Free Boxes


Borrow Unlimited Moving Boxes 7 Days Before: Drop Back 28 Days After!

Ever wondered where to get boxes for moving or packing supplies in the Sydney area? Take advantage of our durable free moving boxes now!

Pickup 7 days out

Pick up unlimited moving boxes a week out to pre-pack your home at your own pace.

A stress free move

Be organised without the last-minute rush and make move day go quicker saving you more.

Keep for 4 weeks

most people don’t realise how long it takes them to unpack, so take your time and move in at your pace.

The Perks

  • Unlimited: borrow as many free packing boxes as you like.
  • Strong: professional book and tea chest moving boxes.
  • Use Them: write on them and tape them up as you need.
  • Convenient: take your time as you can keep them up to 5 weeks.

Our Sturdy Free Moving Boxes Mean Your Belongings Are Safer

Ours are strong, durable and built for moving.

Most boxes from supermarkets are designed to be put on pallets, perfectly designed for their contents with specific handling techniques.

These boxes don’t carry the weight or stand up to the rigour that is required during a move. If we cannot stack them in the moving truck then we need to take up more floor space meaning you might need a larger removals truck costing more.

Enjoy a cheaper move by borrowing unlimited professional free boxes for moving.

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    Removalists Sydney - ZOOM Guarantee

    ZOOM Removals is committed to providing our customers cheap removals. Moving expenses can add up quickly. Don’t spend unnecessary money on moving boxes or go scrounging around Bunnings for damaged and not quite right cartons. Borrow as many professional moving boxes as you need for your move from us for FREE.

    The Low Down on Moving Boxes

    Tea chests are double walled for strength, and book boxes can carry an extremely heavy weight. Only professional moving boxes give your goods the protection they require.


    Pack Your Home at Your Own Pace

    free packing boxes

    Collect or have our FREE cardboard boxes delivered any time within 7 days of your move day so you can get organised ahead of time. Getting your belongings in order makes the move go quicker and cost less.

    Cheaper Moving With Boxes At No Extra Cost! See What You Can Save

    Move sizeStudio1-bedroom2-bedroom3-bedroom
    Tea chests $6.00ea.10121825
    Book boxes $4.50ea.6101520
    YOU SAVE$87.00$117.00$175.50$240.00


    Free Cardboard Boxes Offer FAQs

    free moving boxes

    Do you charge any deposit?

    Yes, we hold a $5 deposit per moving box. We will refund you once you return the boxes in good condition.

    Can I keep the moving boxes?

    Sure, we just charge you at the standard price for any boxes not returned after 28 days and refund the remaining deposit.

    What happens if the boxes are damaged?

    Check the boxes before leaving. Please bring damage to our attention and we will assess the box. If it is damaged beyond repair we will charge you for the box.

    Do you include delivery?

    Our deal is based on pickup and delivery from our base in Smeaton Grange, NSW. If you cannot make it here we will happily drop them off for $45 excluding GST flat fee anywhere in metro-Sydney.

    Need Extra Help Packing Your Belongings?

    Other Packaging Supplies for Your Move

    Aside from our free boxes, you can also purchase reasonably priced and quality packaging direct from our base or from our removalists on the day. We stock a complete range of professional removals packaging at competitive rates.

    Learn More About Our : Packing Materials 

    Movers and Packers – We Make Your Move Easy

    If you don’t want the hassle of packing your home, why not consider our pre-packing and removal services? Our local movers and packers ensure your move is as stress-free as possible.

    We can have two professional packers arrive the day before your move to pack your home for only $55 per half hour excluding GST. And best of all you can still take advantage of our FREE packing boxes offer.

    Learn More About Our : Movers And Packers Service

    FREE Moving Boxes – Terms and Conditions

    • ZOOM Removals requires $5 per carton as security deposit which will be fully refunded on return of the carton(s) in good serviceable condition;
    • You may retain some cartons and return others at your discretion. You will be invoiced for the amount you retain;
    • Cartons must be returned in a reasonable condition including being returned unsoiled, dry and without excessive wear which includes being free of holes, large tears and walls in a rigid condition without excessive creasing. Any carton that is deemed unfit to be returned will be invoiced to you. You may write on the cartons and treat them as your own but they need to be returned in serviceable condition for the next customer to use.
    • Please ensure you check the cartons before accepting them as some may be used already;
    • If you cancel your move once you have received cartons you will incur the full charge of the boxes regardless of if you return those boxes or not;
    • ZOOM Removals accepts no liability for the cartons supplied and they are used at your own risk.