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Melbourne's Backloading Experts. We Move, You Save!

If You Are Looking For An Affordable Way To Move Your Furniture Interstate To Or From Melbourne, Then Our Backloading Services Are Perfect For You.

We specialise in efficient and low-budget interstate moves that allows customers to share a removal truck who are headed in the same direction for a fraction of the cost of traditional moves allowing you to enjoy significant savings.

Whether you’re relocating to or out of the city, you can enjoy the benefits that come with our backloading Melbourne services
right from pick up.

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How Melbourne Backloading Works

Backloading is a specialist type of interstate removal service that involves moving goods on a truck in and out of Melbourne, that is already partially loaded with somebody else’s belongings.

Interstate backloading is usually seen as a cheaper alternative to traditional interstate moves. This is because the removalist company can distribute and share the costs with all the customers currently using the truck who are heading in the same direction as you.

By combining loads, removalists will make savings on fuel and time, which is good for your wallet, not to mention the environment.

The Benefits Of Backloading For Melbourne

  • Saves On Budget: Backloading is a fantastic option for those who want to save money on their interstate removals and, this can be a huge cost saving – especially with Zoom Removals due to our reputation as Australia’s leading budget removalists company.
  • It’s The Greener Choice: By combining multiple loads into one moving truck, a company can reduce our carbon footprint for our removalist services, as they will be using less fuel when compared to single deliveries.
  • Similar To A Traditional Moving Service: Just like a regular moving service, your items will be fully padded, secured, and protected for the entire move.
  • Efficient: By streamlining a service with backloading, a moving company can make savings on it’s operations.

For more information if you are planning an interstate move to or from Melbourne, read this article: What Is Backloading?

Backloading Melbourne Services: How Much Do They Cost?

ZOOM Removals Team
Backloading Melbourne Services: How Much Do They Cost?

The cost of interstate backloads to and from Melbourne widely varies and as such, there is no ballpark figure. While each relocation is unique you can expect to pay roughly around $300 to $900.

Our Melbourne Backloading Pricing

Here at ZOOM, we do not believe in hidden costs, all our rates for Melbourne backloading removals are fully transparent for both the premium and the shared option.

Our backloading pricing is highly personalised to your needs, taking distance, cargo volume, vehicle capacity, and route into account, so that we can give you a fair price.

Unlike the ‘one-size-fits-all pricing’ you might see from other moving companies, our customised approach gives you a detailed breakdown of your fees, so you can easily control your budget.

Here is a rough interstate removals guide below on how much it might cost to move in and out of Melbourne. *note this may vary depending on the needs of your next move with us.

Melbourne to Sydney (and vice versa)Sydney to Melbourne (and vice versa)

For any further questions about our company or our furniture removal quotes, we highly recommend getting in touch with our team. Get a quote for your furniture removals today!

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Options: Backloading Services For Melbourne

We offer two options for our removal service, which includes the usual perks so that your move is as stress-free as possible:

Let us handle the logistics for your interstate move so you can start focusing on the next chapter in your life in or out of Melbourne.

Premium Melbourne Backloading Service

Premium Melbourne Backloading Service

Our premium interstate moving service allows you to book a removal truck that has previously completed a move at minimum cost.

This is considered a top-tier option, as you won’t be sharing your move with anybody else and will still receive the same premium service that all clients enjoy from our furniture moving company.

While this backload choice is a little bit more expensive than the secondary option listed below, you can take advantage of an empty vehicle with highly professional removalists for a first-class service at a much-reduced rate.

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Shared Backloading For Melbourne

Shared Backloading For Melbourne

Our shared backload option is a cost-effective way for transporting a small number of your items in a shared vehicle.

By booking empty space on a truck returning from an interstate move, you share it with other clients who are going in the same direction, reducing transportation fees for removalist services.

This excellent service includes top rated customer services and highly trained removalists at a great price.

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What You Get With Our Melbourne Backloading

Our Backloading Melbourne Benefits

Our professional backloading removal services are geared to offer each customer a quality service and a stress fre

Experienced Removalist Company

Experienced Removalist Company

Our backloading service offers customers a seamless and stress-free moving experience with highly experienced and accredited Australian removalists and movers.

The Cheapest Way To Backload For Melbourne

The Cheapest Way To Backload For Melbourne

ZOOM Removals is a highly reputable budget removalists company that has designed all of its moving services to help customers save money on their trips interstate.

Unlike other removal companies, we offer a great service with our clients in mind and do everything we can to pass on the savings to them.

This is the same for our furniture backload service, after all, why pay for a whole moving truck for your cargo when you only need to pay for the space that you actually use?

Get your free quote today.

Our Commitment To The Environment

Our Commitment To The Environment

By choosing our Melbourne backloading removalists, you can enjoy knowing that you’re helping us reduce our carbon emissions with each job we do.

And, because each removalist truck is fully loaded both outbound and inbound (thanks to backloading requirements), overall fuel wastage is reduced, which in turn helps diminish our carbon footprint for long-distance moves.

Easy Booking For Backloading Melbourne

Easy Booking For Backloading Melbourne

Booking with a reliable interstate moving company like ZOOM couldn’t be any easier.

Get an accurate quote with us in under 30 seconds by calling our staff or using our form at the top of this page. Alternatively, you may want to try our interstate moving cost calculator.

Whether you are moving large amounts of furniture or small loads, our efficient team is on hand to advise you on your Melbourne move in ways that best suit you during the whole process.

Melbourne Removals and Storage

Melbourne Removals and Storage

If you are interstate backloading for Melbourne and need to store your items somewhere temporarily, then we offer highly affordable removals and storage.

Feel free to move anything you like in there, including office furniture, fragile items, glassware, mattresses and other furniture.

At just $2 a day, our removal storage service is highly affordable with no hidden charges. We can help pick up your items into storage and further assist with our unpacking services.

Fair Interstate Backloading Quotes For Melbourne

ZOOM Removals friendly-removalist
Fair Interstate Backloading Quotes For Melbourne

Getting a backloading removal quote for Melbourne is simple:

  • Call us at 1300 788 164.
  • Provide us with your pickup and delivery address, the volume of your belongings, and your preferred moving date.
  • We will then provide you with a free quote.

Alternatively, you can also use our interstate moving costs calculator, which is simple to use and will calculate a backload quote in minutes.

Please note, that prices for backloading interstate removals depend on your circumstances and the nature and volume of your cargo, but either way, we are confident you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the reasonable cost.

To get an accurate quote, give our friendly Melbourne team a call at 1300 788 164

Call us today for the best backloading rates! 1300 788 164
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Backloading Melbourne Testimonials

We are fully committed to providing our customers with the best possible interstate moving service for complete peace of mind.

Clients choose backloading with us due to our professionalism, affordability and expertise for the job. Furthermore, our experienced interstate removalists work tirelessly to ensure we deserve top reviews people leave for us. Read some down below:

Excellent customer service, very happy with the experience with David, and Tim

Miranda Pinot & Picasso September 2023 Stars

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have further questions about the our interstate removals or the moving process, then please call to talk to a Moving Coordinator on 1300 788 165

What Is Backloading?

Backloading is a common term used to describe an inexpensive option of interstate furniture removals.

Typically backloading offers customers greater cost savings on long distance moves, as they are often sharing the same truck with other people’s belongings.

For more information you can view the answer on this by clicking here.

What Types Of Goods Can You Back Load?

Our moving company can be used to pick up and move a wide range of goods such as furniture, household items office equipment, appliances and other bulky or heavy items.

Our fully trained interstate removalists have had many years of experience in transporting all types of goods and belongings, even specialist items such as fridges, hot tubs, your dining table, artwork, your pool table and other specialised items.


Which Melbourne Suburbs Do You Back Load To?

In Victoria, we also offer interstate backloading to Sydney to suburbs such as :

  • Inner suburbs:
    • Abbotsford
    • Albert Park
    • Armadale
    • Ascot Vale
    • Balaclava
    • Brunswick
    • Carlton
    • Carlton North
    • Collingwood
    • Docklands
    • East Melbourne
    • Fitzroy
    • Flemington
    • Footscray
    • Kensington
    • Kew
    • Malvern
    • Melbourne CBD
    • North Melbourne
    • Parkville
    • Port Melbourne
    • Richmond
    • Southbank
    • South Yarra
    • St Kilda
    • West Melbourne
    • Windsor
  • Middle suburbs:
    • Blackburn
    • Box Hill
    • Camberwell
    • Coburg
    • Doncaster
    • Elwood
    • Essendon
    • Hawthorn
    • Heidelberg
    • Ivanhoe
    • Mont Albert
    • Moonee Ponds
    • Northcote
    • Preston
    • Ringwood
    • Rosanna
    • Surry Hills
    • Toorak
    • Williamstown
  • Outer suburbs and South Melbourn:
    • Altona Meadows
    • Berwick
    • Clayton
    • Craigieburn
    • Cranbourne
    • Dandenong
    • Frankston
    • Heidelberg West
    • Hoppers Crossing
    • Keilor East
    • Lalor
    • Melton
    • Mill Park
    • Mitcham
    • Pakenham
    • Reservoir
    • Roxburgh Park
    • Springvale
    • Werribee

    Whether its a move from Melbourne to Brisbane, to Sydney or the Sunshine Coast we can help.

    To get your backloading quote at an affordable price to your destination, call our moving company on 1300788164, fill out our quote form at the top, or email us at or simply calculate your price for our removalist services using our Interstate Moving Cost Calculator.

How Are My Belongings Arranged in the Truck?

Rest assured that we partition any shared loads on our trucks with dividers for each job, so your items remain safe, secure in it’s own space, and separate from those of other clients.

Why Use ZOOM Backloading Removalists?

We are top Australian removalists with bags of experience, who know what it takes to pull off jobs most conveniently and efficiently.

We only use reliable furniture movers who are all experts in their field. Our trucks are secure and top-of-the-line Delivering all goods in a timely manner for complete peace of mind.

We also pride ourselves on great communication whereby we enlist a moving coordinator who is there to give frequent updates on the status of your back load and for the job at hand.

Finally, we also offer affordable removals storage for your Melbourne move where you can store all furniture, mattresses and heavier items, office furniture and more when moving house.

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What Cargo Can I Backload?

Backloading is suitable for all items that you would want to move as part of a normal removalist offering. However, do bear in mind that larger furniture and other items will take up more space, and will therefore cost more.

Also, if you are moving expensive, unusual, or fragile items, we would recommend using our premium services to ensure your cargo has its truck, rest assured we can still offer a great price!

How Much Does Backloading Cost and is There a Minimum Cost?

Because backloading interstate combines your belongings with other customer cargo, the minimum costs are low. You can move small items or just a few bits and ‘hitch a ride’ with other deliveries.

Will I Save Money by Using a Backload?

Yes! We find that due to load sharing, customers can make good savings on delivery costs as they are not paying for a private truck or team.

Can Backloaded Cargo Be Insured?

While our reliable removalists  take the utmost care to safeguard all furniture when moving interstate, some customers prefer to have additional insurance on top for extra peace of mind. When on phone calls with us, make sure to mention insurance and we’ll give you all the necessary details.

For more information, visit our removals insurance page.

How Long Do Backloads Take?

Every backload removal is dependent on several factors, so no move will have a fixed time. For instance, the pick and point and destinations will affect the overall travel time, as will the number of customers sharing empty trucks, and the nature of your cargo.

While we do our upmost to give you the best estimates possible, we cannot guarantee exact times and dates.

However, our move coordinators and your interstate removalist will be on hand to update you as necessary.


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