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Removals insurance

Premium household removals insurance from ZOOM. Free transit insurance with every move.

With 4.7 from 1500+ reviews we are Sydney's highest rated removalist and the most affordable.

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    ZOOM removals is a proud member of the Australian Furniture Removers Association.

    Removal And Storage Insurance

    Removalists Sydney - ZOOM GuaranteeWe’ve Got You Covered

    ZOOM Removals provides the highest level of relocation service and take every precaution to ensure your items are packed, relocated and dropped off in perfect condition. However, it might be worth considering additional removals insurance on your move.

    With over 5,000 successful moves per year we are proud of our low claim history. Proper move planning, our removalist’s training and the team’s extensive experience all contribute to conducting safe and secure moves.

    Whilst every effort is made to ensure your goods are kept safe, it is still important to be aware that your belongings may be at risk outside of our control. Similarly to insuring your household furniture and items with home and contents insurance, ZOOM Removals recommends our customers consider additional transit and storage insurance to protect your items whilst being transported or stored by us.

    If you’re planning a move, simply contact our friendly move coordinators on 1300 788 165 who will be able to provide you with general information.

    Underwritten by Zurich Insurance this is one of the best and most competitive removals and insurance policies on the market.

    Adding Removals Insurance is Cheap and Simple!

    As a proud member of the Australian Furniture Removers Association, ZOOM Removals are authorised and trained to provide you with moving cover.

    With ZOOM’s policy, you get the benefit of household removals insurance, specifically designed for the moving and storage industry. For a low additional premium on local moves, country and interstate moves we can insure your home or office relocation with Comprehensive Transit Insurance so your furniture, household items and personal effects are covered.

    We offer comprehensive insurance over any furniture stored with us for a low additional premium on your monthly storage fees.

    Simply request removals insurance when you make your booking and we will confirm the policy for your move in writing. We will provide you a full ‘Product Disclosure Statement’ when you make an initial enquiry.

    Insurance rates vary depending on your move and the value of the furniture, items and effects we are moving. As well, we can offer comprehensive insurance over any furniture stored with us for a low additional premium on your monthly storage fees.

    Rest assured, ZOOM’s insurance policies are highly competitive and less than you might think.

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    Questions we’re asked about removals insurance

    Often we find customers have many questions around removals insurance. While we are not permitted by law to provide specific advice or recommendations on your move, it is important that you make an informed choice. Please read the general questions that we commonly receive. If you have further questions please call to talk to a Move Coordinator on 1300 788 165.

    What Insurance Does ZOOM Removals Hold?

    As members of AFRA we hold typical removals insurances including Public Liability, Transit Insurance and Workers Compensation in our standard fees. For a low additional premium we can include Comprehensive Transit Insurance in our moving rates so your furniture, household items and effects we are moving are fully protected. Only this additional cover truly protects your goods in a move.

    Why Get Additional Moving Cover?

    Whilst every care is taken to ensure that your personal belongings get from pick up to drop off safely, incidents can occur, which is why we offer moving insurance cover. If you have not taken out a specific Comprehensive Transit Insurance policy with ZOOM Removals, then PLEASE NOTE YOU ARE NOT AUTOMATICALLY COVERED.

    By choosing to insure your items, you’re insuring against the risk of an unforeseen events occurring that can impact your belongings during the removal process.

    Can ZOOM Provide Insurance Advice?

    No. By law, we cannot provide you with any specific advice on what items to insure, or how much you should insure them for. However, we do recommend ensuring all items are sufficiently protected to your level of comfort. You may choose to insure all of your items or selected items only. This is entirely your choice.

    How Much Should I Value My Goods For?

    Due to legal restrictions we cannot give you specific advice on what value to insure for, but we can provide you indicative average values for everyday household items. Then you can make your own informed decision as to what to do.

    What Will I Be Covered For?

    The Product Disclosure Statement summarises what your policy covers, the various cover options available to you and what it does not cover. This should provide you with a guideline as to which items are and which items are not insured. We will provide our Product Disclosure Statement when you make an enquiry.

    Should I Take Out Separate cover for Storage?

    We can provide you with specific insurance to cover your goods whilst in storage with us. Please discuss all your requirements with your Move Coordinator so you can make an informed decision.

    Do I Have to Take ZOOM’s Policy?

    No. There is no mandatory requirement for you to take our moving insurance, and you don’t need to use our policy either. You can still move with us and have it underwritten by another provider, or you may choose not to cover your items at all. We do recommend that you consider insuring your goods and we have developed our policy to ensure that it is the very best available for our customers as it is tailor made for the moving and storage industry.

    What Cover is Recommended?
    Does My Home and Contents Insurance Provide Cover?

    We cannot comment on the insurance that is provided by your home and contents Insurer. It may or may not be sufficient. Certain policies may cover your furniture and goods during a move. Our insurance is tailor made for the moving and storage industry, so we are able to offer a comprehensive policy if you decide to take it.

    Are There Any Hidden Charges?

    Unlike many of our competitors, we prefer to give you an all-inclusive premium added either as a simple rate additional to the move rate, or a total fixed fee. We prefer no surprises and have made the system simple for our customers.

    Is There Any Excess?

    The Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) summarises what your policy covers and any applicable excess. Please read this document to understand any excess you will be responsible for.

    I Was Told That I Could Get “Free Insurance” With Another Removalist: Why Don’t ZOOM Offer That?

    Beware: read the fine print! Some removalists have a policy for ‘Restricted Perils’ i.e. fire, flood, collision, overturning of the vehicle. They mistakenly advise their potential customers that they are automatically covered. As a result of this, some insurance companies are including language in such policies stating that they (the insurer) will not respond to a claim if the removal company discloses the existence of the policy or provides that policy at no cost.

    How Do I Make a Claim?

    The Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) summarises the way to make a claim, and you can always call your dedicated Move Coordinator on 1300 788 165 to discuss next steps if an incident occurs.

    Whilst ZOOM Removals takes the utmost care to protect your personal items, there are some known items, such as IKEA furnishings with its fragile joins, that are particularly susceptible to being moved. Other items that have not been packed properly also may be exposed, even when the moving truck is packed well.

    While ZOOM Removals carries several forms of insurance we are not permitted by law to provide customers with specific advice on insurance. It is important that each customer recognise our limited liability during a move and take the relevant cover their specific concerns.

    What our customers say about us

    We work tirelessly to ensure we deserve the top removalists reviews people leave for us. We hold the highest mover ratings from the most removals reviews of any Sydney-based removalist. We achieve the best move rating by consistently delivering on our promise of making moves a breeze with a combination of the most affordable rates, experienced crews and attentive service.

    Kelly Mitchell
    Kelly Mitchell
    00:37 22 Apr 21
    We originally had a booking for 7am but there was an issue with the truck, Zoom kept me informed and got us another team really quickly. The team they sent were Axel and William, and we can not praise these guys enough! They were professional and super fast, our move was done in 2hrs and it was all done with a smile. Thanks Zoom we will be recommending you to everyone we more
    Allison Bianco
    Allison Bianco
    00:00 17 Mar 20
    Was impressed by Lucas and friend shifting some furniture from Bowen Mountain to a unit in Ramsgate. Especially managing to fit a wooden dining table through the door. Would recommend to everyone. Well done more
    Rebecca Gurka
    Rebecca Gurka
    22:04 14 Mar 20
    Had a fantastic experience with Yosef and his partner. They did arrive outside the time window I was given, however they called to inform me of this and it did not impact the removal timeframe. Everything was moved with professionalism and great care. The move was difficult with a steep set of stairs and heavy washing machine but they managed it all really well and without complaints. At the drop off location they even loaded items onto a trailer and secured them for my housemates father. Overall a fantastic service and would definitely recommend and use again!read more
    Catrina Pryor
    Catrina Pryor
    05:24 17 Jan 20
    Appreciated their hard work on a hot summer day.Had some initial communication issues. Zoom resolved these as well as the fee structure that was incorrect in the original quote. Zoom were unable to provide the boxes as advertised due to supplier shutdown period. Would have appreciated being told this prior to 5 days before our move when we called to request them. On the day the guys were great, fast and efficient with no damage or lost property. Home calculator is good to assist with how much we needed to move. Zoom offered an upgrade with an additional driver, which was definitely needed on the more
    Oliver Walsh
    Oliver Walsh
    04:30 16 Jan 20
    Moved our 3 BR apartment from Sydney to Canberra. Flawless experience with Zoom. Granted, they’re not the cheapest, but well worth the money. Very punctual, professional, nothing damaged, and prior to the move responded quickly to our email enquiries. Would highly recommend!read more
    Mich Lee
    Mich Lee
    22:52 14 Jan 20
    The two guys from Zoom were on-time (early in fact!) and also friendly, flexible, and efficient. So easy to work with and super fast at moving! We've already recommended them to other family more

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