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At Zoom Removals, we’re proud of our track record – over 9000 successful moves that have taken us to the top of Sydney’s removal companies. We pride ourselves on our organisation, our packing, unpacking and our driving.

Unfortunately, no matter how careful we are, some items, such as certain furnishings, are notoriously prone to accidental damage. Likewise, anything not packed to our exacting standards is more susceptible issues.

Whilst your items are covered by transit insurance (whilst goods are transported in the truck) Insuring your goods against accidental damage is the most effective method in ensuring your goods are covered in the event of any damages occurring.Accidental Insurance covers you any time your goods are being handled by the removalists.

It is important to know that only members of AFRA are authorised by law, to offer you the protection of full cover accidental insurance

Because Zoom Relocations is a registered member of the Australian Furniture Removals Association, we can offer you the peace of mind you deserve in knowing your goods are protected during the relocation process.

When you choose to take out optional accidental removal insurance you can rest easy knowing that your goods are protected.Insurance can be arranged through the company, the process is made simple and our staff are extensively trained in assisting you from arranging your policy right through to the claims procedure.

Insurance starts at just $15 per $1000 of declared value.

To find out more about insurance for your precious items, please contact our friendly and dedicated insurance consultants.

Whilst Zoom Removals takes the utmost care to protect your personal items, there are some known items, such as IKEA furnishings with its fragile joins, that are particularly susceptible to being moved. Other items that have not been packed properly also may be exposed, even when the moving truck is packed well.

Whilst Zoom Removals carries all forms of professional and transit insurance, Zoom Removals is by law not permitted to provide you, the customer with insurance or specific advice on insurance.

It is important that each customer recognise the limited liability and take the relevant insurance to cover their specific concerns.

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Rates vary depending on a lot of factors, so do your research on the best deal for you. And check your contents insurance policy – certain policies may cover your furniture and goods during a move. ZOOM Removals has no affiliation on the above insurance providers and are provided for your convenience only.