Things To Buy For A New House Checklist

List of Things To Buy For A New House

There’s nothing like moving into your own place for the first time, even if you’re sharing with roommates or friends.

Having newfound freedom in a new house is an amazing feeling, and you’ll never forget the first night in your new bedroom.

But, moving into a new house is just the beginning and it comes with new responsibilities and it could be a shock if this is your first home.

Consider all the little things that you took for granted but essential to make a house a proper home.

Furniture and electronics are one thing, but how about cleaning materials, decorations, food items, toiletries and all the bits and pieces we all need to stay comfortable and productive.

If you’re about to move into a new place, here’s an essential checklist of things to buy for a new house to help make your moving in day a breeze.


Before you start

Moving into a new home is expensive, and kitting it out with all the essentials is almost certainly going to add more to your bottom line.

Just like with the move itself, being smart and planning ahead of moving day is going to be your best way forward.

If you are on a limited budget for things to buy for a new home, do what you can to prioritize the most important items ahead of the less essential ones. For instance, soap and shampoo should probably go before napkins and decorations.

With that in mind, onto the checklist!


Cleaning Supplies

cleaning-productsFirst things first: things you’ll need to clean.

Moving into a new place, even if it’s been professionally cleaned doesn’t quite feel right until you’ve been able to give it your own once-over.

Plus, part of any functioning household is to have these items for the long term, so you’ll need them anyway.

Here are a few things to buy that you should consider:



kitchenwarePart of the charm of moving is having a few cheeky takeaways while you settle in – but that can’t last forever.

Getting your kitchen ready from day one will make things a lot easier in the long run and will set your new home up for success.

One thing to keep in mind is that many of these essentials can be bought at discount stores and don’t need to be top-quality, such as trash bags and cleaning supplies.

When it comes to kitchen appliances such as pots and pans, they are worth paying a little more for.

Kitchen Appliances And Eating Essentials

Things you need to buy include some of the following:


Kitchen Tools And Additionals


bathroomJust like your kitchen, your bathroom is a functional space and needs to be well-stocked to keep comfort and hygiene in top shape, especially the toilet.

Basic, but essential toiletries such as shampoo, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, here’s what else you’re going to need for your bathroom.




bedroomYour bedroom is your safe haven away from the world. It’s where you lay your head after a long day so it stands to reason that you’re going to want to make it completely kitted out and comfortable.

One thing to mention is your mattress: these have a huge upfront cost, but trust us, a bad one can make for some pretty uncomfortable nights so considering a new one for your bed comes recommended.



furnitureThe items on this list will depend on what’s already in the new property.

Some may come with some of the larger pieces, or there may not be anything there at all.

As larger items, furniture can be expensive so you’ll certainly need to prioritize the luxury pieces from the functional ones.

Here is some furniture you should consider for your new home:




food-shoppingLike we said in our intro, it’s a rite of passage to have a bunch of takeaways when moving, but that can’t go on forever.

Having all the essentials (as well as some treats of course) right there for when you need them will be a great help when hunger strikes.

Of course, once you’ve settled in and found your local supermarket, you’ll do your own thing, but for the first few days, here are the essentials you might want to consider.


For the fridge:

For the freezer

Cupboards or pantry

Consider Setting Up A Home Security System

Safety is paramount and moving to a new house/location is one of the best times to consider setting up a home security system if one isn’t currently present.

There are a number of different systems to consider for your home security, which includes the following.

Burglar Alarm

burglar alarmIf you live in a big city, then a burglar alarm is one type of home security you might want to buy for a new home. A major benefit of burglar alarms is that they help prevent future break-ins.

Burglars naturally do not want to be caught, so will naturally avoid difficult break-ins that could attract attention.

By setting up your new house with this type of security system, you are making it one step harder for an intruder to break in who are more likely to move on to an easier target.

Other reasons for having a burglar alarm include:


Smoke Detectors / Carbon Monoxide Detectors

smoke-alarmOne other type of security system you will need are smoke detectors. This we would consider as one of the essentials for a new house.

Smoke alarms can help save lives and so should definitely be part of your checklist of things to buy.

Not only do they play a vital role in reducing fire deaths and injuries but they can buy you and your family valuable time to vacate as smoke spreads fast.

This along with carbon monoxide detectors both save lives, although they do so in different ways with the main difference being that monoxide detectors will alert you to any dangerous levels of carbon monoxide gas in your new house.


Fire Extinguisher

Next on the checklist of essentials is considering a fire extinguisher to help combat potential fires. They naturally compliment smoke detectors and can be a good idea to add to your checklist of things to buy.

Additional Extras You Might Want To Consider

Broadband / Internet

A rather obvious one and admittedly this is a first world problem, however, getting set up with wi fi will be key for a number of things such as entertainment, work and communication.

Having wi fi at your new house can provide an extra layer of communication with family members or friends, as well as help you get in touch with utility companies at your new house.

Finally having wi fi at your new home will enable you to use smart devices (if that is your sort of thing).

Be sure to schedule your internet installation at least 2 weeks in advance to ensure enough time for your service to become activated in a timely manner.

First Aid Kit

You never know when one might come in handy. Having a first aid kit ready in your new home can help prevent an injury from getting any worse and can even help save trips to a hospital or clinic in case of an accident.

Ironing Board

Although not strictly necessary, you might find that having useful household items such as an ironing board in your new home will save you a lot of trips to the dry cleaners.

Technology And Smart Home Essentials

Miscellaneous Essentials For Your New Home

Final Things To Remember

Dont Forget To Update Your Address!

Before moving remember that your address is generally connected to so many aspects elements in life. This includes things such as medical records, your post, insurance policies and a whole lot more.

Due to this, you need to remember to update your address details. Our change of address checklist will help here.

Consider custom storage solutions

Chances are your space doesn’t meet your needs when it’s moving day.  If that’s the case for your then you might want to consider custom home storage solutions.

This is where ZOOM can help, especially if you live in the Sydney area. We offer affordable removals storage so you can store your furniture, effects and goods safely and securely at our very own purpose built storage facility.

You’re Set

So there you have it – your new home checklist.

We’re sure we didn’t get everything, but most of what you see on this checklist will most certainly come in handy within your first few days and beyond so it’s a good idea to go through our entire new house checklist with care.

As mentioned, while it’s easy to look at the list and think it’s long, it’s always best to prioritize for what you need to buy for a new house – so if you feel overwhelmed or like your budget is being stretched too far, get the essentials first and move on to the luxuries later.

For some of the more expensive you and large items you may need to buy such as furniture – just remember that you’ll have them for years to come, so see them as an investment.

We wish you all the best in your new place!

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