How to Deal with the Stress of an Unwanted Move

You were perfectly happy in your Sydney home. A block big enough to have a lovely garden, nice neighbours, great schools. Then your partner came home and announced a promotion. Trouble is, you’d have to move to Brisbane. Near her office. In an apartment tower.

No chance for a garden there. Who knows about the neighbours?

And the worst thing about it? She’s heading off in a week, leaving you to handle all the arrangements.

Talk about a recipe for stress. You can feel the cortisol build up as she drones on about the new office.

Take a breath—and take a few tips from the professional removalists at Zoom Removals.

Know You’re Not Alone


First of all, know you’re not alone. Psychologists rate moving on the stress scale right up there with divorce—and even with losing a loved one. When that move requires a huge change in your lifestyle, it’s even more of a challenge.


Find Ways to Lower Your Stress Level


Use stress reduction techniques, such as deep breathing, meditation, and even ‘retail therapy’ to help ease the burden. Shopping for furnishings for your new place—like a windowsill garden box for your sky-high digs—can help move you from stress overload to joyful anticipation.


Create a Nostalgic Sanctuary in Your New Home


If you can, plan at least one room to resemble your current home. It will ease the transition and provide a place in which you’ll feel centred. Curtains, furniture—even wall art and photographs—will create a feeling of familiarity.


Plan to Have Help Come Moving Day


When you face a move you’d rather not have happen, you need to spend some time with friends and familiar places, saying your goodbyes and forming a mental picture you can take with you wherever you go. If you can, treat yourself to movers and packers service.

Leave all the tough work for them. That way, you can keep your routine as normal as possible. You may even want to use the extra time to do some long-distance job hunting in your new location, provided you haven’t found work there yet.


Make Checklists


Even if you do have extra help moving, a moving checklist can make you feel in control. Every time you mark something ‘done’, it helps you take ownership of the move itself. That’s powerful. The more you feel in control, the less stress you will have.

Finally, take the time to say farewell to your old home. Get your mates together, get some takeaway and some bubbly, and celebrate your ongoing friendship and your new life. Plan to meet again—and then make sure you keep that appointment.

When it’s time to move, call on the removalists who make the process easy—the professionals at Zoom Removals. Book your move today.

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