What to Buy When Moving Into Your New Home

A person making a checklist before moving into a new house

Moving into a new house can be stressful, especially when it comes to deciding what to buy. You may end up buying doubles of everything and forgetting certain household essentials. Luckily, we have a convenient list of five of the most important things you should buy to make your new house a home. 

1. Furniture

You may be familiar with the big furniture stores. But, there are many good ways of finding great quality furniture at affordable prices. You should use online marketplaces such as eBay or Gumtree. These websites will comfortably help you find those one-off bargains. 

2. Cleaning Supplies

Whether this involves brooms, mops, window cleaner, drain cleaner, a plunger, or a vacuum, you’ll be happy you have these new house essentials once you start to settle in. It’ll be incredibly convenient for you to be well-stocked on cleaning supplies, so you don’t have to keep running out for things you forgot. 

3. Blinds/Drapes/Curtains

New house means new windows. If you can visit your new place ahead of the move-in date, go through your house with a mate and a clipboard and start counting every window you have, and writing down their individual measurements. You will be happy to have the comfort and privacy when you finally move in. Take care of this easily forgotten step early on.

4. Kitchen Supplies

Making sure you have enough plates and bowls may seem like a no-brainer, but have you gotten yourself an ice cube tray? How about a cheese grater, measuring cups, a whisk, or a spatula? Make a list of supplies and show it to friends and/or family to make sure you’re not forgetting something you’ll really miss later!

5. Batteries

Ever feel like you can’t find batteries when you need them the most? That dilemma could become a serious pain if you’re not fully stocked with a nice variety of batteries upon moving in, so be sure to add them to your household item list. AA and AAA batteries are the ones you’ll need the most, but having a collection of different kinds will keep remotes and lights powered, or perhaps something more crucial like a smoke alarm or CO2 detector.

6. Fire Extinguisher/Smoke Alarm

Ensuring you have a functioning smoke alarm in your new house needs to be a top priority. Alongside a smoke alarm, you should also consider a fire extinguisher in case of emergencies. Something as basic a cooking breakfast could result in a house on fire if you’re not able to react quickly. Keeping a handy extinguisher in your new house is an essential step.

There you have it! If you take into account these 5 things to buy before moving into a new house, hire some quality movers, and select the right home, you’ll be able to enjoy the most stress-free move possible.

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