Do I Need to Re-Tune My Piano After My Move?

MovYou may be no Fazil Say the pianist but you do love your piano music. And it really bums you out when it’s out of tune.

That’s why you’re stressing out about your upcoming move. Will the removalists take good care of your “baby?” Will you need to get it tuned again once they get it into your new home?

With an Experienced Removalist, Your Piano Is in Safe Hands


First of all, relax. Hire a piano removalist with a great track record moving pianos and your treasured instrument will be in as good shape when it arrives as it was when the house movers loaded it into their truck.

Secondly, you’re right to be so picky when it comes to your piano. With thousands of parts, including two hundred strings, there are a lot of variables. Added to that uncertainty is your knowledge that even a little difference in one string’s tension can change the tuning.


Pianos Are Built to Last, But Just in Case, Purchase Removals Insurance to Cover Your Removal


But, like all pianos, yours is a tough cookie. Built to hold up under tons of string tension and generations of use, moving—even across the country—shouldn’t hurt your piano or knock it out of tune. It’s always a good idea, though, to get a removals insurance online quote for your belongings—just in case.

Changes in Environment and Flooring Cause Most Tuning Challenges


What you do need to remember, though, according to the piano experts at Bruce Music, is that a change in the temperature or the humidity can affect your piano’s sound. Because a piano’s soundboard is wood, it expands and contracts with both temperature and humidity. That, in turn, can tighten or loosen the tension in the strings, causing the piano to go out of tune.

One other thing to remember. If the floor in your new home is uneven, your piano might go out of tune temporarily until you can even out its footprint. In older homes, you might need to put a shim underneath one of its legs to adjust it to an even height. Use a carpenter’s leveling tool to make sure that your piano is resting evenly on the floor.

Wait a Few Weeks Before Calling the Piano Tuner to Your New Home


When you arrive at your new home, resist the temptation to call the piano tuner right away. Wait a couple of weeks until it has had time to adjust to the temperature and humidity in your new home. If you find that the temperature difference has produced a change in tuning, then call in the piano tuner.

Read more moving tips – or contact ZOOM now for your piano removals on 1300 788 164.

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