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Top Rated Country Movers Between Sydney and Tamworth

ZOOM Removals is the quality name in NSW for country moves. Our versatile fleet and experienced country removals teams make moving out of Sydney to regional NSW a breeze.

Moving from Sydney to Tamworth doesn’t have to be difficult or hard on your budget.

As an experienced and preferred removalist company, Sydney to Tamworth removals with ZOOM have never been easier.

With our team, you’ll be able to do away with all the usual moving stresses and enjoy peace of mind that your belongings are in the best possible hands and that your time is respected.

Our friendly crew are here to help out with anything you need, from just a few bits and pieces through to large, heavy and fragile objects, from door to door.

As we use our own trucks and tools, you can be sure that you’re getting top-quality service at a great price – all you need to do is get in touch with our Sydney to Tamworth removalists, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Call NSW’s expert country removals expert today on 1300 788 164 and discover why we ‘ZOOM’ past the competition on service, value and quality.

Moving Costs to Tamworth

We believe in fair and transparent prices for every job to Tamworth.

It’s all too common for other companies to sneak in extra fees and admin costs at every opportunity, but not with us. We value complete honesty and transparency right from the beginning, which sets us apart from the competition, allowing us to build trust with our valued clients from the get go.

This means that what you see in your final quote is what you’ll pay, and not a penny more.

And, if you have any questions about any costs, we’ll be more than happy to take you through your bill.

Through ZOOM Removals, you can get your quote in a few different ways:

Country Move Volume Calculator

Unsure of your move size? To receive an accurate regional or country NSW move quote, and so we can recommend the right size package, use this online move calculator to tally up the volume of your household goods.

Removals calculator

Regional Fixed Price Quotes

We can visit your Sydney home and conduct an in-home survey for moves of 3 bedrooms or larger to then provide you a written estimate. Schedule your visit from our estimator today and we will visit you at a convenient time.

Get a fixed price

Trusted Country Furniture Removalists

When you need a country furniture removalist you can trust, just look out for the name: ZOOM Removals.

Over the past decade we have moved Sydney families all across New South Wales, and have honed and refined our regional furniture moving offer from Sydney to Tamworth to deliver an impressive service that our customers love.

We ensure all furniture removals going intrastate are packed correctly, carefully padded and fully protecting your prized possessions for the long haul on our removals trucks.

We ensure that we take the quickest routes to get to your new destination, and we guarantee pick up and drop off times so you can have peace of mind during your relocation to Tamworth.

AFRA-accredited Removals

Country Movers Accredited by AFRA

We’re members of the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA)—the removal industry’s hallmark in quality for country, regional and intrastate moving companies.

AFRA-accredited Removals

Furniture Remains on the Same Moving Truck

As premium regional furniture movers our service is door-to-door, with the removals truck being packed once, then driven and unloaded by the same expert removalists.

AFRA-accredited Removals

A Complete Intrastate Relocation Service

As a full service intrastate furniture moving company we can include expert pre-packing, storage, end of lease cleaning and a full range of packing supplies for your country relocation.

AFRA-accredited Removals

Add Moving Insurance as Needed

As an AFRA Member, we carry insurances required by the industry including Public Liability, Transit Insurance and Workers Compensation as standard in our rates. If you require full protection of your regional furniture removal we can include Comprehensive Transit Insurance for a low additional premium.

Why choose ZOOM when moving to Tamworth

Watch this video to see why ZOOM Removalists Sydney are the #1 rated furniture movers between Sydney and Tamworth.

Hunting for Cheap Regional Removalists?

We Respect Your Budget

Our Sydney to Tamworth removals service has been designed from the ground up to make your relocation as stress-free and affordable as possible – without compromising on quality. We have thousands of happy customers to attest to that and our online ratings are amongst the best.

For us, the true value lies in maintaining our reputation for honest, affordable, friendly and high-quality service at all time. We take the best routes, have the best tools and most importantly, have a friendly and helpful attitude during this stressful time.

Get a quote or speak to a regional and country Move Coordinator on 1300 721 826 today.

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Cheap removalists from Sydney to Tamworth without sacrificing quality

Ways We Make Your NSW Intrastate Move the Most Affordable

The benefits of moving to Tamworth with Zoom

Interstate Moving for Less That is AFRA-accredited

Our membership with AFRA - an official body of removals experts that helps regulate the removals industry – guarantees the quality of our service for all budget country removals. .

The Longer Your Move the Cheaper it Gets With Distance Discounts

The further you move in NSW the cheaper our country move rates become. Get a quote today or speak to one of our country Move Coordinators to see how much you could be saving.

Fixed Pricing on All Country Moves

We will provide you a fixed written quote for your country move at the time of enquiry. That way you have certainty and peace of mind knowing what your move will cost from the very beginning.

Borrow Unlimited Professional Moving Boxes for Free

When moving with ZOOM, you can take advantage of an unlimited number of waterproof and sturdy boxes for free to transport your cargo in complete safety. .

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Best Country Removalists Reviews in Sydney

ZOOM has the best reviews for moving between Sydney and Tamworth (and regional and country New South Wales). Our intrastate moving experts handle all aspects of your move, providing a complete door to door service anywhere between Sydney and Tamworth. Each team has years’ of experience, and is perfectly equipped with all the protective moving gear needed to get the job done safely with a minimum of fuss. More people review ZOOM Removals as the best movers in Sydney, and we boast the #1-star rating on Google Reviews from the most reviews received.

Why We Are the Best Reviewed Regional and Country Moving Company

  • AFRA-accredited top-quality intrastate moving for less
  • 7 days a week service, including after hours and public holidays
  • A dedicated intrastate Moving Coordinator is assigned to every move
  • On time pick up and drop off guaranteed, with overnight delivery to regional NSW
  • We can move it all, including fine art, antiques, pianos and flat screen TVs
  • Truly full service professional removals including packing, storage and cleaning options
  • Our professional intrastate-trained removalists consistently deliver great service at great rates anywhere between Sydney and Tamworth
ZOOM Removals Team Moving Furniture
Consistently the best Sydney to Tamworth removalists reviews

Our Local and Sydney Interstate Removals Reviews

Moving From Sydney to Tamworth Helpful Tips

Tamworth is located on the northeast of New South Wales, around 400 km north of Sydney. Known as a thriving and fun town, it has a population of about 63,000.

One of the main things Tamworth is known for, being Australia’s Country Music Capital and of course hosting the annual Tamworth Country Music Festival – which draws big-name international acts from around the world.

The Tamworth Country Music Festival is a 10-day festival held from mid to late January each year, and has easily become one of the main attractions of the city.

One of Tamworth’s famous monuments include the giant guitar statue, which is located outside the Big Golden Guitar Centre. Inside the centre, you can also find the prestigious music store and infamous wax museum.

Making the move up the north coast of NSW from Sydney means a longer trip, and makes for a difficult situation if you need to return to Sydney if you forgot something!

Planning For A Move To Tamworth From Sydney?

For regional moves to go the smoothest, they need to be extensively planned out in advance. That’s why our handy moving checklist guide can take you through everything step-by-step in the weeks leading up to your move, what’s more, it’s completely free to download to take with you!

We are always here to help you also, so please call or email us to talk to our friendly staff.

Tamworth travel FAQ

What is the fastest way from Sydney to Tamworth?

If time is of the essence, the speediest way from Sydney to Tamworth is by air travel, which only takes just over an hour and does set you back generally around $300.

What is the cheapest way to get from Sydney to Tamworth?

If you’re looking to cut costs, you can get from Sydney to Tamworth via night bus which can take just under 6 and a half hours and will cost around $75. Alternatively, you could get the train which can cost you somewhere between $185 – $344.

How far is it from Sydney to Tamworth?

The total road distance is around 405 km between Sydney and Tamworth.

Where can I get a bus from Sydney to Tamworth?

The Armidale XPLORER runs daily between Sydney and Armidale and stops at Tamworth. Visit their website for live departure times and ticket bookings.

Should I fly or take the bus?

This is entirely up to you, although the flight time is significantly less than being on the road. Plus the fare is not likely to be too much more expensive, depending on your individual needs.

The Process When Moving With ZOOM

1. We will complete your move overnight, packing up on day one and travelling to then unpack your furniture into your new home on the second day.

2. If you have loose ends to tie up in Sydney consider one of you heading up to meet the truck in Tamworth.

3. We will require a competent adult to let us in and guide us where to place furniture when we arrive. If you are not ready to move in right away we can hold furniture for you in our very own secure storage facility until you are ready.

Moving can be a long day, so don’t try to drive the entire way to Tamworth by yourself after we have picked up your furniture.

It is best to drive a part of the way and rest up, before pushing on for the final stretch to meet the truck. If you need to get keys to your new home be sure to leave enough time to grab them before the truck arrives.

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