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Backloading Removals Australia : Save Money on Your Interstate Move

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Backloading Removals Australia : Save Money on Your Interstate Move

Backloading removals is a great way to save money when moving furniture and other items in Australia. We offer a wide range of backloading services to suit your needs and budget.

By combining your cargo with other customer loads, our company can offer lower costs to families and working professionals who need a quick delivery of their items when moving long distances.

From smaller loads to full house moves, our top-rated backloading services ensure you’ll only be paying for the space you use inside the truck.

If you have some flexibility with your moving date and want to explore an even more affordable price, then book online or call us today on 1300 788 164 for a cost effective and hassle-free move.

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What Is Backloading?

Backloading is simply where you pay to use the remaining space on a moving truck that is already being used by somebody else to relocate from point A to point B, or on a truck on the return journey.

It is considered to be a very budget-friendly and hassle free method of transporting your belongings from one destination to another right from pick up, not to mention highly flexible. Booking backloads through moving companies is very common, especially when moving interstate.

For more information read on article: What Is Backloading?.

Your  Backload Options For Cheaper Interstate Removals In Australia


We offer multiple options when it comes to interstate backloading. Both come highly recommended by our clients and are designed to be cost-effective and quality assured. We operate by only using professional movers all over NSW, Western Australia, South Australia, Gold Coast and other major destinations.

Premium Interstate Backloading Service

Furniture Removals Company

Our premium interstate backloading services allow you to book a truck returning from a previously completed move that only holds your furniture and nobody else’s.

Considered our top-tier interstate option, you won’t be sharing your truck and still receive the same professional service that our clients have come to expect from a leading moving company like ZOOM Removals.

While this option for moving interstate is a little bit more expensive, you can take advantage of having an empty truck all to yourself and still enjoy the same first-class service at a much-reduced rate.

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Shared Interstate Backloading

Cheap Furniture Mover Sydney

The classic choice, combined with great customer service it’s a win-win! Our shared backload option allows families and working professionals to book space on a truck returning from another job.

Consider the cheapest way to move interstate, you will essentially be sharing the truck with other customers by booking space onboard from one of our trucks. This comes with many advantages:

  • You are sharing the truck with others, but you will also be sharing the cost.
  • An excellent choice for those with a limited budget and who just have a few items that need transporting.  
  • It’s great if you only have a few items to move.

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How it Works: Fair and Transparent Backload Quotes

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How it Works: Fair and Transparent Backload Quotes

Our professional backloading removal service offers a simplistic way to book your interstate move.

Step 1: Get a Free Quote:

Simply give our friendly team a call on 1300 157 448 or fill out our 30-second form at the top for a cost-effective quote.

Step 2: Give Us Your Moving Details:

To get your backload service going, we need some basic information about your move. Fill out the form (or speak to support) indicating your chosen dates and final destination (NSW, Gold Coast, South Australia, Western Australia etc), so that we can book you with the right backloading removalists team.

Step 3: Choose Other Removalist Services:

Many people also choose additional services to go with their backload (movers and packers, removals insurance, removals and storage). Should you require additional services, simply let us know or, for more information about our company and what we offer in Australia, visit our professional moving services page.

Step 4: We Transport Your Items To Your New Home:

That’s it! You’re all set. Enjoy a professional interstate move, no matter where in Australia you end up! We’ll deliver your items promptly using the available space on one of our trucks.

*Note – As with all quotes with our moving company, you can be sure that it will be 100% transparent, meaning that you won’t get hit by hidden conditions, admin fees, or other unexpected costs.

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Why Backload with ZOOM?

Backloading Rates

ZOOM Removals Team
Backloading Rates

Unlike other removal companies, we do not believe in hidden costs.

All our rates for long-distance moves are fully transparent for both the premium and the shared interstate backloads option.

When we quote you for our affordable backloading service, we give you a full breakdown of what’s involved, which will include tolls, packing and unpacking (should you require this service). This will also include removals insurance should you wish to take this out as well as part of your overall package.

For any further questions about our interstate furniture removal quotes, we highly recommend getting in touch with our team!

Our Interstate Backloading Pricing

Sydney to Brisbane (and vice versa)Sydney to Melbourne (and vice versa)

Australia Backloading Removals Reviews

We work tirelessly to ensure we deserve the top interstate move reviews people leave for us.

We hold the highest ratings from the most Australian removals reviews of any furniture removalist in New South Wales. We achieve the best move ratings by consistently delivering on our promise of making each interstate move a breeze with a winning combination of experienced crews, attentive services and the most affordable rates in Australia.

Excellent customer service, very happy with the experience with David, and Tim

Miranda Pinot & Picasso September 2023 Stars

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have further questions about the moving process, then please call to talk to a Moving Coordinator on 1300 788 165

How Much Does Backloading Cost In Australia?

Backloading removalists in Australia cost between $500 to $2300 on average.

  • Sydney to Melbourne: $550-$2,500 (and vice versa)
  • Sydney to Brisbane: $550- $2,550 (and vice versa)
  • Sydney to Canberra : $550- $2,600 (and vice versa)
  • Sydney to Adelaide: $550- $2,600 (and vice versa)

Each delivery service price will vary and depend on multiple factors, which include some of the following:

  • The distance between your pickup and delivery locations.
  • The size, amount and weight of all of your furniture and items.
  • What time of year you are moving (e.g. peak season moves tend to be more pricey).
  • Whether you require other superior furniture removal services such as removal storageremovals insurance , packing materials and movers and packers.

To calculate your free quote for any of backload destinations we can assist with, we highly recommend using our interstate moving cost calculator or, alternatively, simply give us a ring.

Is Backloading Right for Me?

Backloading is a convenient cheap removalist service, but customers must bear in mind that they will not have exclusive use of the moving truck and will be sharing the same truck with other cargo.

As such it may not be suitable for people moving interstate who need a specific date and time. Also, it is typically best used for interstate moves as people can make bigger savings this way.

For more specialised moves, check out our products and sections area at the top of the menu, or for more specific local moves in and around Sydney check out our local moves page.

Finally, don’t want to share your interstate removal with somebody else? Why not head over to our premium Interstate Removals services section?

Where Do You Provide Backload Services?

We provide highly recommended interstate removal services Australia-wide, these include all major cities such as New South Wales and Greater Sydney , Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and Melbourne Vic.

To get moving quotes at an affordable price to your destination we are a phone call away on: 1300788164, email us at info@zoomremovals.com.au .

How Are My Belongings Arranged in the Truck?

Rest assured that we partition any shared loads on our trucks with dividers, so your belongings remain safe, secure, and separate from those of other customers.

Why use ZOOM Removals For A Backloading Removal?

We are experienced backloading removalists and know what it takes to pull off jobs most conveniently and efficiently.

Our staff are all experts in their field and have specialist trucks each driven by a highly experienced  driver. Our equipment is top of the line, using sophisticated logistics technology to ensure a sturdy service , so that your cargo is transported with complete safety and respect.

What Cargo Can I Backload?

Backloading is suitable for all items that you would want to move as part of a normal removalist offering. However, do bear in mind that larger furniture and other items will take up more space, and will therefore cost more.

Also, if you are moving expensive, unusual, or fragile items, we would recommend using our premium services to ensure your cargo has its truck, rest assured we can still offer a great price!

How Much Does Backloading Cost and is There a Minimum Cost?

Because backloading interstate combines your belongings with other people’s cargo, the minimum costs are low. You can move small items or just a few bits and ‘hitch a ride’ with other deliveries.

Will I Save Money by Using a Backload?

Yes! We find that due to load sharing, customers can make good savings on delivery costs as they are not paying for a private truck or team.

Can Backloaded Cargo Be Insured?

While we take every care to safeguard all cargo, some people prefer to have additional insurance on top for extra peace of mind. When on phone calls with us, make sure to mention insurance and we’ll give you all the necessary details.

For more information, visit our removals insurance page.

How Long Do Backloads Take?

While we do our utmost to give you the best estimates possible, we cannot guarantee exact times and dates. Every backload removal is dependent on several factors.

For instance, the pickup point and final destination of the move will greatly affect the overall travel time, as will the number of customers sharing the truck, and the nature of your cargo.

However, our move coordinators and your interstate removalist will be on hand to update you.

Do You Have Anymore Information on Backloading?

Yes, we do!

You can read more information in this article what is backloading?



Let’s Get Started On Your Backload!

If our backloading removalist offering sounds like the right option for you, give our friendly team a call on 1300 157 448 or fill out our contact form to start this great service and have your belongings on the next removalist truck!

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