Best Suburbs to Live In Sydney

Sydney is known the world over as a fantastic place to live, thanks to its incredible range of suburban diversity for families, workers, retirees and just about everyone else. The thing is, everyone will have their own standards and needs in terms of where they want to live.

If you’re thinking about moving to Sydney but don’t know where to start your search, we’ve put together this simple guide to the best suburbs in Sydney. 

Factors To Consider When Looking At The Best Suburbs In Sydney

Different areas have different advantages. The best suburbs in Sydney are all gems in their own right, but of course, your personal preferences will play a huge part in where you ultimately want to end up. 

Here are some variables to consider when hunting for a home.

Price and affordability

Everyone has a different income, and living within your means is always a priority in life. When we talk about affordability, it’s not just the price of the property: it’s about the local food and transport prices, as well as costs for tax, gas and utilities. It’s easy for everything to add up, so always keep all these factors in mind.


Nobody wants to live in an area known to be dodgy or with a higher crime rate. The truth is that crime can occur anywhere, so once you have an idea of the area you like, do a little digging to find out more about the crime rate and overall impressions of people already living in the area. 


Having decent transport links is one of the main factors that people consider when moving.

If you’re going to be working, you’ll need good train and bus links; or at least good quality roads. It may be tempting to pay a little less for a property that is further out, but you may end up paying for extra fuel and transport costs instead.


Having numerous amenities around your new home can really improve your quality of life.

Think about sports centres, shopping areas, public transport hubs, parks, playgrounds, etc. An area that has the basics nearby will make your life easier and improve the investment potential of your new property.

Schools and hospitals

Health and education are usually at the top of people’s priority lists. The best suburbs to live in Sydney will have plenty of both, providing peace of mind for parents and families.

The best suburbs in North Sydney

Located on the north of Sydney Harbour, North Sydney has its own (but smaller) version of a CBD, with plenty of parks, pubs, shopping areas and of course, the famous Luna Park. It’s generally known to be an excellent destination for young professionals who need an affordable area with a CBD nearby. Some of the best suburbs in North Sydney include McMahons Point, Kirribilli, Milsons Point, Neutral Bay, Cammeray and more.

The best suburbs in West Sydney

The West side of Sydney is best known for its quiet suburbs, the most popular of which are Rose Hill, Harris Park, Mays Hill, Parramatta, Westmead and Granville. These areas are great for families and working professionals as they are close to employment hubs, schools, transport links, shops and other essential amenities.  

The Inner West of Sydney is also very well-known for its high standard of living. Suburbs to keep an eye out for include Balmain, Newtown, Rhodes, Summer Hill, Stanmore and Five Dock.

The best suburbs in East Sydney

East Sydney is popular amongst families and is regarded as having some of the safest suburbs, making it a popular place for families.

With plenty of schools, healthcare facilities and other amenities, beautiful beaches are not too far away. Eastern Suburbs to explore include Queen’s Park, Woollahra, Randwick and Coogee. 

The best suburbs in South Sydney

A rising star in property rentals and sales, South Sydney is in increasing demand for young families because of the affordable housing, open spaces and a relaxing lifestyle.

Some of the best suburbs in South Sydney include Bexley, Carlton, Hurstville, Blakehurst, Beverly Hills and Bardwell Valley.

The best suburbs in Sydney for families

While every family will have their own needs and preferences, there are some areas which are generally better for them to settle in. 

Camperdown – With stellar health facilities such as the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, residents of Camperdown can also enjoy proximity to the Light Rail and the University of Sydney.

Newtown – Newtown is well known for its urban living and vibrant shopping and eating areas. The community is friendly and transport to the CBD is just 15-30 minutes away. 

Glebe – Surrounded by picturesque parks and gentle river bays, Glebe is a stone’s throw from Victoria Park and the University of Sydney – and has a great selection of transport links to the CBD as well, making it perfect for families and professionals alike. 

The Best Suburbs In Sydney For Students

As a student, your priorities will undoubtedly be different from that of a family. You’re likely to look for places closer to the buzz of the city, the bars, and your educational facility as well.

Enmore – While Enmore is considered a little upper market, it is popular amongst students because of the number of parks and places to eat and drink. It may be a little on the more expensive side, but there will be hidden gems to be found.

Ultimo – With its relaxed vibe and proximity to schools and beaches, Ultimo is very popular amongst students. It also has fantastic public transport links and offers easy access to educational facilities.

Kingsford – Surrounded by prestigious facilities, including UNSW and Precinct Hospital, Kingsford is a great choice for students looking for easy access to schools and universities. 

The Best Suburbs In Sydney For Young Professionals

Several suburbs in Sydney offer great opportunities for young professionals who want to live closer to the CBD while still retaining the feel of being in a suburb. 

Darlinghurst – Located within walking distance of the CBD, Darlinghurst has a plethora of bars, cafes and shops that provide an excellent atmosphere for a young professional. It’s also well-connected to other areas of the city for an easy commute. 

Paddington – Although Paddington is more expensive than other areas, it’s easy to see why. With many activities and opportunities for young professionals, it offers easy access to the city. And, because it’s not strictly a family-oriented area, there are plenty of one-bedroom and studio accommodation options. 

Balmain – This area gets a lot of love from just about everyone, thanks to its historical feeling and unique buildings. It’s also a trendy area for young professionals who want to enjoy their surroundings while staying near the CBD – which is only 20 minutes away by bus or ferry.

The Best Suburbs In Sydney For Retirees

Retirees prioritize three main things when choosing their residential area; affordability, lifestyle, and equity creation. Here are some Sydney suburbs for those looking to enjoy their retirement.

Penrith – Found close to the Penrith train station and Westfield, Penrith is a popular spot for retirees because it feels very safe, the people are friendly and the areas are quiet. The train station means that it’s easy for family to visit as well.

Bayview – Close to attractive waterways and the ocean, Bayview is close to Pittwater and the CBD as well. For retirees who like nature, walks and being outside, this is a fantastic area to consider. 

Pennant Hills – Known for its quaint library and village shopping atmosphere, Pennant Hills has a train station and is considered a calm and pretty place to settle down.

There’s A Place For Everyone In Sydney

No matter who you are or what your priorities focus on, the best suburbs in Sydney have plenty to offer everyone. This city is vibrant, has stunning beaches and modern commercial sectors not to mention highly multicultural areas, offering a lifestyle to suit everyone’s personal tastes.

Whether you crave exciting outdoor adventures or cultural immersion, Sydney will deliver.

More Information on Choosing The Best Sydney Suburbs

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