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moving books

If you’re a keen reader and have lots of books, moving them is often one of the more challenging parts of the operation because of the weight and space that they ultimately take up. They may not seem like much individually, but things can quickly get difficult without the proper preparation when you have dozens of them. Like most things, there are good ways and bad ways to go about it, so we thought it would be good to put together this small guide on how to pack books for moving. Do You Really Want Them All? It’s quite easy … Readmore


Grandfather clocks are classic, beautiful and…very heavy. As antiques, family heirlooms or collector’s items, grandfather clocks are precious and need to be treated as such for when it comes time to move them.

cleaning after move out

One of the main aspects of moving home that people leave too late is the need to carry out thorough end-of-tenancy cleaning. Not only does this help tenants retain as much of their deposit as possible, but it’s also generally a polite and helpful thing to do.

Moving is both a daunting but an exciting time for an individual or family. The thought of relocating usually offers that optimistic tingling feeling of moving to a new area fresh for exploration and meeting of new people.

Thinking Of Moving to the Countryside? Here’s What You Need To Know If you’ve had enough of living in the big smoke and like the idea of moving to the country for a quieter life, there’s a lot to think about.

Moving with a dog Moving home is stressful for most of us, so you might be able to imagine how it feels for a dog!

Aerial View Of Sydney

Sydney is known the world over as a fantastic place to live, thanks to its incredible range of suburban diversity on offer for families, workers, retirees and just about everyone else. The thing is, everyone will have their own standards and needs in terms of where they want to live.

How To Move A Washing Machine

How To Move a Washing Machine Moving dozens of boxes and bulky furniture is one thing, but when it comes to larger appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines, you’re in for a whole new challenge. They are heavy, unwieldy, and surprisingly fragile despite their mammoth size.

what to look for when buying a house

House hunting is one of the most exciting and stressful times of your life. It’s a chance for something new, something bigger and something better. But, finding that perfect place can come with a lot of anxiety as you’ll be investing a lot of time and money – plus, it’s where you’ll be living for years to come!

When moving to a new house, furnishing the brand-new space with new items sounds like a great plan. Moving old furniture to the new place, on the other hand, instantly gives your new home that “old house” vibe. Not to mention, packing, loading and unpacking furniture – particularly the larger items – would require significant time, money, and effort.