need help packing?

why not let us do all the work.


Pre-Packing Service Sydney

Let us do the packing for you

Think how much time you can save if Zoom professionals come and do all the packing for you. Think how much safer your valuable belongings will be if they do. Of course, there is a cost involved, but don’t worry, we price packing as attractively as everything else and it will probably make sound economic sense once you get a quote.

Many clients do not even realize as to the number of items they possess in their kitchen alone. And when you think about the fine tableware and glassware it can be a touch dangerous when it comes to packing them. Thanks to our great packing team and service you can rest assured that your precious items will be safe.

Professional packing is something that you can’t take for granted especially when you realize that your items are going into a truck and the roads can be bumpy. Why take chances. Call us now to organize a quote on our packing service.

Pre-packing | customised to your needs

packing foto 1 - Pre-Packing Service
  • 01 | Professional packers

    Two professional packers will get our home or office in order

  • 02 | Organised

    We will get your goods organised

  • 03 | Wrapped safely

    We will wrap and safely pack them for the journey

  • 04 | Labelling

    We will label all cartons to ensure you can locate them in your new premises

  • 05 | Unpacking

    We offer a cleaning and unpacking service also for a seamless move
    Use us for the whole home or office, a few rooms, or just the garage – you choose!

Keep costs down

Worried about costs? Don’t be. You are entitled to our Free Box Offer. Pay nothing for tea chest and book boxes when you pre-pack with ZOOM. We offer packing for the low rate of $40 per half-hour (30
minutes) exclusive of GST for two professional packers. We only charge for the time once on your premises and add a flat half-hour (30 minute) call out charge for Sydney Metro.

Pre-packing properly makes your move more organized and your actual moving time is reduced and therefore your costs; and you can settle into your new home or office quicker.

Who knew you should pack crockery on its vertical edge to stop them breaking in transit? Leave to the experts. We at ZOOM Removals have packed many a box in our day and we know how to pack your goods

packing foto 2 - Pre-Packing Service