How To Move a Pool Table

How To Transport A Pool Table In Seven Easy Steps

Having a pool table in your home is one of life’s pleasures, but when it comes to moving, they can be a bit of a pain.

They are heavy, fragile, and large, meaning that getting them to a new location isn’t quite the same as other pieces of furniture.

While we will always recommend that you work with expert movers for specialty and difficult items, you can manage it by yourself – with a little help of course. If you plan to transport a pool or billiard table yourself, there are some things you’re going to want to think about.

Here are our step by step guide on how to move a pool table.

1. Grab your supplies

First and foremost, if you intend to move a pool table yourself, its best to start by getting your tools and materials together in advance.  At the bare minimum, you’ll need the following equipment:

To remove the pool table’s felt, you’ll also need a staple remover, which can be found at any office supply shop.

We also recommend that you have plenty of bags, labels and a marker pen to make sure you know that all the pieces are accounted for, and all of the screws are in one place.

2. Find your transport

Unfortunately, your minivan or car won’t be enough to transport a pool table.

With a standard pool table coming in anywhere from seven to 9 feet long, you’re going to at least a pickup truck, if not a van.

When it comes to transporting a pool table, there are lots of moving truck rental businesses to select from.


3. Recruit help

After sorting out your transport and materials, it’s time to get in touch with anyone you know who would be capable to help with your pool table removal – preferably up to four people if possible. Once you get them onboard with the promise of a beer, remind them to wear proper clothing for moving day, including a solid pair of trainers.

4. Know your spaces

It’s usually a good idea to take measurements of any entrances, stairwells, or corridors that the pool table will be passing through. Before starting the operation, be sure to open all doors and thoroughly safeguard the floors and walls with baby-proof bumpers or thick towels. Of course, the same goes for the other side as well.

5. Disassemble the pool table

Time to get to work. For starters, remove the six ball pockets from the table by removing the staples that hold them in place. If your pool table’s pockets are screwed in place, you’ll need to use a screwdriver to remove them.

Then, using a socket wrench, take off the pool table’s side rails by unscrewing the bolts. Remember to store them in a clearly labelled bag and keep an eye on it.

To remove the felt from the pool table’s top, use a staple remover and carefully extract each staple to effectively remove stapled-down felt. During the removal procedure, try not to rip or damage the felt.


Now for the slates, which are the heaviest part of the table and can weigh up to 450 pounds or more. This is where a few helping hands will come in useful. Because the slates are almost certainly screwed in, you’ll need a power drill to remove them properly. Once they are unscrewed, remove the slates with the help of your friends.

Finally, it’s time for the legs. To begin, remove each table leg from the main framework. You may need to turn the pool table’s main body on its side or upside-down to make this simpler.

6. Pack up and load

Before moving the pool table to its new home, make sure to cover each part in blankets and/or bubble wrap – paying special attention to safeguard the slates when loading the pool table onto the truck. When in transit, drive slowly and carefully to further protect the cargo and your vehicle.

7. Reassemble

Reassembling a pool table in your new house might be challenging, but you’ll basically be putting it back together the same way you took it apart.

Reattach the legs to the main framework, place the slate on top and cover it with felt. After that, connect all of the rails and pockets. Adding the felt to the pool table while keeping it entirely smooth can be difficult, for which a lot of people leave to professional help.

How to Move a Pool Table Without Taking it Apart

It’s always best to disassemble your pool table before moving, but if for whatever reason you cannot, it’s still possible to move the entire thing in one piece. Here are some ways you can move a slate pool table without taking it apart.

Dollies – Four dollies are required, one for each table leg. We also recommend that you practice with a group of two to four friends to keep them balanced as you move. After securing the pool table on all four dollies, move it to a different location or room on the same level, if the doors and corridors are large enough. To keep the pool table from sliding, make sure the dolly is fastened in place while loading it.

Pool table lifts – A pool table lift is another method for moving a pool table instead of using a dolly. These elevators are specially made to help with moving pool tables. All you need to do is lay them underneath the pool table’s center before lifting everything off the ground using the lever.

Furniture sliders – You may connect furniture sliders to the bottom of each leg and gently glide the pool table across the room if you just need to move it a short distance.

How To Move a Pool Table to the Basement

Basements are a popular place for any pool table and make for a fantastic addition to a chill-out room, bar or den. But it will of course involve stairs.

Moving the pool table to the basement will be much like moving it to any other location. We recommend disassembling it any following the steps as you see above. If you have access to dollies, this will make things a lot easier.

How much does moving a pool table cost?

In broad terms, the costs for moving a pool table are based on the weight of the table. For instance a smaller table of around 8 feet would cost $350, and larger ones will of course cost more. Many pool table removalists will charge by the kilogram at a rate of around $1 per kg.

Can Removalists Help With Moving My Pool Table?

If transporting your pool table seems more frightening and overwhelming than you anticipated, it’s usually a good idea to enlist the help of specialists.

We have the manpower, the tools, trucks and experience needed to move your pool table with ease, including the assembly and disassembly.

Just give ZOOM Removalists Sydney a call and we’ll take care of the rest for you.


Moving your own pool table may be more cost-effective, however when hiring professional movers they will know how to move it quickly and efficiently without the risk of damaging it or injuring themselves making for less complications.

Transporting a pool table isn’t easy and when not enlisting professional help can make this a challenging experience. There is a larger risk of damage to the table itself or injury to you or fellow helpers. One of the key things to remember is that you should always be fully aware of what’s involved before considering embarking on a project such as moving a pool table yourself.

Here are key elements to remember:

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Need Help? Why Not Hire Professional Pool Table Movers

As with all heavy and difficult objects such as pool tables, it’s always best to let the professionals handle the moving process.

Our professional pool table movers will have the tools, trucks and experience to move your safely and without any hassle.

This includes:

Just give us a call and we’ll do the rest.

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