First Time Moving House? Tips from Experienced Removalists

When it’s your first time moving house, you may feel like the proverbial ‘deer caught in the headlights’. ‘What should I do first’, you wonder, paralysed.

No worries. The experienced removalists from Zoom Removals have some tips that can help.

First, Clear the Clutter

Everyone has extra stuff that they’ll never use. When you go to move, indecision about what to do with all these belongings takes up way too much time. Instead, place everything you own into categories: Keep, Pitch, Donate, and Sell.

Use these two criteria to decide which belongings go where: Have you used it within a year? Does it have significant monetary or emotional values? If the answer to those questions is ‘no’, put the belonging in ‘Pitch’ if it has flaws that make it unusable, ‘Sell’ if you can get some money out of it in Gumtree or a garage sale, or ‘Donate’ if it’s usable but won’t bring much money on the market.

If it has monetary or emotional value, pack it. Don’t give it a second thought. When you’re moving house, time is money.

Next, Create a Moving Checklist

Knowledge is power. It’s never more powerful than when you’re moving. When you do a little research, you can make or use a moving checklist of all the things you need to do before you move. Once you’ve jotted them down, your stress will evaporate with each task you cross off your list.

Find Decent Boxes

Nothing ruins a move like flimsy boxes that don’t protect Uncle Ian’s pipe collection or Grandma’s china. Get sturdy boxes, preferably from the removalists themselves.

At Zoom, we provide our customers with free moving boxes, since we’d prefer that our customers’ belongings make it to their new home in one piece.

Hire Removalists

Do your research on available professionals in your area. At the minimum, they should be members of AFRA, the Australian Furniture Removalists Association. Get referrals from your friends and read online reviews. Look at what services they offer to make sure they can provide the help you need as you get ready to move. Hire them early on in the process, though, since most reputable removalists have busy schedules. You don’t want to have to settle for some third-rate removalist just because you forgot to hire the one you actually wanted.

Finally, Get Insurance on Your Move

No matter how expert your removalists, there is always the chance for an accident. One can’t, after all, control that drunken driver that insists in driving in the wrong lane. Insure your belongings for peace of mind. We always advise our customers to do just that. Neglect this important detail at your own peril.

With these tips, even your first move can go smoothly. To book your move, contact the experienced removalists at Zoom Removals today.

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