Frequently Asked Questions

As you prepare for the big move, you’ve probably got all sorts of questions swirling around in your head. Will my precious art work be safe? What if it’s raining on removal day – does the move still go ahead? What about the toll bridge on the way to the new place – who pays for that? Chances are, the answers to a lot of the questions that pop into your mind are right here. If not, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and ask us directly on 1300 788 164. We are always here for our customers to answer the difficult questions.

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How do your rates work?

Experience has taught us the best way to charge for our service is time-based – where you only pay for what you use. Our rates are published in half-hour (30-minute) blocks of time and are all exclusive of GST. You pay only for the time we arrive at your door step until the time we leave the drop off location. There is a 30 minute call out charge to cover the time it takes to get to and from your locations. We do not estimate durations of moves over the phone. If you require move specific pricing we suggest you

Can I get a firm quote?

Yes. If you require we can visit you at your home or office to complete a full assessment and provide a firm quote. Please contact ZOOM Removals on Ph. 1300 157 448 to arrange a no obligation free appointment.

How long will it take to move my home?

These average removal times are only estimates based on our experience. The actual time (and thus the actual charge) will depend on the actual number of furniture items, boxes, accessibility, doorway, stairs, lift, parking etc. The travel time is assumed to be within 30 minutes.
1 br unit/house 2–3 hours
2 br unit/house 3–5 hours
3 br unit/house 5–7 hours
4 br unit/house 6–10 hours

What is the call out fee for?

This is a half-hour (30 minute) fee at the given rate of your move added to the total time to cover the team’s driving to and from your locations. This fee covers Sydney metropolitan area, for which a single half-hour travel time is very reasonable. If you live outside of this area, the call out fee will be indicated to you at time of booking to cover the reasonable time for the team to return to Sydney metropolitan area.

Do you charge tolls?

Getting to and from your locations we do not charge you tolls. If you direct us to use motorways (your removalists will discuss the route to the next premises on the day) we will add the toll charge at cost to the invoice. Remember, using tolls cuts down our travel time and will end up saving you money.

Do your rates remain the same everyday?

Our rates are the same Monday to Thursday, There is a higher rate for Friday – Sunday depending on the size of the vehicle. We add 30% loading on public holidays to the given half-hourly (30 minute ) rate. Please contact ZOOM if you have an after-hours move request.

What about an extra removalist?

For larger jobs this is highly recommended. For the low rate of $18 per half-hour (30 minutes) exclusive of GST the extra pair of hands will make the move go quicker. In many cases the overall charge is less with an extra man to get the job done.

A three man move will save you time and money. Even though you are paying a higher hourly rate, your billable hours will be less;

Example 1: 6-7t truck with 2 men $64 per half-hour x 5 hours = $640 + call out
Example 2: 6-7t truck with 3 men $82 per half-hour x 3 hours = $492 + call out

Can you offer pre-packing/unpacking?

Yes. Please see our Packing Service page for more details. We will send in trained packers the day before your move (or when you desire prior to your move) to professionally wrap and pack your goods ready for uplift. Two professional packers are provided at a rate of $72 excluding of GST per half-hour (30 minutes) and only charge for the time they are on your premises, plus the half-hour (30 minute) call out charge. We can also make your move seamless by offering unpacking at the other end also.

How does your free box offer work?

It’s easy and saves you big bucks when moving! Collect your unlimited removal boxes (tea chests and book boxes) anytime within 7 days before your move to start packing before we arrive. You are free to keep them up until 28 days after your move! If you wish to keep the boxes we only charge you what you keep. Boxes should be returned in good condition – see our Free Boxes page for more details. If you use our Packing Service your boxes are included free of charge. A deposit fee of $5 flat per box will be charged on collection of your boxes until they are returned in good condition.

Can you deliver boxes and packaging material?

Yes. For a fee of $50 exclusive of GST have your removal boxes and packaging delivered to your doorstep anywhere in metro Sydney. Our teams carry packaging items on their truck also but they take up valuable room so we do not carry huge reserves on board; if you think you will need a lot on the day please let us know prior!

I would like a specific team

All of our teams are highly trained specialised removalists. We will note your request on the job at the time of booking and do our best to provide you with your team of choice. However, due to the nature of our business we can not guarantee that team will be available for your move. Rest assured we will provide you with the perfect truck and team for your move to ensure a safe and speedy move.

Do you move after hours?

Yes. We will discuss with you personally about your after-hours requirements. Please contact ZOOM Removals on Ph. 1300 157 448.

Can I help the removalists?

Sure. You may not enter our trucks due to liability reasons, but it is your stuff we are transporting, so you may help us move it to and from the back of the vehicle. If you do want to help to reduce costs we suggest you leave the large and difficult pieces to us (that is why you have employed us after all). We may ask you follow our direction to ensure we coordinate you move the most efficient way.

What areas do you service?

We provide quality relocations within greater Sydney (Southern Highlands to Newcastle, and out to the Blue Mountains). We can also provide intrastate (country NSW) and interstate moves to and from Sydney to Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart and Darwin. Please contact ZOOM Removals on 1300 157 448 to discuss your specific requirements.

Can you organise cleaning?

Certainly. Please contact ZOOM Removals on Ph. 1300 157 448 for affordable end-of-lease cleaning options.

Do you move pianos?

Yes, we can move upright pianos and pianolas weighing no more than 150kg.

Please inform us on booking if your move will include a piano, alternatively visit our piano removals page.

What about antiques and fine arts?

We take good care of every item we move. We pay special attention to those exclusive pieces that require extra TLC. We are able to carry artworks and old antiques – we recommend you contact ZOOM Removals on 1300 157 448 to discuss your specific requirements. And we do recommend you take out removals insurance.

Do your trucks have lift-backs?

Yes, some of our fleet are equipped with lift backs to handle any large and heavy items. We send the most appropriate truck for your move and will send a tail-lift vehicle if this is required at the same hourly rate. Most furniture items do not require a tail lift.

I do not know what truck/team I need?

Use our simple online Get-A-Quote calculators to easily establish what vehicle will suit your move. If you require more assistance feel free to call ZOOM Removals on 1300 157 448. We will confirm all details with you personally before the day of your move to ensure we send the right vehicle.

What are your office hours?

Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm
Saturday: 9am-4pm
Sunday: Closed (our emergency number is 0449 276 684)

What about removals insurance?

We suggest you read our removals insurance page for full details. We hold certain insurances as professional removalists. However, your furniture and items will be transported at your own risk, so we do recommend you take out removals insurance. Check your home and contents policy – some cover your goods during a move. We are safe movers, but we want you to be covered during a move. contact ZOOM Removals on Ph. 1300 157 448 for more information.

What if I need to cancel my move?

When you book with ZOOM Removals we reserve your spot. We understand that things change and you may need to change your moving date, or cancel altogether. We ask you be considerate. Cancelling an hour before your booked move means that team now have no work for that period we reserved for you. As such cancelling within 24 hours of your move will incur a $120 hour cancellation fee.

We need at least 72 hours notice to cancel a move to refund the full $100 to your account.

I have a complaint, what do I do?

Our teams are trained in customer service – our removalists work hard to please you and most disputes can be resolved on the spot during your relocation. In the unlikely event you are still unhappy with our service for any reason please contact ZOOM Removals on Ph. 1300 157 448 as soon as possible so we discuss the situation personally.

What if it is raining?

You move will still go ahead. Our teams will cover your furniture from the elements and lay down protection over your floors and carpet at each location during the move.

What time is your first move?

7:30am start. Please contact ZOOM Removals on Ph. 1300 157 448 if you need to book an early morning move.

What does ‘first available’ mean?

Relocations booked later in the day have moves occurring before them and so may start a little earlier or later then booked. We book second moves of the day as ‘first available’ from 11:00am, and third moves of the day as ‘first available’ from 3:00pm. We estimate the times of each move to ensure you are given as accurate start times as possible – but things can happen outside of our control. Your booking will be fulfilled by the first available truck able to complete your move after the initial moves in the day.

Can you give me a heads up call?

Sure. Please request this at the time of booking.

Do you charge tolls?

Getting to and from your locations we do not charge you tolls. If you direct us to use motorways (your removalists will discuss the route to the next premises on the day) we will add the toll charge at cost to the invoice. Remember, using tolls cuts down our travel time and will end up saving you money.

Do you protect our furniture during a relocation?

Yes. We use a combination of professional felt pads and plastic protectors to cover your furniture no matter what we are moving.

What are your payment terms?

Payment is strictly COD (cash on delivery). We do not accept cheques under any circumstances so please do not ask. If you are paying in cash please ensure you have enough money on you on the day to settle your bill. For purchases up to $700 the credit card fee is $10 (Amex purchases incur a fee of $20 for any amount). Any purchase over $700 incurs a 1.5% surcharge.

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