Best Housewarming Gift Ideas

If you have a friend or family member who has recently moved into a new home, it’s only right to get them a housewarming gift to help them celebrate in style. After all, they have just gone through intense stress and are looking forward to enjoying the space they have put so much effort into getting together.

Housewarming gifts can come in all sizes, shapes and budgets so you really can’t go wrong. There are of course all kinds of questions that might be going through your mind when considering the perfect present:

Once you start seriously thinking about it, putting together a list of housewarming ideas for gifts can seem like a minefield.

Well, no worries. If you’re looking for housewarming present ideas or need someone to recommend products during your search, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s get started!

Tips on What To Consider When Choosing The Perfect Gift

Holding A PlantChoosing the perfect housewarming gift can be stressful at first, you may struggle to define what a good first home gift might look like, but trust us – the mere fact that you’ve been so thoughtful will always go a long way.

Of course, you’ll want it to have the right impact, so here are some additional things to think about before making your choice.


Consider these questions

Practical Housewarming Gifts

Simple, safe but practical, believe it or not, a lot of people much prefer kitchenware as housewarming gifts because of their practicality.

Very rarely do these gifts become rejected or thrown away due to their usefulness and for this reason, we will start here with our housewarming gift ideas list.

Utensils and Appliances For The Kitchen

When people move home to a new address, it’s often a chance for them to throw out those old pans and blunt knives. Any new occupant (especially ones on a tight budget) would love a new pan or knife set to help them settle into their new kitchen with something new to match their new beginning. Consider dishwasher-safe utensils too so.

Other useful appliances include a new kettle, a toaster and even a cutlery set or collection.

Something for the Bathroom

bathroom-presentIf you’re looking for something a little safer, then why not consider something a little simpler for the bathroom?

Many necessities can be found here and at varied price points too, depending on your budget. Best of all, gifts for the shower room can still come across as thoughtful housewarming gifts no matter what.

Bathroom Gift Ideas


Moving into a new house means that all spills, scratches and stains must be held back as much as possible. New coasters may be something of a cliché for new a home, but there’s a good reason for them – plus with so many fun and creative coaster options out there, they’ll bring life to any coffee table as a bonus.

Hanging hooks

From towels and clothes to artwork, there’s a surprising number of items that can benefit from hooks. Save new homeowners the hassle with this thoughtful housewarming idea and get them a bunch of strong hooks that can be stuck (and removed) from various surfaces. This can help them organise their home in the short or long term.

Laundry Basket

Laundry baskets are one of those things that we often forget about when moving to a new space, but notice when we don’t have them, especially if you have a big family or kids.

Affordable and decorative in their own way, laundry baskets will be a godsend for anyone who has moved into a new home.

Gift cards

If you’re not sure what to get, then gift cards will save the day. By giving gift cards to online retailers such as Amazon or specialist homes where stores, the new occupants can choose what they need.

Decorative Housewarming Gifts

When it comes to style, then considering the design aesthetic of the new home is worth a punt. Some of the best housewarming gifts come in some form of decoration.

Here are a few ideas for you to consider


doormatOne of the first things that guests and occupants will see when coming home is their doormat.

From the classic ‘welcome’ variety through to humorous and unique options, the options are limitless.

Doormat areas every part as decorative, as they are practical and come as highly recommended products on this list. With many websites offering doormats for sale, you should have no problem finding one that suits you.

They make the ideal housewarming gift!


Artwork, Paintings and PicturesArtwork on Wall

From paintings and graphics through to posters and other decors, giving new homeowners or tenants these thoughtful housewarming gifts is always a safe bet as they can be aesthetically pleasing.

Not only can they help with decorating a new home, but colourful decor can also help bring your new house to life.

Whether it’s your cliched ‘home sweet home’ picture or a framed poster of their favourite movie, you can’t go wrong with pictures.

Pro Tip: Try to find decor that matches the colour scheme of the new place!

Plants and Flowers

Whether they are fresh or fake, flowers can bring a lot of colour to a house and will make for a fantastic yet simple housewarming gift.

This of course extends to bonsai trees and larger plants too.

Rugs and Throws

Rugs and throws for hallways, corridors, bedrooms and entrances can bring a lot of colour to a new home. With plenty of different styles and colours out there, you’ll be bound to find something to fit the preferences of any new homeowner or tenant.


Figurines, models, art pieces and other small ornaments are popular housewarming gifts with the bonus of adding a real personal touch. There are many options out there to pick from, ranging from affordable to premium and hand-crafted.

Luxury Housewarming Gifts

Got friends or family with a taste for the expensive things in life? Although they may cost you a little more than the average present, these gift ideas will point you in the right direction.

Silk Duvets

silky-bedSilk duvets can make an excellent present for new movers. After all, who doesn’t want to sleep in complete comfort?

Silk is often known as the epitome of luxury due to the softness of the material, it’s visual appeal not to mention some of the health benefits that go with it such as some of the following ;

Premium Seasoning

Want to go with a food-related gift instead? Why not consider natural sea salt flakes and fancy peppercorn mixes?

A healthy, tasty seasoning to complete one’s ingredient list is a welcome gift for anyone or a friend who spends time in the kitchen. They can also compliment any party your new movers may want to throw.

cheese-boardCheese and Knife Set

Charcuterie boards have long been a popular kitchen tool to make an attractive spread of cheese and meats. They can be made of premium materials such as slate and stainless steel, with the bonus of them being brought out for housewarming gatherings.

Both useful and attractive, this simple gift idea is also durable and will most likely not be a gift that is packed away in the attic and forgotten about!

Oil Diffuser

Aromatherapy are popular gifts of choice among homeowners who wish to maintain a pleasant odour in their homes. They may distribute pleasant or energetic fragrances in any environment by using helpful essential oils. Even if you already know they have a diffuser, chances are they’d like one for more than one room.

Smart Speaker

There are plenty of smart speaker devices on the market, ranging from small ones to booming room-fillers. They make for a fantastic gift for anyone who likes podcasts and music while they relax at home, not to mention parties and gatherings.

Wines, whiskeys and Other Drinks

Help the new movers celebrate at a party with some bubbly.

A tried and true gift, premium alcohol products or a bottle of something are sure to please any new homeowner, especially if they come with a collection of new drinking glasses such as premium whiskey glasses as an example.

They can perfectly complement any housewarming party you might have been invited to.

If they are not a drinker, you can still opt for non-alcoholic variants, or you can swap them out for premium teas or coffees.


Personalised / Unique housewarming gift ideas

Next on our list are the more unique housewarming gift ideas. Both personal and a little different in nature; these gifts come in the form of something a little different to more typical gifts.

A Customised House Number

Number Two House Number on WallTalk about thinking outside the box! candle page bottle boxes wine barrel crate

Amongst this list of impressive ideas next comes considering a custom house number for your recipient to be. An idea like this oozes creativity and is bound to be well-received. We rate this as a great gift for anyone who might own a new home or new apartment and require a new sign to display on their front door, especially if they have limited space for presents indoors.

To top it off, it’s fun and can have any style for the number that you want.

Customised Candles

Why not consider looking into a scented candle for the new movers? You can choose any scent that you wish, while there are a whole host of options available for your candle of choice for shapes and sizes.

An Engraved Cutting/Chopping Board

Why not? People spend almost every day in the kitchen and you can make your friends feel extra official by engraving a message into their cutting board. You can even go vintage by purchasing a wooden, bamboo or even marble cutting board.

As far as unique housewarming gifts are concerned, this is a great idea as it’s thoughtful, personalised and you can add any message you want!

Customised Labels

Whatever housewarming present you decide to go for, sign off any present in style with a customised label for your gift.

The sky is the limit for this and it will make your gift more complete. You can even add a return address on there if needed and if you’re ordering online.

Customised labels are also handy if your movers still have a lot of moving boxes lying about after their move to help them tag everything up in the new house.

Housewarming Gift Ideas for Couples

Want to find something considerate for two people?  No problem, here are a few ideas you can consider.

Spa or Massage Gift Vouchers

massageWho doesn’t look a good massage? This is a great idea to treat a couple to as it can be experienced by more than one person. It’s also a great idea for various budgets, as you can book people in for different lengths of time or type of massage.

They can take the stress out of any move and help people relax as well as come with health benefits.

You can purchase massage gifts from various websites or directly from the vendor themselves.

Matching Pyjamas

One of the ‘cuter’ and more fun ideas in this collection is to perhaps buy a pair of matching pyjamas that the couple can wear.

While matching pyjamas may have already been a thing back in the day, they are a still a great idea as they can promote more family fun/photos, bring a new tradition to the family and let’s face it, everyone is comfortable in a new pair of pyjamas!


Picture or Collage

Have your movers run out of wall space from countless photos they’ve collected? This is a great solution. Instead of keeping memories locked away in an album or online, couples can now display their photos on a any wall in the house (within reason!).

Best of all, there are also magnetic versions of frames that can be stuck right onto a fridge.


You Can’t Go Wrong

At the end of the day, whatever you get your friends and loved ones as a housewarming gift for their new digs, it is going to make a positive impact.

From that point of view, all presents are created equal. For them, the mere fact that you’ve thought of it will go a long way.

We hope the above ideas have inspired you!

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