Winter Moving Tips

Rainy, cool days are the hallmark of winter. If you’re planning to move to, say, the High Country near Melbourne or Canberra though, you might even see a stray snowflake or two. Cooler, wetter temperatures can affect your moving plans, so learn how you can make your winter move a success with these tips from the expert removalists at Zoom Removals.

Take Extra Precaution against Dampness While Loading


The timber parts of furniture and musical instruments can warp or spot when exposed to excessive dampness or rain. You’ll want to protect wooden items with a tarp or other waterproof cover if it’s raining or drizzling outside when the removalists arrive or when you arrive at your new home.


Protect Timber Floors from Wet Feet

Though your removalists will take extra care to keep your floors from contact with wet shoes or boots, you can take extra precaution by laying down plastic on the floor, especially near the entrance. Keep rugs and doormats in front of the entrance, as well as a few extra cleaning rags to keep things extra clean.


Lay Down Protection in Slippery Spots


Rain can make smooth surfaces slick. Your removalists won’t be able to work as quickly if they have to watch out for slipping. Use old, cut-up cardboard boxes, rags, rugs, mats, or other non-slip items to reduce slipperiness so the removalists can get their job done in good time.


Be Aware of the Weather


If the weather report predicts torrential rains, be aware that low-lying areas might be susceptible to flooding.

Plan your route to avoid areas where flooding might be a factor.


In Snowy or Icy Areas, Drive Slower


Although our team of removalists are used to driving in all conditions, you may never have encountered the frost and snow on the roads you may experience in areas like the High Country, Canberra, Tasmania, and other parts south. Take your time as you drive to your new home. Pack plenty of warm clothing, so if your car breaks down, you’re prepared to wait it out until help arrives. Make sure you have the heat turned on in your new home before you arrive so you’ll have a warm house to come home to.


Invest in Insurance


Even though Zoom’s teams of removalists take great care as they load, transport, and unload your belongings, accidents can happen that are out of the realm of their control. We advise all our customers to purchase removals insurance, particularly during winter, when wet or cold weather conditions become a factor.

Follow these tips and your winter removal will go smoothly. To book your move, contact Zoom’s friendly team of removalists today.

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