How to Move a Spa or Hot Tub

Steps on How to Move Your Spa

Hot-TubHaving a spa or hot tub in your home is a luxurious and relaxing addition to your property, but when it comes time to move one, it’s a whole other story.

Heavy, expensive and delicate, moving a hot tub is quite the undertaking, and if not done properly risks damaging the equipment or causing injury to those carrying it.

It is worthwhile to take the time to plan and be ready for a smooth hot tub transfer, whether you are moving to a new house or your hot tub’s existing location is no longer ideal.

While we recommend using specialist spa removalists, here’s our moving guide on how to move a hot tub or spa if you want to do it yourself.


Step 1: What You Will Need When Moving Your Hot Tub or Spa

The first step to moving a spa or hot tub is knowing what supplies you will need. Here are the most important tools.

Step 2: Measure the size of your Spa or Hot tub

Before you begin the moving process, it is crucial to measure everything.

To make sure it fits, you should measure the spa’s dimensions as well as the sidewalks and driveways it will pass over at the present and new locations.

At the pickup and drop-off sites, make sure there is a clear passage from the spa to the vehicle and vice versa.

Next, measure the new space where the spa will be installed.

Once you’ve ascertained the size of your spa, find a vehicle that can fit it, either on its side or on its base.

If you do put it on the side, make sure that the side panel is not on the floor.

Step 3: Disconnecting the Electrics

Before moving your spark you are going to want to disconnect the spa’s electrical supply.

Coil the power cord, cover it in a water-resistant bag and put it inside the side panel’s storage space.

After that, drain the spa to stop the water flow, secure the drain cover and wipe it off with towels.

We recommend doing this a few days before the move to let your spa thoroughly dry.

It is advised to consult your manufacturer’s instructions if you’re unsure how to disconnect or empty your spa. If your handbook is missing, you should be able to access an online copy. Finally, if the spa has a cover, take it off and move it separately from the main unit.

Step 4: Start the Relocation Process

Make sure you have enough assistance before you start the relocation procedure.

Depending on the weight and size of your spa, we advise having 3 to 6 people to help.

Firstly, make sure that you have tied up any hanging wires to prevent tripping or tangling.

Start by putting a piece of wood below each corner of the unit so that you can get the dolly underneath and tied in place with straps.

Once finished, do a thorough check to make sure everything is secure, as you won’t want your heavy spa to move or slide off at any point.

If your unit is especially heavy, consider using two dollies to distribute the weight.

Step 5: Protect or Load your Spa or Bathtub

To avoid any dents or scratches during the move, wrap the spa with furniture sheets.

You will want 4 to 6 furniture blankets, depending on the size of your unit.

Roll the spa into the truck using the ramp or the hydraulic lift after being wrapped and prepared for transport.

To make it simple to roll the spa back out of the truck at the new place, leave the dolly below it while it is still on the truck, making sure that it is tied to the sides of the vehicle to prevent movement.

Then, on the other side, reverse the steps above to move, unload and reinstall your unit.

Things To Avoid When Moving A Bath Tub/Spa

Is it worth moving in the first place?

It’s important taking some time to make sure that relocation is genuinely worthwhile before deciding whether to take your hot tub with you.

It might not be worth the hassle and money to move the hot tub if it has any serious issues or is more than 10 years old.

Is it winter?

If possible, avoid moving your hot tub in the winter.

But, if you must, here’s what to do: After draining the hot tub, apply some anti-freeze to the plumbing if you’re transferring your hot tub in below-freezing temperatures to prevent the leftover water from freezing while being transported.

Bear in mind that the furniture dolly will not function well in snowy weather, therefore you will need to clear a way to your trailer or moving vehicle if there is any snow on the ground.

If you are moving during the winter, it’s best to use the services of spa removalists as they will have the proper equipment and tools.

Should you even try doing it yourself?

We will always say that it’s best to use the services of specialist spa removalists. This way you can protect your expensive equipment and avoid injury or other problems.

Let the professionals do it for you

ZOOM Removals Quality Guarantee

Moving a hot tub is not easy and potentially dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing,

or don’t have the manpower, tools or truck space. Instead, let specialist spa movers, ZOOM Removalists Sydney handle the whole thing for you.

They will know exactly how to uninstall and load the unit, as well as keep it safe during transit.

They have the equipment and vehicles to see the job done safely and quickly, leaving you to relax in the bubbles once the job is complete.

Additional Moving Services by ZOOM

Here are a few services that offer that you could take advantage of :

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