How to Find Vintage Treasures on eBay and Gumtree—Safely

You thrill at the prospect of finding just the right Mid-Century Modern chair to fit in the corner of that sleek new flat you’ve just bought. Yet you don’t quite trust the people posting on eBay and Gumtree enough to go to their home to pick it up. The other thing is, how do you know it’s genuine and not a knockoff? Once you’ve determined it’s the real thing, how will you get the huge thing home without a scratch? Here’s how you can find treasures for less on eBay and Gumtree without risking your money or your life:

Ask for Proof of Genuineness

EBay and Gumtree sellers usually will be glad to provide extra photos to ensure a sale. Furniture and other heavy objects should have a label or a mark indicating its maker. Some labels even include the year. Ask the seller to take a photo of any identifying marks and send it to you. Some items, though, whose labels have fallen victim to the ravages of time, require a close-up examination to determine the item’s age and provenance. Materials and construction can reveal quite a bit about a piece of furniture’s history. Polyester, for instance, made its appearance toward the middle of the 20th century. If the seller claims the item is from the Victorian era, but you can tell that the upholstery is polyester, you know it’s either a fake or has been reupholstered. Look for drawers with dovetailed construction instead of cheap nails and tacks.

Never Go Alone

When you go to pick up your large item or to look it over, you don’t want to walk into a risky place or situation that could be dodgy at best. Take another person with you. If it’s a smaller item you’re buying, meet the seller in a public place. This way you can feel safer and more comfortable.

Don’t Risk Damage with Amateur Transportation

An unbelievable deal on an antique or collectable isn’t a bargain if you or your mates scratch it up while moving it into your home. You may not have realised it, but your professional removalist doesn’t have to have a truckload of furniture to move in order to book their services. A good service can help you move items safely, even if you have only a few items—or even one.

You’ll be surprised at the low cost compared to renting a truck and doing it yourself. Many of them will reduce their prices further if you help them, so they don’t need to send a team of two. Furthermore, a professional removalist will pad each of your antique treasures, packing them so they’ll never touch each other or the sides of the truck. Once the removalist arrives at your home, she or he will carry your precious items safely inside and unpack them, so you can begin to enjoy them that day.

If you’re in the market for antique or collectable furniture, don’t risk your purchase with an amateur removalist. Instead, call on the expertise of the antique removalists at Zoom Removals. Book your removal today.

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