How to Survive Your First Day in Your New Home

Most articles about moving house concentrate on what you need to do at your old home—tips on packing your things, choosing the right Sydney removalists and even how to trim down your belongings so you won’t have to pay so much to move them.

Yet what many new homeowners really need is a guide to getting through those first few days in the new place. Here’s how to survive those first few days:


First night in your new home: Pack overnight bags for each member of the household—even the pets.


After the long trip and hours of unpacking, you’ll be ready for a snooze. But where are your pyjamas? Where’s Fluffy’s cat food? Oh no, the supermarket’s closed—and you don’t remember where you packed the pets’ food and bowls! Panic ensues.

Rewind. Start at your old home. Pack every household member an overnight bag. Include nightwear, a change of clothing, medications, a change of underwear, cosmetics, and even a bottle of water. Maybe even a snack or two. All that moving gets one hungry. For the pets, include their bowls, enough food for a couple of days (more if it’s during a holiday), and some drinking water in case the water isn’t yet on in your new home.

With preparation, you needn’t panic once you get to your new home. Everything you need will be in your overnight bags.


Keep the items you’ll need first with you if possible—the rest in clear boxes.


If at all possible, take along the other things you’ll need the first few days—school books, your first week’s worth of clothes, dishes, pans, medical and veterinary records, and any work-related items with you. If you can’t take them with you, pack them in a clear plastic box labelled “The First Week,” and instruct your removalists to put it in the rear of the truck so they’ll unload it first.

Ask the removal company to put those items in a designated place in your new home, so you can find them right away.


Plan for your first few meals at your new home.


It’s not only the pets you have to worry about feeding. Your household, too, will be hungry after a long day on the road and unpacking boxes. Know when you’ll arrive.

Don’t plan to cook your first few meals. Before you move, have a list of restaurants and fast-food restaurants near your new home, or have ready-to-eat meals stored in a cooler, so you can concentrate on unpacking, arranging, and getting back to normal life. Be sure to include some disposable dinnerware, paper towels, and disposable wipes in your “first week” boxes so if there’s no water yet, you’ll be able to clean up without a hitch.

Just a little advance planning before you leave for your new home can save you hours of grief once you arrive. That way, all you’ll need to do when you get to your new place is to celebrate a successful move!

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