Interstate Move on a Budget: Money-Saving Tips

If you’ve never moved to another state, you may be in for a shock at its cost—unless you take careful steps to save money. Here are some tips from the experienced, budget-friendly interstate removalists Zoom Removals.


Declutter and Pare Down Your Belongings


The more you have to move, the more you’ll have to pay. That’s because travel expenses for your removalists rise with every kilometre.

Here’s what you can do:

Most Australians simply have too much stuff. Go through yours—and we can almost guarantee you that there will be more than a few items you can safely donate or sell. You’ll probably never miss them. Keep only those that will be of value to you in your new home.

Separate those with sentimental value into two categories: those you want to keep no matter what, and those you can give away to family and friends. Some of them (like Junior’s accumulated maths tests that mark him as a budding genius) you can pare down to just a few. You’ll be surprised at the sheer volume you can reduce when you shed the extras.

Once you’ve pared down your belongings, pack the remaining items carefully—yet safely—to save on space. Getting everything into a smaller van means less work for the removalist, who won’t have to foot the expense for extra employees and a larger vehicle for the move.


Choose a Dependable Interstate Removalist


Don’t go flat-out bargain basement when it comes to choosing a removalist. Some removalists won’t offer removals insurance, while others are complete thieves. Choose a removalist that both offers insurance and is a member of the Australian Furniture Removers’ Association (AFRA), the industry watchdog that makes sure its members are both reputable and competent.


Take Advantage of Special Deals


Many removalists offer special discounts when you move during off-peak times. Schedule your move for one of those times to save even more. Why not check out our cheap Tuesdays offer for budget removals.


Consider Professional Packing Services


At first, this might seem counterintuitive, but remember: time is money. If you lose a couple days’ work to pack, it makes better sense for you to hire your removalist to pack the items for you, says Erin Delahunty, writing for

Additionally, a professional removalist will have the experience and expertise to condense your goods into a smaller space, saving money in the process. Remember, too, the risks of breakage. Amateur packers almost always have a few items that break due to improper packing and handling. Our packers and movers services would be an excellent solution for this.

With all these tips, you can reduce your interstate moving expenses quite a bit. If you have an upcoming interstate move, book your moving date with AFRA member Zoom Removals today.

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