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You think moving across the country or across town can be a challenge for you and your household? Just think how stressful it can be for your dog. As a rational creature with access to services that can make moving easier, such as free moving boxes from your removalist removals insurance, packing services and more, moving need not be a huge deal for you. Dogs, on the other hand, are creatures of routine. New routines, such as the hustle and bustle that occurs when you start packing up belongings in boxes—not to mention when the removalists arrive—can upset your dog. […]

The removalists have come and gone; you’re unpacking your boxes, and then you notice. The sofa. It looks all wrong. You did the floor plan on paper before you moved. It looked so good. But now? It looks out of place. It definitely belongs in the study. Even worse, it’s a sofa bed. How in the world can you move it from your living room to your study without throwing out your back? And how will you move the other one from the study to the living room? Big pieces of furniture—like sofas or heavy wardrobes–can be a big pain […]

When you move, you don’t want to take all your clutter with you. Clearing it out can save you money when the removalists arrive to take your belongings to your new home since most of them charge less for fewer belongings. If you really want to save money, though—go one step further when you clear out your clutter. Throw a garage sale that can help you pay for at least part of your move. Here are some tips for throwing the finest garage sale in your neighbourhood. Think as a business person would. How do successful stores attract the right […]

When it’s your first time moving house, you may feel like the proverbial ‘deer caught in the headlights’. ‘What should I do first’, you wonder, paralysed. No worries. The experienced removalists from Zoom Removals have some tips that can help. First, Clear the Clutter Everyone has extra stuff that they’ll never use. When you go to move, indecision about what to do with all these belongings takes up way too much time. Instead, place everything you own into categories: Keep, Pitch, Donate, and Sell. Use these two criteria to decide which belongings go where: Have you used it within a […]

When you move house, it may be an adventure, but your new home may feel more like a hotel than a home at first. This strangeness can cause many people to feel out of sorts—even stressed out. Here are some tips from our experienced removalists to help you get settled in your new home from the get-go. First, Organise Your Closet It may seem counter-intuitive, but when you arrange your closet the way you had it in your old home—and do that even before you put up your favourite knick-knacks—you’ll feel more relaxed. When you can find the things you […]

When two blessed events collide—namely, the arrival of a new baby and a promotion that involves a move—you first feel thankful. And then you panic. What if we have to move before the baby arrives? What if he has to move now? Do I stay, have the baby here, and then move after he or she arrives? If all goes well and we don’t have to move until the baby arrives, how in the world will we manage a move with a newborn in tow? A thousand questions begin to cloud your initial happy thoughts. No worries. The experienced removalists […]

Having passed your exams with flying colours, you’re a top student—ready for your next academic adventure. Though you would never fail in the classroom, you might not fare so well at moving into your new flat or boarding house unless you heed a few never-fail tips from the professors of the moving industry—the expert removalists at Zoom Removals. Here’s their sage advice: 1. Set a Budget for Your New Digs If you choose to rent a flat, you’ll have other expenses besides the monthly rent. Electric, gas, furniture, food—and the all-important Internet service so you can do most of your […]

Did you realise that house moving stress is nearly as tough as getting a divorce? A study reported by the Daily Telegraph revealed that is indeed the case. One-third of all Australians, the paper reported, look at the moving process as one of life’s biggest stressors. It doesn’t have to be that way, say the team of expert removalists at Zoom Removals, one of Sydney’s best-known removal companies. People who need to move house can take a few easy steps to ease the burden of moving. It’s all in the way people usually approach the moving process that causes stress, […]

Rainy, cool days are the hallmark of winter. If you’re planning to move to, say, the High Country near Melbourne or Canberra though, you might even see a stray snowflake or two. Cooler, wetter temperatures can affect your moving plans, so learn how you can make your winter move a success with these tips from the expert removalists at Zoom Removals. Take Extra Precaution against Dampness While Loading   The timber parts of furniture and musical instruments can warp or spot when exposed to excessive dampness or rain. You’ll want to protect wooden items with a tarp or other waterproof cover if […]

If you’ve never moved to another state, you may be in for a shock at its cost—unless you take careful steps to save money. Here are some tips from the experienced, budget-friendly interstate removalists Zoom Removals.   Declutter and Pare Down Your Belongings   The more you have to move, the more you’ll have to pay. That’s because travel expenses for your removalists rise with every kilometre. Here’s what you can do: Most Australians simply have too much stuff. Go through yours—and we can almost guarantee you that there will be more than a few items you can safely donate […]