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How To Move a Grandfather Clock

Grandfather clocks are classic, beautiful and…very heavy. As antiques, family heirlooms or collector’s items, grandfather clocks are precious and need to be treated as such for when it comes time to move them.

With such large and valuable items, we’ll always recommend working with our experienced removalists who have the tools and experience to move them safely – but if you prefer to do it yourself, here are a few things to keep in mind!

Quick Summary Of How To Move A Grandfather Clock

  • Dismantle the clock and wrap up the weights
  • Plan for transport
  • Move it to your van/truck

Take Y grandfather-clock our Time (No Pun Intended)

Moving grandfather clocks is no fast task, and neither should it be! Disassembling them and packing the components with care is important to ensure no damage is dealt with during transit. It typically takes an hour or so to disassemble and pack a grandfather clock – but of course, this depends on the size and complexity of the device as well.

Grandfather clocks typically include a pendulum, clock face, weights and chains that enable their operation – all of which need to be removed and individually packed for safe and effective moving.

Tools: What You Need To Move Your Grandfather Clock

While moving a grandfather clock is not a particularly complex operation, a great deal of care is still needed. As well as have a pair of gloves for removing the parts, you’ll need:

  • Clean and protective cloths or containers
  • Padding
  • Blankets
  • Bubble wrap and anything else you can find to protect the inside and outside of the clock.

It’s also highly recommended that you rent a dolly to moving the clock structure itself, as it will likely be substantial and heavy.

Sort Out Your Transport

When moving a grandfather clock, your Mini won’t be enough. You don’t necessarily need a large moving truck, but you certainly require something big enough to ensure a successful move. If you don’t have access to such a vehicle, you can rent one or even borrow one from a friend.

Get Help

Speaking of friends, never try to move a grandfather clock by yourself. They can weigh hundreds of pounds, and If not handled correctly, can break or even cause serious injury.

By asking friends for help you can make sure that the clock isn’t damaged and that you don’t get hurt. If friends or family aren’t available, we highly recommend securing the services of an experienced removalist company.

Understand Your Clock

Chances are that you’re not an expert on your grandfather clock. When disassembling, it’s a good idea to take pictures to remember how to put things back together again on the other side. If unsure, there are many videos that you can watch online to guide you.

Taking it apart


  • As part of removing the internal components of a grandfather clock, the glass panels should be your first port of call. As the most fragile part of the clock, please make sure that they are fully protected when removed.<//li>
  • Tie chains and cables to prevent tangling by reaching inside the side panel and winding up the weights inside to the top. Once they are at the top, secure them with packing tape or string to prevent them from becoming intertwined.
  • Remove the weights one by one before wrapping them up individually in bubble wrap. Label each one with its corresponding location inside the clock (such as upper weight, side weight and so on) to make sure that reassembly is simplified.
  • Finally, remove the pendulum from the pendulum guide at the top. Once again, wrap it up in bubble wrap and label it.
  • If possible, remove the top of the grandfather clock to reduce the overall weight of the object.

Moving The Grandfather Clock To The Truck

Now that everything has been disassembled and packed away, it’s time to move the main segment to the moving truck. Start by wrapping the outside of the clock in blankets and bubble wrap – and for extra protection, take a large moving box and place it over the top to cover all four sides. You can also opt for a wooden or plastic container, if available.

Now, grab your helper and slide the dolly underneath the grandfather clock and tilt it back, with one person holding it from behind and one in front. Go ahead and roll the clock to the truck and up the loading ramp. Secure it inside to prevent movement and you’re good to go!

Make Things Easy For Yourself

At the end of the day, it’s always best to let the experts deal with large and fragile items as they already have the tools, trucks and experience to handle the job without any problems. Our Zoom Removalists have moved plenty of large and fragile items, so give us a call today, and we’ll get you all sorted.

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