How Clean Does A Rental Property Have To Be Before You Move?

One of the main aspects of moving home that people leave too late is the need to carry out thorough end-of-tenancy cleaning. Not only does this help tenants retain as much of their deposit as possible, but it’s also generally a polite and helpful thing to do.

So, How Clean Does A Rental Property Actually Need To Be For Inspection?

In this guide, we’re going to take a look at the reasons for having an end-of-lease cleaning, the types of agreement that may exist and how you can go about getting the property in shape before your departure.

Why Clean In The First Place?

hoovering floorThere are many good reasons why you’ll need to spend time cleaning your home before leaving:
Avoid tricky disputes – Conflicts between landlords and tenants around cleaning are among the most common problems when a lease comes to an end.

Ensure to properly understand your agreements as per the tenancy contract around cleaning to ensure that there are no problems at the end of the line.

By having things in good condition when you leave, you stand a much better chance of retaining your deposit.

Receive good references – Future landlords will often want to see references from previous ones to ensure they are leasing their property to respectful and responsible tenants. By keeping them sweet and demonstrating good care during all times of your tenancy, they will be more than happy to recommend you to another landlord.

How Clean Is Clean Enough?

As mentioned above, we all interpret cleanliness in different ways. While something may be good enough for you, your landlord may expect things to be spotless. The most reasonable way to handle this is to return the property to the same standard of cleanliness as when you moved it – which you

end of lease cleaningProfessional vs. DIY cleaning

If your contract doesn’t state, either way, you’ll need to choose between paying for professional cleaners or simply doing it yourself; both of which come with their own pros and cons. It all depends on your budget, availability and priorities.

Professional Cleaning

Pros – Choosing to go with a cleaning company or individual is the best way to remove all cleaning stresses for moving. They will do a great job for you while you focus on other things during such a busy time.

Cons – Of course, if you’re paying for a professional service, you’re going to have to pay for it. Choosing someone else to clean for you means that you’ll have to pay them – and when this cost is added to all the others around moving, it might push things a little too far for you. Then there’s the lack of control as some companies are better than others, so please make sure to do your research into who you choose to work with.

Doing It Yourself

Pros – The most obvious advantage to cleaning the property yourself is that you can save a lot of money, especially if you get friends and family to help out. You’ll also have better visibility over the whole operation to make sure that nowhere is left untouched.

ConsCons – Cleaning an entire property can take a lot of time, so if you’re going to do it yourself, it may take a few days. Plus, you’ll have to buy all the cleaning materials and rent machines such as carpet cleaners.

DIY End Of Lease Cleaning Tips

Start early

Aim to start planning the cleaning process two weeks before your move date. This is so you can double-check your tenancy agreement to make sure you’re aware of any cleaning-related clauses and that the inventory matches up. By leaving yourself enough time to have a proper cleaning plan, your approach will be more systematic and effective.

Consult the inventory

The inventory will play a big part in your overall cleaning operation and help you create a checklist of tasks to make sure you don’t miss anything. Your inventory may even have photos of various rooms and objects, which can also be a big help.

Use suitable materials and equipment

It might be tempting to head to the local discount store for your cleaning materials, mops and brushes, but we recommend going for properly branded products. By having good quality equipment, your clean will be easier and quicker in the long run. If you need a carpet cleaner or a more robust vacuum cleaner, you should be able to rent them locally.

Be detailed

You might think that cleaning every single draw and nook behind large furniture is overkill, but your landlord will likely check these areas as well. Dust can get everywhere, so leave no stone unturned to have the best shot of avoiding problems. Remember that windows, doors, appliances and garden areas need cleaning too!

Be logical

An efficient end-of-lease clean will take logical thinking. For instance, it’s always best to leave kitchens and bathrooms for last as you’ll likely be using those right up until moving day. Also, consider that some aspects of your clean will take longer than you think, such as ovens and appliances.

Be sure

Once you’ve done everything, take a walk around the entire property with the inventory on hand to check that all is well. It’s easy to miss the little things when undertaking such a large operation.

Don’t forget your moving company

Finally, have your moving company arranged and ready to go. Cleaning can be stressful, but moving doesn’t have to be. Zoom removalists are here to help in any way they will treat the property and cleaning efforts with respect.

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