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Moving with a New Baby

Congratulations! Now that the little one is here, though, you discovered that your home is a bit small for your growing family. You have to move. You panic—because you’ve never moved with a baby in tow before. Relax. The expert removalists at Zoom Removals have a few tips that can help you and Baby tackle the challenge with ease.

Maintain a Steady Routine

Babies thrive on routine. Don’t wait until the last minute to pack. Keep your baby’s schedule as normal as you can. Pack while your baby snoozes during naps or after s/he has gone to bed for the night. If you find yourself falling behind, don’t interrupt your baby’s routine. Use your removalist’s pre-packing service instead—and spend more time bonding with your new arrival.

Consult Your Baby’s Paediatrician Beforehand

If you’re moving to a new state or city, you’ll need to arrange for your current paediatrician to send your baby’s medical records to his or her new provider. Have any prescriptions transferred to pharmacies in your new location as well. While you’re chatting, ask the paediatrician for extra tips on how to keep your baby entertained on the long ride to your new home.

Find a Sitter for Moving Day

Well before the removalists arrive, arrange for a caregiver to watch your little bundle of joy on moving day. Familiarise your baby with the caregiver well in advance so the new environment will feel familiar. You don’t want your baby to become upset when his or her home environment suddenly turns barren, bereft of favourite toys and comfort zones.

Pack at Least Three Days’ Worth of Baby Supplies in the Baby Bag

Just like the rest of the family, Baby will need her or his own bag with three days’ worth of supplies. This will give you ample time to unpack your belongings when you get to your new home. Avoid the panicky feeling that comes when you realise that something your child needs is at the bottom of a huge stack of boxes. Have all your baby’s supplies in a handy bag, and you’ll be prepared no matter what comes your way. Include nappies, pacifiers, blankets, several clothing changes, favourite toys, and plenty of bottled water. If your baby is bottle-fed, include several bottles and plenty of formula as well.

Unpack Nursery Items First

To maintain your baby’s routine as much as possible during the chaos of a move, create a familiar environment by unpacking his or her crib, favourite toys, and other items, arranging them in a similar way to how they were in your former home. Your baby will settle right in, paving the way for a smooth transition for the rest of your family as well.

Keep Safety Foremost When Unpacking

When you unpack, make sure you baby-proof cabinets that house vitamins, medicines, cleaning products, alcoholic drinks, and other hazardous items, like paint and paint thinners. Keep poisonous plants in rooms to which your baby has no access—or better yet—find them a new home. When you unpack, keep Baby in her or his crib or other contained area, well away from stacked boxes and piles of belongings.

With a little advance planning and a team of removalists with years of experience moving families with babies, you—and your baby—will be settling in in high style, no matter how far away you move. To book your move with the baby-friendly removalists at Zoom Removals, contact their customer support team today.