The Epic House Moving Checklist for Moving Out of Home for the First Time

When you’re moving out for the first time, life feels equal parts exciting and terrifying.

You’re about to get your own place (and a great dose of freedom), but there’s a lot of organising to do before you get there.

With our printable checklist for moving out for the first time, written by our local Sydney removalists, you’ll organise all your worldly goods and head into your first property without a hitch.

So whether you’re a teen leaving your parent’s home for the first time, or a young adult who has just bought their first home with a partner, our list will make you a moving pro in no time.

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Our handy printable checklist will help you plan effectively to make your move a success.

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The Moving Checklist

Two months to moving out of home

When you’re two months away from moving out of your home for the first time, you’ll need to lay the foundations for being organised. Staying organised is the key to success. While these tasks may seem daunting, if you dedicate a day to them, you’ll soon tick them all off your list.


  1. Create a moving house budget
  2. Designate a folder for all your essential documents
  3. Add important documents to your folder, such as birth certificate, passport etc
  4. Get a moving quote from a reputable and highly rated removals company
  5. Order any new furniture you may need
  6. Create a list of organisations that need to know your new address
  7. Begin decluttering and decide what to keep, donate, sell, or throw away
  8. If you’re moving to a new area, identify potential doctors, dentists, and other essential services

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One month to moving out of your parents’ house

When there’s one month to moving out of your parents’ house, time is of the essence. Dedicate time bit by bit for packing, so the process is not overwhelming. Here are some things to do when moving house:


  1. Clear your diary of commitments on the moving day
  2. Finalise your booking with the removals company
  3. Begin packing; start with non-essential items and leave essentials to the end
  4. Identify items that need extra protection in transit
  5. Determine whether you need additional insurance for your electronics
  6. Stock up on packing materials
  7. Label each box you pack so you know what its contents are

Two weeks until moving house

The things you need when moving out of your family home will vary according to your circumstances. Now’s a good time to list what’s available at your new accommodation and what you need to take with you. Additionally, start working on the following tasks:


  1. Notify Australia Post of any mail you need to redirect
  2. Cancel any subscriptions you may have or redirect them to your new address
  3. Collect any regular prescriptions you rely on
  4. Finalise packing everything other than non-essential items
  5. Return anything you’ve borrowed, such as books or DVDs

One week to go

When you have one week to go, and you’re moving out for the first time, life gets very exciting indeed. To make sure everything runs smoothly on the day, do the following:


  1. Pick up your moving boxes from our free box offer
  2. Make arrangements to collect your new set of keys
  3. Confirm the final details with your removals company
  4. Make your travel arrangements for the day
  5. Go over your list of essentials you may need one last time
  6. Create a box of essential items you’ll need on the first day

One day to go

If you’re looking for tips for moving out and you have one day to go, you should be finalising the finer details. To make sure you’re fully prepared on the day, do the following:


  1. Make a note of the time the removals company will come to meet you
  2. Keep your new house keys somewhere safe
  3. Pack a bag of essentials you’ll need on the big day
  4. Try to get a decent night of sleep

Moving day

When the big day finally arrives, knowing what you need to do makes everything feel less frantic:


  1. Find a space with adequate access so your removals team can bring everything to your property
  2. Check traffic on Google Maps to find the fastest travel route
  3. Make sure your high priority and essential boxes are easy to access
  4. Keep all your important documents and valuables on you
  5. Go around your new property to complete a condition report
  6. Unload essential items first
  7. Buy food for your first few days in the property
  8. Settle in!
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