Medicare Change Of Address

A Guide To Medicare When Relocating

Moving house takes more than just packing up your boxes and getting them from A to B. There are likely to be a number of ‘life admin’ tasks that will need your attention to ensure that when you settle into your new home, the life essentials will also be taken care of.

Among those life essentials, is, of course, Medicare. If you need to action a Medicare address change, here’s what you need to do.

Updating Your Medicare Address

When moving house, it’s mandatory that you let Medicare know about your change of address. Also, this cannot be done online, so you’ll have to do it in person at one of the many service centres that can be found throughout the country.

To find your nearest one, simply type in your location + ‘Medicare’ into a search engine and select one in your vicinity.

If you live in the countryside or a remote area and cannot easily get to one of the service centres, you may be permitted to send your forms and document scans to them via email, fax or even regular mail. If this is the case for you, please get in touch with one of Medicare’s representatives to be certain that you’ll be able to do this.

Documents Needed To Change Your Medicare Address

To action your change, you’ll need to get one or more of the following documents – the idea being that your name, address and identity can be confirmed.

What Happens Next?

After you’ve visited Medicare or sent off scans of your correspondence, Medicare will update your address and send you a new card in the mail to your new address. Please do not throw away or discard your current card as there will be a transition period between the new one activating, and the old one is deactivated.

And, that’s about it! If you have more questions about Medicare, please visit their website and get in touch with your local representatives.

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