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Free boxes!

Yes, that’s not a misprint. You can forget about forking out $5 for every new box you buy or driving around every supermarket scrounging whatever they’re throwing out. Move with Zoom Removals and you’ll receive all your professional removal boxes free! And guess what; you can have as many as you want – large, medium and small – and pick them up 7 days before you move! That’s a whole leisurely week to quietly pack up the house. And, just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, you can keep them for 28 days after you move and unpack at your own pace! It’s an unbeatable deal and all we ask from you is a small, fully refundable deposit. As soon as you return the boxes, you get your deposit back. Now that’s what you expect from a professional removalist company.


The Care factor

If a super cheap $28 half hour rate and free boxes don’t already set us apart, this surely does. We’re not your usual budget operators where quality and service decline in direct proportion to the price. We’re the opposite. You can be cheap, but if you’re not good at what you do and are not cheerful you can kiss goodbye to repeat business. So we do something most removalists don’t. We care. We care about your precious belongings as much as you do. We care how they’re packed, how they are stacked in our trucks, and we care how our drivers drive. In fact, we care about everything from the moment we quote to the moment we seek a nice testimonial from you. Have a look here for some of our favourite customer testimonials. (link to testimonials)

The low down

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When you move with ZOOM Removals you are entitled to unlimited free cartons! You read right. Unlimited and totally free tea chests and book boxes for your move with ZOOM.

And it gets better

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Collect them from ZOOM Removals any time within 7 days of your booked move so you can get packing and get organized ahead of time. Nothing is better for a move than getting your belongings in order ahead of time.

And now the truly amazing part

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They are yours for 28 days after your move. Unpack into your new home or office at your own pace. Use the time to get organized and make yourself comfortable in your new digs. Simply drop them back within 4 weeks of your move and pay zip, nadder, nothing.

Save $$$ by choosing ZOOM Removals

Save big bucks by using our free cartons. Beware of imitators – nothing comes close to this generous deal! We only ask you look after our cartons and return them in a good condition, just like you picked them up in.

We can deliver

Can’t make it to our base in Beverley Hills, Sydney? We can deliver cartons to you for the cost of $40 exclusive of GST anywhere within Sydney metro. Please contact ZOOM Removals on Ph. 1300 157 448 for delivery rates to other Sydney areas.

We only require a deposit

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Get unlimited free boxes by simply putting down a $5 deposit on each carton. Return them within 28 days of your move in serviceable condition and get a full refund on your deposit. Only pay for what you keep at the rates published on a packaging page..

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Terms and Conditions
  • Your card will be debited on the twenty ninth (29) day after your moving date if your cartons remain unreturned;
  • You may retain some cartons and return others at your discretion. You will be invoiced for the amount you retain;
  • Cartons must be returned in a reasonable condition including being returned unsoiled, dry and without excessive wear which includes being free of holes, large tears and walls in a rigid condition without excessive creasing. Any carton that is deemed unfit to be returned will be invoiced to you. You may write on the cartons and treat them as your own but they need to be returned in serviceable condition for the next customer to use.
  • Please ensure you check the cartons before accepting them as some may be used already;
  • ZOOM Removals requires $5 per carton as security deposit which will be fully refunded on return of the carton(s) in good serviceable condition;
  • If you cancel your move once you have received cartons you will incur the full charge of the boxes regardless of if you return those boxes or not;
  • ZOOM Removals accepts no liability for the cartons supplied and they are used at your own risk.


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