Cheap Tuesdays!

No call out fee on Tuesdays

Cheap Tuesdays!

As if moving with Sydney’s leading removalists isn’t already well priced, it gets even cheaper on Tuesdays. Book one of the trucks listed below for a Tuesday move and we’ll waive the usual half-hour call out fee! That’s a saving of between $39 and $55 depending on the truck! And just for booking your move on a Tuesday! In all honesty dealing with Zoom Removals is great on any day of the week but dealing with us on Tuesdays is fantastic. Call our office today and plan your important move on the day that will save you heaps.


No call out fee and free boxes!

At Zoom Removals we don’t give with one hand and take with the other. Even with your Cheap Tuesday call out fees are already removed from the bill, you’ll still get unlimited free boxes! How much is that going to save you when professional moving boxes can be as much as $5 each! For a three bedroom home, you’re looking at least $100 just in boxes, but not with us. Free means free, and you can collect your boxes 7 days before the shift and return them 28 days after. That’s plenty of time to pack and unpack at your own pace! For more on our incredible free box deal, click here or call us and discuss it with our friendly team.



Zoom Removals isn’t your everyday removalist. We do things differently, we do things better, we do things that keep us at the top of the removals business in Sydney, Country and Interstate. We like to surprise with our low half hourly rates and renowned care and attention. And we like to offer you things in return for working with us. We do that with our amazing free box offer that saves you plenty. We do it with Cheap Tuesdays and our Zoom Loyalty programs. Click the links below to read more on all these these great offers.


Choose your truck

All the trucks available for Cheap Tuesdays are for medium to large moves. Unfortunately, Nemo and Mighty Mouse aren’t included for logistical reasons. Oh, and if your move is to somewhere outside the Sydney metropolitan area, we’ll deduct thirty minutes from the call out fee, it’s that easy!

As you can imagine, Cheap Tuesdays are extremely popular. So to make sure your Cheap Tuesday is the Tuesday that suits you best, please call us now on 1300 157 448 to book your spot.

ProductYou Save
Big Foot (4.5t truck)$39 call out fee
Goliath (6-7t truck)$43 call out fee
Godzilla (9-10t truck)$50 call out fee
Moby Dick (12-14t truck)$55 call out fee
purse - Cheap Tuesdays
And you still get free boxes

Yes you still get unlimited free boxes, available 7 days prior to your move, and yours up to 28 days after! Wow. The savings keep coming with ZOOM Removals. Click here to find out more about this amazing offer.

The simple low down

The Cheap Tuesday offer is not available on Nemo and Mighty Mouse. If your move is outside of the Sydney metro limits then a single half-hour (30 minutes) will be deducted from the call out fee. That’s it. Simple!

Don’t delay—Tuesdays are obviously very popular. Call us on 1300 157 448 today to book your Cheap Tuesday move.


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