Heavy Furniture Movers Sydney Services

Heavy Furniture Movers Sydney Services

From Large To Even Bigger, We Specialise In Moving Oversized, Bulky & Heavy Items.

ZOOM Removals is a Sydney-based removalists service that specialises in providing hassle-free furniture removal services locally and for interstate moves. Our furniture movers come highly recommended for moving oversized items at affordable rates.

Moving heavy and bulky furniture and other large items takes a little more than some elbow grease and a car; instead of trying to rent equipment and vans, just let our team handle it for you instead with our specialist heavy furniture removals service.

Our Efficient Heavy Furniture Moving Services

ZOOM Removals Quality Guarantee

Let us take the stress away of moving oversized bulky items with the transportation of heavy equipment which include pianos, pool tables, large appliances such as fridges, large drawers, gym equipment, fish tanks and other weighty furniture such as a heavy dining table.

All our furniture removalists have extensive training in heavy duty lifting and always operate with the utmost care when on the job. Our teams use specialist moving tools that can get around tight corners, up and down stairs and in and out of complex spaces with ease.


  • Moving Truck

    Home Removals Services

    Moving oversized items from home without professional assistance is at worst, dangerous, and generally, very challenging.

    While it’s always tempting to save on costs, our professional furniture removalists are trained in lifting furniture using specialised equipment and techniques, reducing the risk of damage or injury.

    We have the necessary experience in navigating tight spaces, stairs, and doorways, ensuring a safe and efficient relocation when moving house.

    Save yourself the hassle and potential injury for your home removals by leaving it to our guys at ZOOM.

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  • Office Removals Services

    ZOOM’s furniture movers can also help move oversized items from your office from start to finish while safely transporting bulky objects with ease.

    Our movers can help with commercial removals of all sizes and help with heavy items. This can include Printers, Photocopiers, Desks, Filing Cabinets, Wall Art, Fridges and more

    Whether you’re a small business or a larger company we can safely cater for most businesses with ease.

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  • Removal Storage Services

    Short on space for the heaviest items?

    No problem! ZOOM has got you covered!

    As part of our services in Sydney, our removal storage service offers a secure and flexible solution for storing any heavy items for the short- or long-term.

    With competitive pricing and a complimentary offer of hiring a ZOOM truck for 4 hours when you store for 3 months or more – we can keep your valuable belongings safe until you are ready to pick them up.

    Our prices are up to 45% cheaper than comparable self-storage costs! Call us for more details.

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Our Experienced Team

ZOOM Removals have been providing exceptional moving services to clients since 2008.

With a 4.7 Google rating from over 2000 reviews, we have set ourselves apart from other removal companies in the moving industry through our unparalleled quality, affordability and complete removal offerings.

With us, relocating has never been easier and is available to customers all over Sydney, NSW. Whether you are looking to move just a few items or heavier furniture, we have you covered. Our reliable furniture removalists have actively redefined the way people move in NSW through a professional yet transparent service that is quick, smooth and reliable.

What’s more, we have now expanded our fleet of moving trucks to cater to even more of our valuable customers, having already moved over 5,000 families across NSW each year.

Our efficient removalists can cover all areas of Greater Sydney, country and regional New South Wales, as well as all major cities across Australia. In addition, we have integrated our very own secure removal storage facility in Sydney where customers can store furniture and other items for a fraction of the price of other moving companies.

Let us do the heavy duty lifting, so you don’t have to!

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Or call our customer service team: 1300 788 164

ZOOM Removals Heavy Furniture Movers Team

Book Heavy Furniture Movers

Or call our customer service team: 1300 788 164

Our Moving Company Process

How Our Team Of Heavy Furniture Movers Work

Our furniture removalists service doesn’t just save you time but saves you money as well. By working with us, you won’t have to spend resources to find and rent a vehicle that’s large enough for bulky objects, not to mention the equipment and tools you need to safely load your cargo.


  1. Book a time for pick-up with our team:
    When it comes to moving, our movers will promptly arrive on time and quickly begin the packing process. They can also bring boxes if you need to pack additional items for the job.
  2. Your heavy item is carefully packed and prepared for transportation using top-quality padding.
  3. Our furniture removalists only ever use the best tools and moving equipment for the job so that no damage comes to heavy items such as pool tables.
  4. After packing, our professional moving experts will carry your heavy furniture or oversized item and load it into the truck.
  5. When in the vehicle, your belongings will be well strapped in and given additional cushioning by the team.
  6. When our furniture removalists reach your final destination, they will quickly unload your belongings and safely unpack them. To complete the job, they will reassemble any items.
  7. Note * – During the move you are assigned a professional moving coordinator by our company to ensure a smooth removalist process. They will communicate with you at all times to ensure that our delivery guys don’t run into any issues. They can also address any concerns or questions during the service.


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Why Choose ZOOM As Your Sydney Furniture Removalists

The Benefits Of Our Furniture Removals

When moving with ZOOM, you move with one of the best removal companies in Australia. Aside from our years of experience, our mover services come with a whole host of additional benefits for our customers, including:

  • Reliable Heavy Item Furniture Removals
  • Well-Trained Teams That Come Highly Recommended
  • 5 Star Moving Experience
  • Highly Accredited Removals by AFRA
  • Sydney and Interstate Removals At Unbeatable Prices
  • Book In Under 30 Seconds + No Hidden Costs
  • Cheap Removals Prices on Tuesdays
  • Free Moving Boxes

Our efficient teams have years of experience with large and awkward items and will always deliver your belongings to your new location with the utmost care.

Simply give us a call to speak to an experienced operator and we’ll send a team of furniture movers to handle your local Sydney or Interstate move.

Our Heavy Furniture Movers Removals Reviews

As leading heavy furniture movers in Sydney, ZOOM received many positive reviews from countless satisfied customers.

Their heavy movers teams are highly experienced and skilled in handling large and bulky items taking the utmost care and reviewers often leave comments about our professionalism and expertise.

"What can I say but service was amazing. First of all it was short notice and they said not a problem. Turned up with 2 fantastic friendly."

Gail Bail August 2023 Stars

 Top Rated Removalists Service in Sydney And Interstate

Move Heavy Items To Your New Location in NSW With The Professionals

2,000+ Reviews From Google, Product Review, Trustpilot And Facebook Combined. Join Thousands Of Others For An Amazing Mover Experience!

Heavy Removalists Service FAQ

Welcome to the FAQ section for ZOOM Removals’ Heavy Furniture Movers service in Sydney. Moving oversized items can be a daunting task, but with our professional and experienced team, we aim to make the process as smooth as possible.

We understand that you may have questions about our service, and we are here to provide you with all the answers you need. In this section, we have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions to help you better understand our Heavy Furniture Movers service.


Why Should I Use a Heavy Furniture Removals Service?

Your relocation may be made much safer and more effective by using a heavy furniture removals service. Experienced movers have the knowledge and tools necessary to transport large furniture items securely without causing any harm to your possessions or your house. It can also be cheaper than renting your own tools and truck, not to mention faster.

How Much Does It Cost To Move Larger Items In Sydney?

While every move is different, the cost to move larger more specialised items in Sydney will vary based on multiple factors. These include the size/weight, when you decide to move, the distance of the job, the removalist company and whether or not you choose to include additional removal services (E.g. moving insurance, Packing etc..).

On average you can expect the price range to vary between $100-$300 for a heavy lifter. Here at ZOOM, we make sure we offer an affordable service for every job.

How Does Your Heavy Item Removals Service Differ From A Normal One?

Our heavy furniture moving service includes all the quality elements of a regular move, but often requires the use of special tools and a larger vehicle to carry out the work safely. The service has been crafted to make it easier and safer to move large and heavy items that you wouldn’t be able to do alone.

How do I Prepare For Moving Heavy Furniture With ZOOM?

To guarantee that your furniture is carried securely and effectively, it’s important to for when the removalists arrive. This can include clearing all obstacles in the path that our team will take, taking off any loose or removable parts such mattress frames or table legs, and cushioning or protecting your furniture.

Can I Help The Removalists Load The Truck?

While each local removalist company in Sydney NSW is different, it is generally best left to the professionals for an effective removal service.

While normally you can help the removalists with smaller items, with larger belongings, the process will go faster if you let them do the job, particularly if you live in an apartment block with lots of stairs on one that is on a higher floor and no lift.

Each removalist is specially trained to avoid any injuries and to be careful while on the job.

Do Your Offer Moves Long Distance?

Yes, we can furniture across Australia. Our services are not just limited to Sydney NSW. All our furniture moving services are readily available to can assist clients with any transportation needs no matter the location.

This includes jobs such as ones in Sydney CBD and state-to-state jobs through our interstate removals service. We also highly recommend our comprehensive insurance coverage for longer journeys. Visit our removals insurance page or call us for more details.

What If I Need To Move A Few Items?

Not a problem! We can handle any job at any location in NSW and any number of items. Get a free Sydney Removalist Quote, use our removal costs calculator or simply call our office if you have any further questions. Each removalist team can help move your house belongings stress-free Australia-wide.

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