How To Move Heavy Furniture Guide

Moving heavy furniture can seem like a daunting task, but with the right preparation and equipment, it can be done safely and efficiently.

Here are 11 tips on how to move heavy furniture, straight from our expert team.

1. The Planning Phase: Things To Consider Before Moving Heavy Furniture

As well as researching the tools and equipment you need, you’ll need to consider a few things before you start moving heavy objects.

By having every step planned out, you can avoid a hassle down the road.

2. Moving Tools You Need

Before you begin, make sure you have the right tools for the job. The main ones include:

Moving Straps

Furniture Moving StrapMoving straps are an important tool when it comes to moving heavy furniture.

They are designed to provide extra support for large or heavy items such as sofas or heavy bookcases, washing machines, fridges and other heavy furniture. They essentially allow you to manoeuvre items a lot more efficiently.

Pro Tip : When using straps to move furniture, make sure to spread the weight evenly between the people helping you with the move.



Furniture Sliders

furniture slider
Furniture sliders are also an important tool for moving heavy furniture.

These sliders are designed to be placed under furniture and allow for easy sliding across the floor.

They can also help prevent damage to the floor and can help prevent injuries to individuals who are moving the furniture.

They come highly recommended as they are cost-effective and allow for the moving items to be quick and painless.



moving-dollyDollies are another important tool when it comes to moving heavy furniture.

Dollies allow for easy steering of furniture and make it easier to move the furniture across long distances.

There are two types of dollies you can choose from:


4. Disassemble The Furniture

Disassemble The FurnitureIt might not be possible to move your furniture all at once if it is large and heavy, so it’s always best to disassemble as much as possible before moving.

To do this, remove all the detachable components from furniture, including cushions, knobs, legs, drawers, and other appendages.

This can apply to couches, dining tables, beds, coffee tables, and other pieces of furniture.

Make sure to label the screws and nuts carefully if they need to be taken out and bag them up to avoid losing tiny pieces during the move.

Pro Tip: When disassembling your furniture, put everything into the same bag / box so you don’t lose any parts during the move.



5. Use The Correct Lifting Techniques

moving-heavy furnitureYou need to know the proper lifting techniques when moving large furniture to avoid injury or damage. Here are some general tips

Bend your knees and make sure your legs, not your waist, are bearing the weight so that when moving the furniture, you’ll want to squat rather than bend. This will guarantee that your legs and arms, rather than your back, will bear the weight.

Another approach is to carry the furniture as close to your body as you can while carrying the items. This will bring your shoulders and upper arms into the work, which will aid in maintaining balance.

Don’t twist your body when lifting or carrying a large, heavy piece of furniture. Instead, try to stay upright at all times to avoid injury or sprains.; stay upright. You risk injury by twisting your body.

When moving furniture, make sure you are aware of your surroundings and where you are going. Ensure that all obstacles are out of the way.

6. Plan For Unloading

Unloading Heavy FurnitureThe above tips about loading heavy furniture for a move also apply for the other side.

This means that during the planning process, it’s just as important to consider all aspects of the unloading, as it is for the initial loading.

That way, you save yourself the trouble of moving heavy furniture off of the truck and into your home only to have to move it again.

During the unloading phase, do your best to make sure that there’s ample parking space near the new property, and that you have the appropriate help to bring cargo from the vehicle.

Pro Tip: To save time, wait until everything is unloaded before you start putting each piece of furniture back together.

7. Avoid Dragging And Pulling

Avoid pulling bulky, heavy furniture across your wooden floors when moving to prevent damage.

Instead, get sliders that can be popped under the legs of heavy furnishings, allowing you to slide them easily across the floor.

This not only saves your floors from deep scratches but also prevents your furniture’s legs from wearing away from friction.

8. Take It Easy

When moving a large piece of furniture, it’s tempting to do it as fast as possible to minimise discomfort.

You should always take your time, even if it takes more effort as you’ll have more control and are less likely to cause damage to the cargo, the walls, or even yourself!

Don’t be afraid to take it slow, with regular breaks if needed.

9. Watch Your Back

Woman Lifting Heavy New Sofa Furniture. Injury And Ache
We can’t stress enough how important it is to observe the proper practices when moving furniture that’s large and heavy.

Back injuries can be common if the correct techniques are not implemented and are no joke – If bad enough, can last a lifetime.

As mentioned above, use the proper tools, take things slow, and watch out for obstacles.

Your back will thank you.


10. Have An Appropriate Vehicle

Mattress On Small CarHave you ever seen a tiny car with a massive wardrobe tied to the back? You don’t want to be that guy!

If you’re moving large pieces of furniture, you’re going to need a vehicle of appropriate size, or you risk damaging the cargo or the vehicle.

Consider ask your friends if they have a larger vehicle, or even consider some professional assistance by renting a man with a van.

If you have lots of heavy items to move, it may be worth considering step 11.

11. Use Professional Removalists

As you can see, moving heavy furniture takes a lot of prep, the right tools and a lot of effort.

Instead of going through it all, most people choose to work with experienced furniture removalists.

They will already have the appropriate tools and trucks to get the job done safely, but also the experience to handle the relocation safely and efficiently.

More Advice For Specific Heavy Items

There are a number of awkwardly shaped items that are difficult to move. Here’s a quick look at what you can do about them:

Pianos: It can be challenging to move a heavy object like a piano, but if the legs can be taken off, it may be simpler to get it through a door. A grand piano will require specialised help and assistance, but upright pianos can be wheeled around the house. You can also read our dedicated guide on how to move a piano.

Full-length mirrors: can be dangerous to transport because they can be broken easily, as opposed to a smaller mirror which can simply be wrapped and packed. We recommend packing a larger mirror in its own unique padded box.

TVs: Today’s flatscreen TV’s can be very large, and if you haven’t saved the original box it came in, you’re going to have to buy another purpose-made container.

Kitchen appliances: Large appliances, like refrigerators and ovens, are the definition of heavy furniture. The most important thing to remember is to turn off all gas and electricity supplies before moving them. Before lifting or moving these appliances, make sure they are empty and thoroughly cleaned. You can also read our guides on how to move a washing machine, moving a fridge guide.

Beds: It’s important to disassemble a bed as much as possible before moving it. This will make the process simpler and keep every component safe, allowing for easy reassembling once you arrive at your destination.

  1. Take the bedding away
  2. Cover the mattress with a plastic sheet
  3. Use tools to disassemble everything you can
  4. Enlist some help to carry the mattress, frame, and other components out safely and separately
  5. If you need more information, you can read our handy guide on how to move a mattress.

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