How to Get Rid of Your Old Furniture When You Move Houses

When moving to a new house, furnishing the brand-new space with new items sounds like a great plan. Moving old furniture to the new place, on the other hand, instantly gives your new home that “old house” vibe. Not to mention, packing, loading and unpacking furniture – particularly the larger items – would require significant time, money, and effort.

So, how to get rid of furniture when moving? Keep reading to find out.

Sell It

What to do with old furniture? Old, unwanted furniture can be sold in the used market. You can find a buyer in your neighbourhood or hold a moving sale. Putting your furniture up for sale would help you get rid of it and also make some extra cash. To ensure your yard sale attracts attention, organise it well, promote it, and add some attractive elements to the event.

If you do not have the energy, resources, or time to sell your furniture the traditional way, go online. Several websites facilitate used goods sale. If you manage to make a deal, the buyer will most likely come to your place and take the furniture away, sparing you shipping nightmares.

Give It Away

But what to do with unwanted furniture if you can’t sell it, or if you’d rather do something a bit more selfless?

Old chairs stack upon one anotherYou can give it away to someone who might need it. Check with friends and family before you reach out to strangers. Giving away may not make you any money, but it is a gesture that the recipient will appreciate. They will see love and care in your act, and you’ll be able to make a fresh start while feeling good about the whole thing.

If there are no takers for your old furniture, donate them. There are a number of non-profit organisations and charities that would be happy to have your furniture, provided they are in good condition. The charity organisation could either sell the furniture and use the proceeds for their charitable initiatives or give the furniture away to people who need it.

The non-profit house would make transport arrangements to get your furniture shipped to their place. When donating, ask for a receipt that documents the donation. The receipt would help you claim the donation at the time of tax filing.

Dispose of Furniture Responsibly

If you are still not able to part with your furniture after having tried all the options, discard your furniture in an environment-friendly way. “Where can I dispose of furniture responsibly?” you may ask. Eco-friendly disposal usually means calling in the professionals.

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