The One Thing You Don’t Want in Your New Home

When your removalists pull up to your door to take your belongings to your new home, they’ll pack all your boxes with the utmost care. All your belongings will be safely underway to their new place through a pre-packing service. There’s one thing, though, you don’t want your removalists to transport to your new home—pests.

How can you prevent pests from invading your new home?

Arrange for pest control at your new home: First of all, two weeks before you even move in, you should arrange a pest control inspection of your new digs. If they find an infestation, make sure they eliminate them well before you move in. Arrange for regular service so these unwanted guests won’t move back in once you’re settled in.

Arrange for pest control at your current home: Secondly, you should have the same thing done at your old home—well before you pack up your belongings. The reason? Because if you don’t, pests may hide in rugs, in upholstery, or even inside boxes, ready for their free ride to their new home. Give them the boot before you pack up so you won’t have a problem once you arrive.

Keep your pets pest-free: Thirdly, make sure your household pets are up to date on their pest control regimen. Regular medicine to kill internal parasites, as well as flea and tick control medications, will keep your four-legged family members from bringing these pests into your new home.

Keep your plants pest-free: Finally, apply a pest control spray to your houseplants, as well as any outdoor plants you want to take with you. Just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they’re not there. Many plant pests are tiny. Be proactive to keep your plants in optimum health so they arrive at their new home without any six-legged hitchhikers.

As you prepare for keeping your new home pest-free, don’t forget to protect your kids and pets from these harmful chemicals. Moving time can be hectic. Don’t let the crazy-busy pre-moving time keep you from remembering basic safety rules.

If you have young children, use child-proof locks to keep these chemicals out of little hands while you pack up your belongings. You might even consider a movers and packers service where you removalists do your packing for you, so you can keep your eyes on your children.

When you arrive at your new home, install child-proof locks on cabinets in which you store pest control chemicals and other dangerous substances before you unpack. If you choose to take these chemicals with you, you need to pack them in a child-proof container. Otherwise, your children might get into these boxes while you’re distracted with unpacking your belongings in your new home.

Practice proactive pest control during the removal process and you’ll have a pest-free home to move into on the other side.

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