How to choose the best home removalist company for your needs

If you’re moving house, chances are that it’ll involve hiring a furniture removalist company. The problem is, not all removalists are created equal. Just like not all house loans are equal, and some times you are better off switching home loans. The same might be true for your choice of a removalist! Here’s a rundown on how to pick the best removalists in Sydney for home moves.

Read reviews and ratings

I can tell you that reviews from past customers tell you a lot about a removalist company. Generally speaking, the more positive reviews a company has, the more effective the service you can expect to receive.

Give accurate information

The clearer you are about how much stuff needs moving, the more accurate your quote will be. Be honest about the size of the job so there’s no confusion – or even increased fees – on the day.

You should also tell removalists about any problems with accessing your home, such as steps or trouble with parking outside it.

Get several quotes

Don’t just go with the first quote you receive. We recommend shopping around and finding professional removalist with the best rates for your individual needs. Some removalists may even be willing to match or beat a cheaper offer you receive elsewhere.

Ask questions

Before signing up with your removalist, here are some questions to ask, to make sure it’s a perfect match:

Ask as many questions as you need before committing to a removalist.

Check your insurance policies

It’s important to ensure your goods during transit. If your home and contents insurance doesn’t cover removals, take out your own removals insurance. Shop around for the best rate before settling on a policy.

Know the terms and conditions

You should be able to check out a removalist’s terms and conditions before entering a contract with them. The terms and conditions should be on the removalist’s website, and if they’re not, this could be a red flag that they’re not the right removalist for you.

Beware hidden charges

Make sure you fully understand the cost breakdown before you sign up with a moving company. My advice? Ask to see a detailed breakdown and clarify any costs you don’t understand.

Conclusion for Choosing a Removalist Company

Sure, moving house can be stressful, but picking a pro removalist company makes the process so much easier. If you’re looking for a removalist in Sydney, contact Zoom Removals today for an instant, no-obligation quote.

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