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Handle Your Last-Minute Move Like a Pro

You just got a call to fill your dream job.

The only problem, it’s in a faraway state—and you have to move right away.

Or maybe you were too busy wrapping up loose ends at your current job to take care of hiring a removalist, packing your things, and getting all your paperwork together.

Either way, you have a move coming up in just a few days—and you’re in full-on panic mode.

No worries. Take some tips from the professional removalists at Zoom Removals—and you can handle your last-minute move like a pro.

1. First Off, Call the Removalists

Since many removalists have full schedules, it’s important to book your move right away—especially if it’s during their peak season. Tell them your situation—and they’ll do their best to work you in. If you haven’t packed yet, it might be a good idea to pay a little extra to have your removalist pack most of your things.

2. Take Care of Paperwork Before You Move

Have your medical, dental, and veterinary records transferred to providers in your new location. If you have children in school, fill out all the required papers to transfer them to their new school. Cancel utility service at your old home and schedule it to turn on at your new home.

3. Start Purging Inessentials

Travel light. People whose jobs keep them moving often, such as Defence families and corporate executives on the rise, know that culling your belongings to eliminate all but the most valuable and essential is the key to a successful move.

You really don’t need every paper the kiddos brought home from school. Limit it to a few, and you can enjoy all the memories without all the clutter. Similarly, that clothing that used to fit a few years ago but you can barely get one let into today—pitch it. Chances are by the time you get down to the required weight, the item will be hopelessly outdated.

Keep things that have value to you and your household. Whether their value is monetary or sentimental, pare your collection down to your finest and pack those. You really don’t need five different sets of crockery. Sell or donate your least favourites.

If you haven’t room for something that has great value to you, consider storage instead. That way, if you do find room for it in your new home, you can retrieve it then.

4. Pack Your First-Week Essentials

Pack enough clothing, food, and household basics to last you until you unpack your things at your new location. Plan to take important legal papers and valuables with you, not in the moving van. Remember, if you need to hire someone to help we offer handy man and a van hire.

5. Enlist Your Friends and Family to Help You Move

If you run short of time, don’t hesitate to call on those close to you. Make it a farewell party with takeaway food and good vibes—and you’ll make memories that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

With these tips, you’ll be on your way to your new home in no time, ready to embark on your new adventure. If you have an upcoming move—don’t wait. Book your move today with the expert removalists at Zoom Removals.