3 Never-Fail Tips to Make Interstate Moves Easy-Peasy

With the right removalist, you never have to worry about the condition of your belongings when you move interstate. Quality removalists will take good care of your treasures across the country as they would if you were only moving house to the next suburb. After you’ve found the right removalist, the real challenges are yet to come. Yet with a few never-fail tips, your interstate move will go as smooth as if you had just moved crosstown.

Learn the Statutes in Your New State

In Australia, statutes and laws vary by state, sometimes considerably. Learn the statutes that govern various services, traffic patterns, pets, and other matters that impact your life. Look at property regulations. What building additions or repairs may be allowable in your current home state without securing a permit may require a permit in your new state. Make sure you know how to transfer your driver’s license and vehicle registration—and how long you have to change over.

Change Your Address

Not only do you need to change your address with Australia Post, but you’ll need to change it with everyone with whom you do business. Health care funds, credit card companies, the Tax Office, the electoral roll, and any magazines or other periodical publications you subscribe to all need to have your new address in hand before you move.

Secure Needed Services Before You Move

If you plan to switch telecommunications, Internet service, or energy providers, you need to make sure they’re turned on before you arrive. Learn when your community collects garbage and where your new government offices are.

If you have children, enroll them in their new school so you don’t have to scramble to familiarise them with their new facility at the last minute. Make sure you transfer their records.

Find doctors, dentists, veterinarian supermarkets, and even takeaway food providers near your new home before you arrive to make sure you have prepared for every eventuality.

Even if you’re moving as far as from Sydney to Melbourne, you can feel confident that you’re ready to roll out the door for your new adventure when you book your interstate removal with Zoom Removals.

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