What Is A Removalists Call Out Fee?

You may be looking at different removalists services and seeing a number of different fee structures. This is completely normal and is intended to give customers different options on how they prefer to work with their service provider.

However, although having a choice is always good, it’s a good idea that you familiarise yourself with the different types of fees out there to make the most informed choice for when it comes to your removalists costs.

What is a call out fee?

Before we get into the other kinds of removalists fees out there, let’s take a moment to focus on call-out fees, as this is something you’re going to come across a lot. In its most basic form, a call out fee is a set cost that is charged by your removalists to attend your business or home, usually at short notice or during unsociable hours. 

The fee is usually on top of normal labour and service costs and is considered to be an ‘extra’ in the cases of short notice or out-of-hours jobs.

Generally, call-out fees are there to cover the cost of the time that it takes for your removalists to come to your home and carry out their services, or to inspect something and put together the complete quote. It can also be considered as a payment for an extra service, where you’ll be gaining advantage from their time and expertise.

Not every business charges a call-out fee, and some even use a reduced cost as a special offer. Before agreeing to any kind of removalists job, make sure that both sides are able to agree on the call-out fee and what it includes. This is the best way to avoid any misunderstandings or can highlight companies that aren’t transparent. 

Different kinds of fees

Call out fees aren’t the only ways that removalists or other services can charge you. To help you fully understand what the different terms mean, here are the main ones you’ll come across. 

Flat Rate Removals

Sometimes, things can be simple. Removalists often charge flat rate quotes for simpler and more defined jobs, such as the movement of a three-bedroom home. This kind of fee structure is also usually used with larger moves that can take an entire day.

Per-Minute Rates

Most removalists will not charge on a minute-basis and instead go for full one-hour blocks. For instance, if moving your cargo takes 2 hours and 45 minutes, they’ll likely charge you for three hours instead. Most removalist companies will charge in full one-hour blocks.

However, if never hurts to enquire so go ahead and ask your removalists how granular they are willing to get, and if you can pay for the time you actually use up, rather than a rounded figure.

Hourly Rates

This is one of the most common forms of removalists costs. Many removalists work on a simple hourly rate because its easier to manage and quote for. Some of them also have preferred minimum booking times so that the jobs are guaranteed to be worth their while. As always, just ask your removalists if they have a minimum hourly rate.

Depot-to-depot / door-to-door
Some removalists keep things at a top-level and will charge you from door to door, or depot to depot. This means that you’ll be charged from the moment the truck leaves point A and finishes the job at point B.

Whichever fees you are quoted, make sure that you know exactly what they entail and how they will be charged. That way, you won’t have to face any nasty surprises that will unexpectedly eat into your budget.

Transparency is the best policy

The best way to move is to have the most information possible – and this is especially true when considering your removalists. If you need a quick move, you might want to visit our last minute removals page for additional details.

At ZOOM removals, we don’t believe in charging our clients more than what’s necessary, and we definitely don’t believe in hidden costs or admin fees.

With us, what you see on your quote is what you’ll pay, and not a single penny more. We pride ourselves on building trust with our customers, who can be confident in our services and prices.

Talk to us about our call out fees, which in some circumstances can be completely waived.

See you soon!

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