3 Penny-Pinching Ways to Save Money on Removals

So your boss told you that the company is packing up and moving. If you want to keep your job, she said, you’ll have to move, too. Trouble is, you haven’t planned for a move, and your kids need braces. And you need to save up for their education. And your next holiday.

How in the world can you stretch your already tight budget to find the money to pay the removalists?
Relax. At Zoom Removalists Sydney, we’ve been moving people on a budget for years, so we have more than a few moving tricks up our sleeve. Here are three ways to pinch pennies on your upcoming removal.

1. Sell, Sell, Sell. Donate, Donate, Donate.

You know you have stuff you’ll never use again. Instead of paying the removalists money to move that stuff in a monster of a truck, sell what you can through Gumtree or eBay.

That way, you’ll reduce your load and use the extra cash to hire a top-quality removalist—one you can trust to handle your belongings with the same care you would—only with the expertise to do it right.

Donating the belongings that you can’t sell doesn’t just give you warm fuzzy feelings. It will do that, of course. But it can also greatly reduce the number of belongings your removalists will have to stack in their truck, reducing the price you’ll have to pay. If you still find that you have many belongings, visit our moving trucks page.

2. Hire Professional Removalists to Pack Your Stuff. Stay at Work. Cook at Home.

At first glance, this might look odd. Why should you pay money for something you can very well do yourself? The reasons are simple. The time you have to take off work to pack can eat up a lot of hours. Your boss isn’t going to pay you for that missed time, is he?

Keep earning and let the professionals do the packing. Check out our movers and packers services. They can pack a lot faster than you can—and one more thing: professional removalists aren’t likely to break any of your treasured belongings or pack them incorrectly, causing damaged goods and costly replacements.

Consider, too, that you won’t have to eat out when you hire professional packers. When you pack yourself, you don’t have time to cook. Over time it takes most non-removalists to pack, that can be days spent at expensive restaurants and take-away eateries. That can add up over time. Instead, eat-in and save money while expert removalists do the work.

3. Find Quick Meal Ideas for Your First Weeks in Your New Home.

Finally, when you arrive at your new home, you need to have done your homework beforehand. Find the supermarket with the lowest prices and plan about three weeks’ worth of quick meals that will nourish your family, but won’t cost nearly as much as the usual take-away food most new arrivals have to buy as they unpack their belongings and settle into the new community.
If you’re planning to move in the near future, give Zoom Removals a call to learn more about how you can save money—by moving wisely. Call them today on 1300 721 826 or email them at info@zoomremovals.com.au

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