Goliath : 6-7 Tonne Moving Truck

Goliath : 6-7 Tonne Moving Truck

Perfect for 2-3 bedroom homes or offices of 7-9 people, our 6-7T trucks can handle a heavy load with no effort. As always, you can also benefit from two expert movers to help pack, load and unload.

Service includes
  • 2 Removalists
  • 24-27m³ Capacity
  • 6-7t Large Truck
2-3 Bedroom Homes
  • 2-3 Bedrooms
  • Outdoor and Plants
  • Garage Items
7-9 Person Offices
  • 7-9 Employees
  • Their Workstations
  • Their Computers

Ideal for Medium Sized Homes

Taking aim on your next removals job our medium sized trucks are designed to move suburban homes, cottages and apartments. Two trained AFRA-accredited removalists in their 6-7 tonne vehicle will safely cart your furniture from A to B efficiently and cost effectively. You won’t need to lift a finger as our men lift and load all of your furniture on to the truck, and then place it exactly where you want it in your new home. Our trucks are equipped with tail lifts or easy access ramps, so we can handle even the largest and heaviest furniture and appliances with ease.

Your 2-3 bedroom home including your outdoor furniture, plants and the contents of your garage can all be moved in a single trip. For offices of 7-9 employees don’t look past our 6-7t truck to move your workstations, furniture, computers, office equipment and server racks. If you feel that you need extra muscle on your move, say for tricky access or to lift items that are particularly large and heavy, why not consider an extra removalist for only $18 per half hour excluding GST?

Our Service Details

Fair Half Hourly Rates

Our rates are simply billed in half-hour (30 minute) increments so you only pay for what you use. Charges are from door-to-door while on the job, from your initial pickup location to your final drop off location. We will start the time on the job when we arrive at your pick up destination. We may charge a higher rate for Saturday, Sunday, public holiday and after hours moves.

Low Call-Out Fee

We charge 30 minute call-out for Sydney metro moves at the same product rate. This accounts for the travel time taken to drive to and from your move. If your pickup or drop off destination is outside the limits of Greater Sydney and into country areas your Move Coordinator will discuss the call out charge to cover the return travel time.

Service Detail

A minimum 2 hour charge applies.


Fuel Levy: A 5% fuel levy applies if the travel distance is over 20 kilometres from pickup to drop off on your move. This rate is 10% if over 35 kilometres between places.

Credit Card Surcharge: For purchases up to $700 the credit card processing fee is $10. Any purchase over $700 incurs a 1.5% credit card processing fee. American Express purchases incur a fee of $20 for any amount.

Tolls: Any tolls taken while transporting you furniture between pickup and drop off will be added to your bill. Your removalists will discuss their travel route on the day of the move with you to ensure you are aware of any toll roads being taken. Usually this means a quicker travel time, so you pay less overall.

Please note

This is a large vehicle. Please ensure your property has adequate clearance in and out of the street.

Removals Insurance

As members of AFRA we hold typical removals insurances including Public Liability, Transit Insurance and Workers Compensation in our standard fees. For a low additional premium we can include Comprehensive Transit Insurance in our moving rates so your furniture, household items and effects we are moving are fully protected. Only this additional insurance truly protects your goods in a move. We strongly recommend you review our Removals Insurance page for more information so you are fully informed.

How to Save Money on Your Upcoming Move

Here are the best tips and tricks to reduce the cost of your move:

  • Use our FREE moving boxes to not pay for packaging. Borrow them 7 days before your move to get organised.
  • Only use professional moving boxes so we can stack them in the truck.
  • Be ready. Being packed and ready to move means we waste no time when we arrive.
  • If furniture needs disassembling do it before we arrive. We can happily help you with this also.
  • Get a good parking spot at pickup and drop off so our removalists can park the truck nice and close.
Optional Extras

We recommend the use of a third (or more) removalist. For only an extra $18 exclusive of GST per half-hour (30 minutes) an extra pair of hands makes a relocation quicker overall and more coordinated. One removalist will remain wrapping furniture and packing the truck, while the other two lift and carry items to the truck. The men rotate frequently allowing them to stay fresher longer.

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