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The Best Places For Young Families to Move in Sydney

Sydney is a fantastic place to move to with a young family.

With so many different areas and suburbs to choose from, anyone looking to relocate with their kids is sure to find the perfect place to settle down.

If you’re thinking about moving to one of the happiest cities in the world, we’ve put together this guide on the best places to move in Sydney for a young family, as well as some extra tips worth considering.

Things to consider when looking for a Sydney suburb

Sydney Aerial

Property Size

Whatever location you end up choosing, the home you choose is just as important.

Keep in mind the kind of place you want to have, including whether there is enough space inside if there’s a garden, more than one bathroom and so on.

Of course, your budget will have a lot to do with this, but keep a list of the essentials in your mind when choosing your new home.





If you have small children, you should probably find out how many childcare facilities are available in the location you’ve picked, and whether or not there are waiting lists.

The population density of the area will inform this, as higher density areas will have more competition, but may have more facilities as well.

If you’re in the suburbs, babysitters or home-based childcare may be the better option.



Even though public elementary schools are typical in most areas, be careful to look into the options.

Schools frequently overflow in busy neighbourhoods, making it difficult to get a place.

On the flip side, if you’re a little further out, schools may have fewer facilities and extracurricular activities.

It’s all about what you consider the most important. And, if you’re thinking very long term, getting to know more about the local high schools would be a good idea.


Quiet Streets

Although budget always determines an outcome, most families will want to move to calmer streets over busy areas.

Having the space and safety to ride bikes, play games, mix with neighbours and spend time outdoors is an important consideration.

It’s likely that you’re not going to want to be near busy high streets with noisy pubs and high footfall, not to mention traffic on the roads.



On the wish lists of most families are:

Ask yourselves questions such as how far away they are, how easily accessible, and how safe. 



Wanting many local amenities is not just for families but is extra important when there are young kids involved.

Does your desired area have good health facilities, shops, entertainment and transport links?

Sydney Suburbs to Consider for Young Families



A great choice for young families who still want a taste of metropolitan and urban life.

With an exciting art and cultural scene, the suburb also has weekly markets, cafés, restaurants and entertainment options.

Nearby educational facilities include Glebe and Forest Lodge Public Schools.


Lane Cove

 One of Sydney’s most popular suburbs for young families thanks to its leafy vibe, central location (just 20 minutes from the CBD) and a high number of local amenities.

As well as a number of playgrounds, there is an aquatic centre, library and a charming village packed with shops, cafés and restaurants.



This suburb has spacious and reasonably priced houses that are surrounded by nature and the Georges River.

It provides convenient rail access to the city as well as a wide variety of supermarkets and food stores, as well as Westfield Miranda.

Less than 20 minutes away are the beaches of Cronulla, a nearby golf course, and bushwalking paths.


Queens Park

This suburb provides upscale family-friendly living while striking the ideal mix between city and beach life.

Queens Park is close to Bondi Junction, a centre for shopping, transportation, and entertainment, and offers a great selection of public and private schools.


Baulkham Hills

Provides a strong and diversified feeling of community, spacious houses, and sought-after primary and secondary schools.

A nice selection of restaurants and cafés can be found along Windsor Road, and the adjoining Castle Towers Shopping Centre provides shopping and entertainment.



Dulwich Hill

A well-known as a family-friendly and multicultural suburb, Dulwich Hill has plenty of character thanks to its diversity.

There is also a strong sense of community, with well-sized housing options and quality schools – not to mention Castle Towers Shopping Centre with plenty of retail and entertainment choices.



This area mixes a traditional coastal lifestyle with an attractive commercial district and a thriving ethnic community.

It has plenty of playgrounds, schools, and picnic areas. It just takes a 20-minute bus journey to get to the CBD from Maroubra Junction.


Frenchs Forest

A suburb that is just 30 minutes from the CBD, this well-liked suburb is near to both world-class beaches and important commercial districts, and it boasts quiet, leafy streets.

It provides spacious homes and sizable lots with convenient access to national parks, playgrounds, and schools that serve all age groups.



A coastal neighbourhood that provides protected swimming with a saltwater lap pool, buses to the city centre, and a string of neighbourhood cafés, patisseries, and shops.

There are many beautiful beaches to choose from, together with an abundance of open spaces, and top-notch public and private schools.



Located on the waterfront, Rozelle features several parks, walks and local schools.

It is also a stone’s throw from the city centre and all the amenities that come with it.

This is a more expensive suburb, but still remains a popular choice for young families.


Quick Tips for When Arriving in Sydney as a Young Family


Tip 1:Sign them up for activities

Look up local activities and sports teams for young kids so that they can meet other youngsters, make new friends and settle into their new neighbourhood.


Tip 2: Join parenting groups

Check out groups in your area for parents, where you can ask questions about schools, hospitals and other practical matters.

Tip 3: Explore and establish their favourite spots


 Take some time to properly explore the area to find their favourite green spaces, shops and entertainment areas.

Tip 4: Take them shopping


 Chances are your kids are feeling a little unsettled after moving.

Let them pick out new things for their new rooms to give them a sense of control.

Tip 5: Understand their concerns


Your kids may be missing their old home or friends. Take the time to listen to them and give them time to settle.

Tip 6: Let them unpack


Involve them in the move to make them feel part of the team.


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