End of Lease Cleaning Sydney Services

End of Lease Cleaning Sydney Services

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Professional End of Lease Cleaning Services Sydney

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Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, end of lease cleaning is a reality that you’re going to have to face a number of times.

An end of tenancy or clean is more than just a wipe and a hoover: it’s a thorough cleaning of the entire property, from top to bottom and behind every nook and cranny.

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Why Use ZOOM For Your End Of Lease Cleaning?

End Of Lease Cleaning SydneyEnd of lease cleaning or ‘move out cleaning is a big job and therefore takes a lot of time and effort.

Instead of handling it all yourself, why not try out our end of lease cleaning services in Sydney.

At ZOOM, we take care of everything for you, leaving the property gleaming and ready for what comes next.

  • Industry leaders when it comes to end of lease cleans
  • We only use professionals
  • Supportive staff when on the job
  • Budget-friendly, cheap end of lease cleaning in Sydney
  • Ensuring excellence with every clean

End Of Lease Cleaning For Landlords

End Of Lease Cleaning For Landlords

If you’re a landlord, you already know how important end of lease cleaning is.

After all, the property belongs to you, and you want it to be in the best condition possible. And, while it’s normal for a home to get some wear and tear after being lived in for some time, it is still an investment that you want to safeguard for years to come!

End Of Lease Cleaning For Tenants

End Of Lease Cleaning For Tenants

In most lease and contact cases, tenants have a legal responsibility to clean the property to a high standard before they move out.

As well as being a general courtesy, it is often enforced in the form of a deposit: so, if the property is not in an appropriate condition and remains messy and ‘lived in’, the landlord will be within their right to withhold some or all of that deposit.

By employing an end of lease cleaning service, tenants remove the risk of their deposit being held back for cleanliness reasons.

The benefits of having move out cleaning

The main benefits of hiring an experienced professional end of tenancy cleaning service are:

  • Happy Face

    The deepest clean

    Your cleaning service will have professional cleaners who are likely to carry out the job to a high standard, ensuring the return of cleaning deposits.

  • No stress

    Moving out of a home or putting it onto the market is already stressful, so go ahead and remove the stress of cleaning.

  • Save time

    Thorough cleaning of any property takes a lot more time than anyone would think. Save hours (or days!) with a professional move out cleaning company.

  • Money

    Save money

    Quite often, a deep clean will require machinery rental such as carpet cleaners. By using a cleaning company, you won’t have to as they’ll have their own gear.

  • Cool Face

    Peace of mind

    Because you’ll be working with experts, you know that they’ll be able to handle specialist areas, such as carpets, upholstery, behind heavy appliances and in cupboards. They won’t leave a stone unturned so that the property will be in the best possible shape.

  • Evidence

    By showing your landlord or next tenant a certificate or receipt of cleaning, you’ll be able to prove that the property has been professionally cleaned.

How much does an end of lease cleaning cost?

How much does an end of lease cleaning cost?

Because no two properties are the same size, it’s not possible to give a fixed fee for a move out cleaning. For instance, a smaller family home of two bedrooms is going to cost a lot less than an office or mansion. And, other factors such as the number of bathrooms or carpeted rooms will also affect the final price.

The price will also be affected by the type of service to go for. For instance, you might just be looking for help in your cleaning and will assign a few basic tasks for your cleaners – or you might go for a complete top to bottom deep clean that will involve the use of specialist equipment.

One thing to remember is that the cleaner a property is kept during occupancy, the less cleaning will be needed to do at the end. So, if you’re a tenant, the best way to safeguard your deposit and the overall cleaning bill is to take good care of your home.

Efficicient Moving Out Cleaning Sydney

Efficicient Moving Out Cleaning Sydney

Your end of lease cleaning can be as in-depth or top-level as you want. You can typically choose between the following areas (although we recommend targeting all of them).

  • Windows, both inside and out.
  • Walls, ceiling corners, light switches, skirting boards and shelves.
  • On top, underneath and inside all drawers and cupboards.
  • Behind and underneath large appliances such as ovens, refrigerators and dishwashers.
  • Grease from inside the oven and cooking apparatus.
  • Soap scum and limescale from taps, bathrooms, toilets and sinks.
  • Garages, sheds and other storage areas.
  • Carpets, wooden floors, curtains and furniture.
  • Leaves and natural debris from garden areas.

The above is just a summary – to really get into it, check out our end of lease cleaning checklist.

Additional Lease Cleaning Tips

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Work with a leading exit clean service

Handling your move out clean yourself may be tempting, but when you look at the above list you’ll realise it’s a huge job. While you might save money, you’ll certainly not save any time and may even risk your deposit being taken away, or having a potential tenant pull out because of a poorly maintained property.

Instead, let our end of lease cleaning team help you out so that you can focus on your move. For more information and a quote, just get in touch with us on

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