Moving on Short Notice? Don’t Panic—Follow These Tips

Life often intervenes on one’s best-laid plans, to paraphrase an adage. Whether it’s a health situation, a new job you have to start next week, relationship issues, ageing parents, or if your adult children need you to watch your grandchildren because of new work responsibilities, you may need to move house quickly.

You don’t have to panic, though. When you follow these moving tips, your short-notice removal can go as smoothly as if you had months to plan your removal:

1. Get Boxes from Your Removalist

During the hectic frenzy of a short-notice move, you won’t have time to go around to stores and neighbours to collect boxes. Instead, use the boxes your removalist supplies. Using those boxes won’t just save you time, but they will be way more sturdy than the ones you find at your supermarket.

2. Eat Takeaway Food for the Duration

You won’t have time to prepare food during a quick removal. Find healthy takeaway options instead. Use disposable eating utensils so you won’t have to worry about dishes.

3. Notify Australia Post, Service Providers, Medical Providers, and Schools

You’ll need to notify Australia Post as soon as possible so your mail can forward to your new address. Arrange for your utilities to turn off after you leave and to turn them on in your new home. Notify all your billers, too, of your new address. Notify your medical providers and your children’s schools, so they can transfer your records to your new providers and schools.

Our handy change of address checklist can help with all the details you’ll need to consider.

4. Ask for Help from Friends and Neighbours

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Chances are, your neighbours and friends will be glad to pitch in to help you pack, make arrangements, or watch your pets, children, or senior family members while you pack or do needed errands.

5. Store What You Can’t Take with You

If you haven’t found permanent quarters in your new location, find a temporary storage facility to house your furniture and other household belongings until you find a home.

6. Ask Your Removalist to Pack Your Goods for You

When you need to leave your current home on short notice, you may not have time to pack on your own. Delegate part or all of this task to your removalists. With their expertise, they can complete the packing process quickly and efficiently, freeing your hands for other tasks.

7. Pack a Bag for Each Household Member

With the hectic activity of a last-minute removal, don’t forget that you’ll need clothing and toiletries for the first few days with you, not with your removalists. Pack a bag for everyone in your household, so you won’t have to buy extra items when you arrive.

When you follow these tips, you can get through all the special challenges that a short-notice move presents.

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