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What to Pack When Moving To Sydney

Whether you’re moving to Sydney from another part of the country or from abroad, you can save yourself a lot of hassle by knowing a few things up front.

Packing itself may seem straightforward on the level, but once you get down to the details, you’ll soon realise that you may have missed out on a few crucial things that could have made your life easier.

While this guide is mostly aimed at people moving from abroad, knowing what to pack when moving to Sydney from within the country can still come in useful.

Key Takeaways

  • Essentials First: Prioritise packing vital documents, medication, and daily essentials to keep accessible during the move.
  • Seasonal Clothing: Sydney’s climate varies, so pack both summer and winter attire, including sun protection and light rain gear.
  • Furniture and Large Items: Measure doorways and spaces in your new home to ensure large items will fit, and disassemble when necessary.
  • Fragile Items: Use quality packing materials for fragile items, label boxes clearly, and ensure proper cushioning to prevent damage.
  • Cleaning Supplies: Have cleaning supplies on hand for both your old and new home to handle any unexpected messes during the move

Things To Consider When Moving to Sydney, Australia

australia-flagBefore you get started on the bigger picture, you’ll need to mentally separate the belongings you’re going to take with you on the aeroplane to tide you over until the bulk of your cargo arrives. It may take months for everything to get there, so think carefully about what you’ll need in the short term. It’s also good to pack a box with some ‘medium-term’ items that you can mail over and have waiting for you.

One crucial phrase to keep in mind when packing to move to Sydney is to ask yourself ‘Do I need it?’.

Repeating this mantra will help you streamline your packing, saving money and time.

Remember to Keep Travel Light

travel-bagIt may be tempting to carry everything you can with you on the plane, but this will just make things more stressful. Although it may cost a bit, it’s well worth increasing your baggage allowance for your flight, giving you peace of mind that you can carry all the items you need.

It goes without saying, but keep repeating your mantra of whether or not you need something. For instance, there’s no point in picking up bottles of shampoo, toiletries, and other items that you can easily buy on the other side.

All they will do is add weight to your baggage. Instead, use the space for more practical items such as shoes or clothing.

Don’t Forget Adapters

travel-plugThis is just a quick note, but make sure you have bought plenty of adapters and charging cables ahead of time, as you’re going to want to charge your phone and keep your devices running until you’re properly settled.

Although you’ll be able to find the more general ones at the airport or any regular electronics shop, some may be harder to find, such as any that use 110V-120V.

What About Medication?

medicineAs long as you have a prescription, you can take a three month supply of your medication to Australia.

The prescription must be written in English and certified that the medicine has been prescribed to you to treat a medical condition. Also, if you have any generic over-the-counter medicines you prefer, bring some with you to tide you over until you find a suitable replacement.

When you finally arrive, you are also going to want to sign up for the Medicare system, which is the local health scheme. It can help pay for hospital stays, medical services along with prescriptions drugs.

Bring Some Cash

Finally, we recommend having a healthy amount of cash on hand when you first travel, in case your new bank account is not ready.

There is no limit as to how much cash you can bring into Australia, but you will need to declare any values above AUD 10,000.

What Documents Should You Bring?

passportWhen moving internationally, there are naturally many documents that you’ll need. We won’t go into them all here, but we’ll briefly touch upon the 100 Points of ID Check which is needed to rent an apartment in Sydney, open bank accounts and so on.

You’ll need a combination of documents that all have a point value (more on that below) that need to add up to 100. We recommend making many photocopies of them (as you’ll likely be applying to rent in different places) and bringing the originals with you as well. Keep them very safe as without them you’ll find many things difficult. Keep all documents on your person instead of in your suitcase when packing for your move to Sydney.

What documents Do I need for the 100 Points of ID?

Here are some examples of what documents give you what points. Please bear in mind that this is not the full list, or necessarily the ones that estate agents or banks will ask for.

See the official details here for more information on the 100 Points of ID.

Pro Tips When Moving to Sydney

Aim For The Summer

Summer-SunThe season in which you move to Sydney can make things easier or more difficult, so if you have any say in when you make the jump, we recommend making your move during the summer months, which are December to February.

Spring would also be suitable, which runs from September to November.

The advantage of moving during summer means that you don’t have to carry too many clothes with you, and everything is just easier. Plus, if you have kids, it means you won’t arrive smack bang in the middle of term.

Keep Precious Items Close

family-photoAlthough we advise travelling light, if you have personal items that you’d hate to lose, such as family photos, mementos, heirlooms or gifts, keep them close to you in your suitcase or hand luggage.

And, as mentioned above, consider your personal documents as precious – as your medical records, birth certificates and so on are very hard to replace, especially if you have just moved abroad.

Send Some Things Out Early

Shipments to Australia from abroad do take time, and even though you would have packed the essentials to take with you on the plane, it’s a good idea to send out a package to Sydney ahead of time so that other essentials are there waiting for you. For instance, more clothing, basic kitchen utensils, kid’s toys, and anything else you use in your daily life.

Packing up the house for your move to Sydney

We have already written up a comprehensive house moving checklist, so we won’t go into too much detail here, but moving over larger distances does take a little more preparation. First and foremost, you’re going to want to find a shipping company that fits your budget and gives you a confident feeling.

The first step is of course to decide what to keep and what to leave behind. Now is a great chance to declutter your life somewhat and get rid of all the things hidden in cupboards and draws. You can donate them, sell them – whatever you prefer. Remember the mantra: ‘Do I need this?’.

Another benefit of downsizing your belongings is that you might not know how much space you’ll have in your new home. Imagine having an entire household’s worth of goods and furniture to arrive months down the line, only to find you don’t have space for everything. By streamlining your belongings, you’ll avoid this problem and make the moving quote more affordable at the same time.

Got A Lot of Stuff? Use Sydney Moving Company ZOOM

ZOOM Removals-TruckGetting your belongings to Sydney is one thing – but how about to your new home?

This is where we can help. ZOOM Removals has plenty of experience in helping new arrivals with their move to Sydney and can handle all sizes and types of cargo.

If you have any questions about what to pack when moving to Sydney from abroad, we’ll be happy to help in any way we can.

We also recommend getting in touch with our move coordinators who can to tell you more about our services and help put together an affordable  quote.

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