Tips For Saving Money For A House

Done wrong, moving house can be a huge drain on the pocketbook. Done right, you can shave off quite a bit of cash simply by following these money-saving tips from the low-cost, high-quality removalists at Zoom Removals.

Saving Money Tip 1: With Removals, Time Equals Money

At Zoom Removals, we charge by half-hour increments. Most removalists do the same. The more you can do yourself (such as moving smaller boxes), the better. Usually.

Saving Money Tip 2: Take All the Freebies You Can Get

Boxes from the supermarket and your neighbours may not cost a penny, but they may fall apart under a load they weren’t designed to carry. Also, the time and petrol you’ll spend going from store to store will factor into your decision. Many removalists provide free moving boxes designed especially for moving, so they’re perfect for whatever you need them to hold.

If your neighbours pitch in to help, don’t turn them down. Feed them a hearty meal, and they’ll be back to help the next day.

Saving Money Tip 3: Compare Prices on Removalists

When you’re ready to move, be sure to contact the expert team at Zoom Removals to check out all their time- and money-saving services. Book your move today!

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