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When you move home, you’re going to need to handle many ‘life admin’ areas of your life to ensure that all your usual services and utilities carry over correctly. When it comes to your post, it’s vital that you let them know about your move so that everything can be forwarded accordingly – or you might miss out on important notices, letters and other necessary correspondence.

Luckily, changing your address with the post office isn’t too tricky. Here’s what you need to do!

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When changing your postal address, you’ll want to set up a redirect to your new address in Australia or even abroad if necessary. For personal mail, you can redirect it for 1,3,6, or even 12 months – or choose to have it actioned permanently.

To do this, visit the Australia Post redirect page on their website and follow the steps. If you want to activate a permanent change, Australia Post can notify selected organizations on your behalf, such as insurance providers and banks.

Can I Get Concessions?

There are certain cases where a person may be eligible for a reduced rate if they hold (or are dependant on) a valid concession card. To apply, all you need to do is provide proof of your identity and concession card.

Apply At The Post Office If You Have A:
Apply Online Or At The Post Office If You Have A:

I Have A Home Office – What Should I Do?

You can also apply for a home office mail redirection alongside your general change of address, which combines your personal and professional mail into one place.

To do so, please visit your local post office with proof of your identity that shows your residential mailing address together with:

Will The Australia Post Notify Other Organisations After A Redirect?

Once you’ve completed your personal or concession mail redirection application, you can permit Australia Post to notify certain providers such as government departments, telcos, insurers, energy providers and banks of your new address.

There may be some cases where the organization may need additional information or proof from you. In these circumstances, Australia Post will contact you with their requirements.

What IDs Are Eligible?

Whatever type of mail redirection you apply for, you’ll need to provide identification. How you apply may affect this. For instance:

When Applying Online Or At The Post Office:


When Only Applying At The Post Office:

What happens after a successful application?

Once everything has been actioned, please allow up to three working days for the redirection to kick in. We recommend checking with your old property during this time and a few days afterwards to make sure that you receive everything.

For more questions about mail redirection, please visit Australia Post’s website.

And, that’s it! If you run into any problems or have any questions, we suggest getting in touch with Centrelink directly who’ll be able to help you.

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