Moving Heavy Furniture Tips

The removalists have come and gone; you’re unpacking your boxes, and then you notice. The sofa. It looks all wrong.

You did the floor plan on paper before you moved. It looked so good. But now? It looks out of place. It definitely belongs in the study.

Even worse, it’s a sofa bed. How in the world can you move it from your living room to your study without throwing out your back? And how will you move the other one from the study to the living room?

Big pieces of furniture—like sofas or heavy wardrobes–can be a big pain when you move.

That’s why removalists have a few tricks up their sleeve when it comes to moving them.

Here are some moving heavy furniture tips from the moving professionals at Zoom Removals.

First, Measure the Furniture

First, measure the piece of furniture you want to move.  If you must move it up or down a staircase or through a narrow opening, this is one step you don’t want to leave out. If the piece has removable legs, measure it without the legs. Otherwise, measure the height with the legs. Write down the width, length, and height.

Next, Measure the Opening the Furniture Must Go Through

Nothing is more frustrating than moving a piece of furniture through a couple of doors, only to get hung up because you forgot to measure the narrowest door it needs to go through. Instead, scout out the route you need to take to get it to its new home.

Make sure you measure every doorway or opening, so you know ahead if you need a Plan B. Remember, you can always turn a piece of furniture around to make sure that you move it in its narrowest profile.

If it doesn’t fit, consider removing the door and its hinges temporarily. Measure it first to make sure that this solution will work.

Remove all the Cushions and Drawers

The less bulk, the better when it comes to moving heavy furniture. If it’s a sofa or a chair, remove the cushions. If the piece has drawers, remove them as well.

Use Moving Blankets or Moving Sliders to Decrease Friction

The heavy work—the kind that sends you to the chiropractor afterwards—doesn’t have to be so difficult. Like professional removalists do, use furniture sliders or moving blankets to help you move furniture easily. Using sliders or blankets can also help keep your timber floors scratch-free.

If you need to turn the sofa on its side to make it easier to move, the blankets will give it extra protection. Remove the legs if needed to make it easier to manoeuvre. Work slowly and carefully. If you need extra help, call in a friend or neighbour—or even your removalist. The small fee you’ll pay for moving a few pieces of bulky furniture around is well worth it—when you consider the work you’ll lose if you wrench your back.

With these tips, you should be able to move furniture easily around your home until the design is just right. For more tips or to book a move, contact the team of expert removalists at Zoom Removals today.

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