity
  2. Telephone and Mobile Phone Companies
  3. Internet Service Provider
  4. TV and streaming packages
  5. Gas
  6. Water and sewerage

Medical Practitioners

nurse-medicalAs well as all the other government bodies, you’ll need to notify all of your medical centres and doctors about your change of address.

This is very important, as they may be in touch about routine or required scans, test results, schedules and so on. If they can’t get hold of you or your loved ones, you may be putting your health at risk.

Here’s who you’re going to want to notify (as needed of course):

Employment and Education

employmentIf you want your next paycheck or for your kids to get their school paperwork, you’re going to want to let all relevant parties know. This is extra-important when you consider school catchment areas, as some schools will only take on students who are within a certain distance.

Subscription Services, Family And Friends

Then, we have all the little things:

friends-familyWhile the smaller businesses and services you’re signed up to may not necessarily need your physical address, you’re still going to need to keep them up to date for their records and billings.

And then you have people who might just want to get in touch with you!

Vehicle Change Of Address

carThere are a number of changes that you will also need to consider for your vehicle when changing address. These include the following :

Car and Vehicle Insurance : It’s important you stay up to date with your car insurer. This is important due to keeping up-to date contact information for any potential accidents along with any insurance payments. Be aware that depending on your change of address, it might affect your payment rates. This can all be done on your insurance providers website once you are logged into your account.

Vehicle Breakdown Cover : Similar to car insurance, if you are covered for any vehicle breakdown cover, you will need to update your personal details on their website.

Driver’s License: Finally, you will need to update your driving license as soon as you can. you can do this in the comfort of your own on a laptop, computer or tablet. Simply visit this website for more details and fill the required details.

You Made It!

So there you have it, we hope you find our checklist useful! A fairly big list of all the places to notify prior to your change of address. 

Of course, you might have a few that aren’t on any of these lists but hopefully, we’ve at least jogged your memory. We recommend copying these into a master list and adding your own so that when the move happens, you’ll know exactly who to notify. Good luck!

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