I Had To Do What? Three Things No One Tells You When You Move Interstate

Moving interstate is exciting, life-changing and adventurous! It’s also a pretty big deal, and things might get tricky if you don’t stay on top of everything. You don’t want to pack everything up and hit the road only to have a nasty surprise waiting for you on the other side.

Well, as a moving company, we know a thing or two about moving interstate: including the common pitfalls that poor planning can cause. So, if you’re taking the plunge and changing up your life, here are some tips on how to move interstate, the easy way.

Tip #1 : Things Will Always Cost More Than You Think

So, you’ve done your research and have a pretty good idea of how much the individual things will cost? Great! Now add another 50% and you might be close to the actual price. It’s more than expected for all of us to look for the most affordable ways to do things, but this usually ends up being a double-edged sword.

The pitfall: Packing Boxes, Materials And Storage

moving boxes

Even if you have a few suitcases and managed to hold onto the packaging for your telly, packing everything up is a huge (and costly) operation.

Plastic and cardboard boxes cost more than you think. A lot more. And, while you can spend your precious time asking around in local supermarkets, it’s a lot of work for a little bit of payoff. Just take a look at Amazon and your local post office and you’ll soon see that boxes go for a pretty penny!

We Recommend

Working with a removalists company that supplies you with their own packing boxes. They are a lot stronger and will save you a lot of money and hassle. Also, the right removalists will be able to sort you out with storage as well, in case you want to move your belongings in bit by bit.

Other Things To Look Out For

End of lease cleaning costs, fees for disconnecting utilities, insurance policies.

*Remember: We offer a handy guide on interstate moving costs.

Tip #2: Things Will Always Take Longer Than You Think

You might consider yourself something of a planner, but moving interstate is a big job, made up of many smaller jobs. While you think you might be able to pack everything up in just a day or two, the reality is that it might take a lot longer. And what about the other side? Did you pack everything you need? And the journey itself…well that’s another story.

The Pitfall: Not Giving Yourself Enough Time to Plan Everything

Moving interstate is no small task, and if you’re leaving your previous property for new homeowners or back into the hands of the landlords, you’ll have a lot of cleaning ahead of you. All of those draws filled with clutter, clothes that you don’t use anymore and old furniture: it all adds up.

Then, there’s the packing. Trust us when we say that it will take around twice as long as you plan for: and that doesn’t even include the unpacking on the other side. Also, the journey itself will be long, so if you’re driving, make sure to leave plenty of time for breaks.

*Need A hand with packing? Check out our movers and packers service.

We Recommend

Planning, planning, planning.

Write down an action plan and check out our change of address checklist to help you get everything straight in your head. And, if you use quality removalists, they will transport your cargo according to your timelines and will help you load and unload your cargo as well. Handy resources from us are this end of lease cleaning checklist and home packing tips.

Other Things To Look Out For

The connection of your utilities will take time, so do these in advance. Also, have a shopping list in mind for the first few days and weeks in your new property.

And finally, remember that moving interstate isn’t the same thing as down the street. By leaving yourself plenty of time, you can save yourself a lot of hassle, stress and pressure.

Tip #3 : The Little Things Are Bigger Than You Think

Fine China

So, there you are in your new place, and you suddenly realize you don’t have your phone charger. Or a broom. Or toilet paper. It’s easy to lose sight of the little things when you’re dealing with removalists, packing, utilities, finding a school and everything else.

The Pitfall: Forgetting That The Devil Is In The Details

From making sure you have enough food and energy for moving day through to having everything you need in your first few days, there’s a lot you need to keep track of. There’s nothing quite like closing the front door after an exhausting day of travelling to find out that you don’t have any cutlery…or any plates for that matter.

We Recommend

Our handy, dandy ultimate moving checklist which will be a lifesaver. In this list, we’ll cover everything you need to think of, right down to the room – all in a downloadable PDF which you can then check off during packing and other prep.

Other Things To Look Out For

Making sure that your utilities are ready for you when you move in – otherwise you might be spending a few days in the dark. You’ll also need to change your address details for all of your other bits, including billing and bank details for various services.

Other Interstate Moving Pitfalls To Avoid Are

Need Interstate Moving Assistance?

We have helped thousands of people make their moving days easier, and many of those have been interstate. Let us take the hassle away from you by packing, loading, transporting and unloading all of your belongings on your behalf so that you can focus on other things.

Find out more about our interstate moving service and just how much sanity and money you can save.

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