Interior Design Tips for Your New Home

So, you’ve managed to move into your new home. That’s the hard part done, and now the fun part can start! Decorating lets you make your place truly yours, but can seem a little daunting at first. Knowing where to start, which parts to do and how to do it on a budget may seem overwhelming, but with this guide, you’ll be able to decorate your new home in a calm, fun and smart way.

Things to do first

Before diving in and buying like crazy, you’ll need to do a little groundwork. Here are five things you can do to get started off with your interior decorating in the best possible way:

Organize and prioritise

One great thing about moving is that it lets you declutter your life a little bit. Sometimes, less is more, so feel free to rid yourself of things you might not need anymore, and keep those that mean a lot. A good technique here is to look at your belongings and visualise where they might be in your new place. If you can’t think of anything, odds are that you don’t need to take it with you.

Don’t be scared to upgrade

As well as decluttering, this is a good chance to buy some new gear to match your new home. For instance, your mismatched kitchen appliances or tattered posters and decorations can be replaced with better alternatives to really give you that feeling of improvement. Of course, there’s a lot of value in mementoes and sentimental objects, but there is no better time to treat yourself.

Don’t forget the little things

Small elements will go a long way in personalizing the look of your new home. Nice pillows, vibrant rugs, stylish curtains and plants are all a fantastic idea to bring with you. Not only will they give you that comforting sense of familiarity, but they will also make any sterile space into a warming one.

Ok, so now you’re ready with the groundwork: Here are some ideas to work with!


The way you decorate your walls will have a large effect on how spacious and light your home feels. We recommend that you paint the walls and hang your artwork before fulling unpacking everything so that you don’t damage items or get them dirty.

In terms of colours, we suggest white, light neutrals, and pastels because they reflect light well and can make small spaces look and feel larger and airier. And as for artwork? That’s up to you! The light-coloured walls will help whatever you choose to hang up, pop even more.


This is just a quick note to make sure that you maximize the access of daytime lighting into your apartment as much as possible. Natural light really brings a place to life and makes all of your decorative efforts look even better. To make even more of the light, feel free to use mirrors in the room to bounce it around.

As for the night, the type of bulb you use will also have this effect. Don’t go for harsh white ones or ones that are too yellow. There are many options available, so when you go to the store, ask for their most natural-feeling bulbs.

The power of plants

With minimal care, plants can make a huge difference in how your home looks and feels. They are especially useful to combat the cluttered or cramped feelings of smaller apartments; and, as an added bonus they will help improve the air quality inside. 

If you’re worried about keeping them alive, you can go for species that don’t require much maintenance, such as a cactus or philodendron. In terms of placement, put them on tables, next to your TV and shelves so that everyone gets a good view of your green décor. 

Furniture matters

If the furniture in your previous home is old and worn, no matter how much you decorate everything else in your new place, they will bring it all down. You don’t have to spend your whole moving budget on new pieces of furniture; there are plenty of second-hand places that have lovely options.

When arranging your furniture, bear in mind that these will also have an impact on the sense of space you are trying to create. For instance, if you have a couch and some chairs, we recommend that you put them on opposite sides of the room to form a U-shape. Make sure that chairs will fit under tables and desks, and of course, do what you can to colour coordinate.

Rugs are awesome

A nice rug can really bring a room together, add colour and make everything feel cosier. Your living room will definitely need one, but you need to make sure it’s just the right size so that the front legs of the chairs and couches rest on the tip of the rug. Hallways are also a great place for a rug to welcome guests in a friendly way.

Open storage elements wherever possible. 

Large storage units such as dressers, cabinets and chests take up a lot of space in a room, making even larger apartments feel cramped and small. A nice modern touch to storage is using open shelving units and floating shelves. Not only does this let a room breathe, but can be really great for showing off collections, books and other decorative items.

For the kitchen, why not use a hanging pot holder which really makes the space look elegant, warm and inviting – not to mention making access to your kitchenware even easier.

Make it yours

The above home decorating tips are just a guide. Your space is your space, so of course, feel free to make it your own. The most important thing is to not see it as a chore and just have fun!

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