The effectiveness and cost of a storage unit

Need temporary or long-term Sydney storage for your valued items? Finding the right storage unit is important, and here at Zoom Removals, we can help. The decision to store items in a unit that isn’t located at your place of residence can be a difficult one. We’ll ensure your valuables are protected, all the while giving you quick and easy access. 

The effectiveness of choosing storage?

Storage units are perfect for when you need somewhere to place items you can’t fit in your home or flat. They can be used as a temporary means of keeping things safe while you are transitioning from one location to another, and you need extra time to move some of your belongings. You may also choose to store items when downsizing to a smaller house or flat, or when moving from one house to another, a process that may require you to live in an apartment for a short period of time.

Choosing a storage unit

There are several factors that affect the type of storage unit you choose. What you store will impact the quality and size of the unit. For example, if you own items that might deteriorate over time in extreme weather conditions such as heat, cold or humidity, a climate-controlled unit may work best.

Storage units are available in all shapes and sizes, making it possible to store only a few essentials or an entire home’s worth of furniture and belongings.

Security is another crucial consideration. Paying a bit more for a highly secured storage unit that can’t be easily tampered with is worth your peace of mind.

The size will also determine the price. If you’re storing furniture and other big items, you’ll need a unit large enough to accommodate them. This will be comparatively more costly than if you’re only storing boxes that can be stacked in a smaller unit.

Choose from two types of storage unit structures, indoor and outdoor. Indoor units are entered through the main door, with doors to individual units located inside the building. Outdoor units function as a storage shed and include a door that leads directly into the unit. This door is accessible from the outside of the structure.

Indoor units can sometimes cost up to 50% more than outdoor structures because you’re paying for added security. Outdoor units are more convenient because you can access them more easily, but may pose more security concerns.

Want to know how much your storage unit rental will cost? Looking for storage units for sale or rent? Contact Zoom Removals today for a cost estimate and reserve the space you need to keep your valuables safe.

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