Essential Online Moving Tools for a Successful Relocation

Planning a relocation to or from Sydney can be daunting, filled with many considerations and unexpected challenges.

At ZOOM Removals, we understand this more than most and over the years have developed a suite of useful tools and checklists designed to help make the moving process a little easier not to mention more efficient.

In this post, we cover six essential helpful moving tools and resources we have available for everyone to use completely for free.

Each tool/guide serves a unique purpose and when used in conjunction can be a powerful ally in ensuring smooth and stress-free transitions no matter the final destination – So let’s dive in!

Packing Calculator

Packing Calculator - ZOOM RemovalsThe ZOOM Removals packing calculator is an invaluable resource for anyone planning a move locally in Sydney or even when moving interstate.

This handy tool helps estimate the types of packing materials required as well as the number of items needed for your upcoming move.

It does this by taking into consideration the size of your home (or office) and the number of belongings that needs transporting before breaking down everything you might need into simplified imagery : From boxes, bubble wrap, and packing tape to other necessary items.

Packing Calculator Benefits:

Removals Costs Calculator

removals calculatorUnlike keeping track of your usual monthly expenses, planning your budget for a relocation has traditionally been harder for people to do, especially if you are moving for the first time or considering on using expert removalists in Sydney.

From factoring all furniture items that will require transporting to considering the distance and time of your move, there is a lot to think about! Enter our handy Removals Costs Calculator to simplify the entire process!

By inputting how many items that need to be moved into our calculator, users can quickly get a comprehensive quote/breakdown of how much hiring movers will cost, all expertly provided by our customer service team. Best of all these are no obligation Sydney removalist quotes and so are completely risk free!

Moving Home Calculator Benefits:

Interstate Moving Calculator

interstate-moving-calculator-zoomFor those who need extra help in budgeting for long distance removals, our ever-reliable interstate moving calculator is an essential tool.

Similar to our removal costs calculator, it’s really easy to use and provides users with a detailed estimate of how much it might cost when moving interstate.

By considering factors such as distance of the move, volume of items to transport and other requirements, this handy calculator will help paint a clearer picture of what you might be spending when using our interstate removalists.

Interstate Moving Calculator Benefits:

Change of Address Checklist

Change of Address Checklist One of the most overlooked aspects of moving to a new location is notifying various organisations and other entities about your new address prior to your move.

You might be surprised by the sheer number of people and organisations you need to contact after a move.

This includes government agencies, utility companies, and even your employer.

Our comprehensive moving address checklist is perfect, ensuring you don’t miss a single thing.

Better yet, you can download a copy completely free to take with you and check off each item as you go!

Change Of Address Checklist Benefits:

Moving Checklist

Moving ChecklistThe ultimate classic.

Our moving day checklist is the ultimate companion and a comprehensive guide designed to simplify things step-by-step to help you manage every stage of your move.

Starting from weeks before the move to actual moving day, this checklist covers everything from considering the initial planning stages to picking up packing materials and contacting service providers to preparing for moving day itself.

Even better, it’s completely free to download, making it an invaluable portable tool you can take with you wherever you go to get things done.


Moving Checklist Benefits:

Moving to Sydney Guides

Sydney Moving Guides By ZOOM RemovalsFor those relocating in or around Sydney, our special guides offer invaluable advice and tips about this fabulous city (and its various neighbourhoods).

Expertly written by our professionals they offer insight into things such as living costs, some of the best suburbs to consider, what it’s like living in Sydney’s Central Business District, moving to Sydney as a student and much much more.


Some of the current topics covered include:

Sydney Moving Guides Benefits:

Moving Hacks

Moving HacksEver wondered how to move a fridge the right way? Perhaps it’s a hot tub or a pool table. If you prefer not to use our specialist heavy furniture movers, these carefully selected moving hacks is all you’ll need.

Discover comprehensive moving tips for various household items including detailed instructions on how to move heavier and more delicate items the right way.

It also offers advice on moving with pets, various packing tips such as for glassware, books, clothes, and plates, and even a specific guide for transporting fish!

Our goal with these guides is to make the moving process easier and to limit injuries which can be caused if heavier items are not moved the correct way.

Moving Hack Benefits:


With these helpful tools at your disposal movers can plan and budget a move in Sydney (or interstate) more effectively.

They are designed to cover every aspect of the moving process, making it as smooth and stress-free as possible.

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